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  1. For me this problem has not occured in a while (since late september). I have no idea why. But I see other pilots have this problem now.
  2. For me it depends whether you are trying to model a brand new, perfect looking twin otter, or if it is suppose to be an aging, used airplane. If you are modeling an aging one please leave it as it is. Very much looking forward to learn to fly this anyway.
  3. Click on DME-H in the RTU and you get the DME in the PFD. There is a bug where you can’t see DME on NAV1 and NAV2 at the same time. Will probably be fixed in next update release.
  4. Will we see some youtubers flying this lovely bird soon?
  5. Are we talking october, november or december, Mathijs? (I was the one born without the important patience chromosone)
  6. Is there gates of many sizes in the sim as well? I often park at small or medium gates but it seems the jetways are the same size everywhere (I always use payware airports).
  7. Ah, ok. I have seen jetways attached to CRJ on the web so thought it was an Aerosoft CRJ problem. But thanks for your respond.
  8. Hi I have seen jetways fold around the door on the A320. Why doesn’t it fold around the door on the CRJ?
  9. Any news on the CRJ 900/1000 and updates on 550/700? Thats the ones I’ve been waiting for
  10. Which version of Nvidia driver do you have installed?
  11. Have the same problem since SU5.. seen no fix for it yet..
  12. Thanks for clarifying that. But if you use it, at what stage do you turn it off?
  13. Hi! In the Vol3 tutorial documentation (page 54) is says the continuous ignition should be activated before take-off. But I can't find a place that tells me when to deactivate after take-off. When should it be deactivated? After flaps is up? At FL100/10000ft? Best regards Thomas
  14. I still get seatbelt announcement every flight at TOD. This occured after the last update of the CRJ. I have always turned on the seatbelt sign manually when decending past 10000ft before, but now it turns on automatically at TOD every time which is very irritating. The seatbelt knob is set to OFF (not Auto). Can Aerosoft please take a look at this? I have the latest version bought directly from Aerosoft and I have also tried to delete and reinstall the plane. I use SimBrief and download the flightplan and load it up in MSFS before I start a flight.
  15. I had the same problem on my last flight from Nice to Vienna this evening. Never experienced that before. Also made a fix 90nm from Vienna but that didn't appear either, and at what I believe should've been the TOD I suddenly got a seatbelt announcement out of the blue. A lot of strange things happening.
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