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  1. Looks great! Can't wait for a quality Dubai scenery and airport for FSX! :)
  2. Hi Chris, Well done for helping a fellow member of the forum, hats off to you! Would you mind posting the amendments you make to the default.xml to solve this problem? Thanks
  3. Yes, I agree - a really fantastic airport with stunning surrounding scenery. Well done all at FSDG!
  4. Loving the final sreenshots Emil! I'm itching to get my hands on this scenery now!!!
  5. Thanks for the update Emil! Very excited about the imminent release!
  6. I'm filing a flightplan now and doing pre-taxi checks......
  7. Cannot wait Emil, looks like one of the best sceneries EVER produced!
  8. Will the scenery be released for FREE if Greece WIN Euro 2012?
  9. Any news on Sharm el Sheikh and possible release month?
  10. Hello I own a download version of Tahiti X which is version 1.00 I bought it from fspilotshop.com in January 2010. I have a download serial key and have registered the product successfully on your Aerosoft website. I see there is an update to version 1.10 and a runway fix but there is no download link? It says go to my main download history on the Aerosoft website, but I didn't buy it from your website so its not there. Please can you advise how I can upgrade to version 1.10 Many thanks
  11. +1 for an Aerosoft Egypt airport and scenery Go for it guys!
  12. Great thank you Oliver, I will now spend some more credits! Hopefully Max Kraus' Barbados for FSX will follow in the next release Keep up the great work
  13. Oliver, sorry for requesting again, I know its naughty! Please can you consider Max Kraus' beautiful FSX scenery of Grantley Adams Airport (TBPB) in Barbados. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=153845 It was one of the few sceduled destinations for BA's Concorde and its a favourite airport of mine and it really needs AES to finish off the airport nicely. I'm willing to buy more credits for it! Thanks and keep up the brilliant work, I love AES 2.20
  14. Keep up the good work Oliver, you are doing a BRILLIANT job!
  15. Do you ever "replay" your landings as there is a bug which prevents the follow me car appearing after you have watched a replay of your landing
  16. Congratulations Oliver! Thank you for bringing FSX to life, I will always be your loyal fan keep up the good work
  17. Thanks Oliver Merry Christmas to you too! Looking forward to FSDT's KLAX and hopefully Max Kraus' Barbados? Keep up the great work
  18. Oliver, Are you able to fix Gate 10 at UK2000 Newcastle for FSX. The airbridge splits into two! Thanks
  19. Oliver, Umberto at FSDT has confirmed that he will send you the KLAX files for FSX and FS9 very soon! http://www.fsdreamte...p?topic=4710.75
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