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  1. Actually, my question still stands in this forum since Sim-Wings use Aerosoft forum as their official support channel. Will Sim-Wing airports support VDGS in a future update?
  2. Oh, I thought that was an Aerosoft airport. My bad.
  3. Any news on this one? This is one of the bugs that really annoys me and it came with the update last winter.
  4. I guess we can hear the cows moo all the way to EHRD 😆
  5. Hi, I became aware that I can synchronize the baro unit from the EFB. But I found that it also synchronizes the "back-up baro unit" (can't remember the correct name of that thing). I would like it to be the same as in the Fenix A320 where it only syncs the Capt and F.O side (not the back-up thing). Can this be done?
  6. So it seems like the micro stutters came from this scenery in flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/10890/enkb-kristiansund-kvernberget Reported to developer.
  7. I don’t have fsuipc7. I have in fact cleaned the community folder and the stutters are gone. Need to put back the mods piece by piece when I got time. I found out that I had an outdated Nool VDGS mod last night. It could be that mod causing the stutters. I will find out next time I log in.
  8. No, I'm not. I see many have stutters because of "Yours Control", but I have never installed that either. I cleaned out my Community folder last night. Deleted a lot of liveries and old sceneries which was not confirmed compatible with SU9. Took a flight after the clean up, and there was less stutters, but they where still present. Next thing I will do when I have time is to start a flight with more or less empty community folder and put back piece by piece. I use Toolbar Pushback which could be the reason for the stutters.
  9. Hi Does anybody else experience small stutters every 15-20 seconds in cruise mode with the CRJ 900? I don't have any stutters in other planes like Fenix or FBW A320. I have 30-35+ FPS The stutters where present before the last update as well.
  10. The 550 and the 700 is missing for me as well. This update has broken more than it has upgraded for me. Hope some AS officials can come with a statement soon about the mess.
  11. No, I don't. I can try with empty community folder to see if it still appears.
  12. I get regular stuttering with the CRJ. Don't have that with other aircrafts in sim like Fenix A320. I have between 35-40 FPS in cruise.
  13. ATC partially played. Only the first word played when listening to ATIS.
  14. I really wish you could cover the Norwegian Sea up to Trondheim. A lot of big oil rigs and rough weather outside of Ålesund/Kristiansund area.
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