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  1. Yeah Mathijs, I was afraid that Stockholm wasn't that friendly on frames due to the fact it's a 2008 scenery.
  2. Hi gents, I'm willing to purchase Mega Airport Stockcholm and wonder how it performs(fps) comparing to other Mega Airports like Munich, Oslo, Barcelona, Athens, Orly, etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. I wonder what happened. It's been five days since Alex said he would take a look at the scenery and no answer so far. I was planning to purchase Hanover but looks like I'll have to skip this one. Pity.
  4. Much appreciated, Alex! That is a scenery I really want to purchase.
  5. So nobody else is experiencing this issue at Hanover?
  6. I misread what you wrote Alex. Sorry. Where is this update section? I can't find it. Edit.: never mind. I've just found it and there's nothing for Hannover.
  7. Hi Alex, When you find the updates please let me know. I'm really interested in Hannover. Thanks.
  8. Hi, According to this review there's some sort of ground texture bleeding at Hannover. http://www.simflight.com/2012/01/18/review-of-aerosoft-german-airports-2-2012-x/ Can anyone confirm if it's been fixed? I'm willing to purchase EDDV as long as it's bug free. Thanks.
  9. This is odd. Don't you have another Corfu scenery that could be causing a conflict with Aerosoft's? Have you tried reinstalling the scenery?
  10. I have the same problem with black taxiway sing boxes. Is there a fix for this or something that can be done to get this sorted out?
  11. No for both questions. The problem is that it's all about Hawaii.
  12. The video is very nice and the scenery looks amazing, Eugene! I can't wait for the FSX version.
  13. It hasn't worked for me Mathijs. The trees are still there. But thanks anyway. I appreciate your efforts.
  14. Thanks a lot for providing this workaround, Andrew. It's not what we expected but at least the scenery is flyable now. I'll try it out and report back in case anything goes wrong.
  15. Oh boy! Sorry Mathijs, I loved EDNY,it is one of my favorite sceneries but if deactivating them is the only way to find the problem I'll have to leave it as it is. It would take hours and hours deactivating sceneries and testing until find where the problem is.
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