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  1. Hello, With the advent FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil - I Suggest adding: Salvador - Host City ICAO: SBSV NAME: Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX Designer: TropicalSim Link : Regards Rezende
  2. Hi, Why I can´t activate Heraklion X in AES? Regards Rezende
  3. Hi, How I delete defunct airlines in My Traffic 2010 FSX? Regards! Rezende
  4. Hi Folks! Chris solve the problem in default.xml Case closed! Thanks Rezende
  5. Ok, I will send you. Thanks Rezende
  6. Hi Ok Chris, We need to arrange a time. Working from 07am to 11am, stop for lunch, work from 13pm to 17pm (Brazilian Time). Believe that in Germany there is a little late. Are you with 1 hour more (DST). Today between 11:30 am and 12:45 pm is good for me! (Local Time). There should be 16:30 pm and 17:45 pm in Germany - Can it be? Regards Rezende
  7. Hi, I give up Unfortunately I lost €14.95. If you know of any other procedure, please inform me. Thank you all. Regards Rezende
  8. I read again now. I forgot the disable Santorin AFCAD in My Traffic. I will try later. I will keep you informed, ok? Thanks! Best Regards Rezende
  9. Hi, I installed with"Run Administrator" and no houses. Deactive MyTraffic 2010, don´t solve the problem! I don´t know what´s happening! Regards Rezende
  10. Hi, I tried so many things I do not remember. When you get home I'll try these procedures. For now, thanks for the suggestions! Regards Rezende
  11. Hi Chris I have MyTraffic 2010 installed! Maybe this is the problem? Regards Rezende
  12. Ola Alex, I bought 07/28/2012 in the Aerosoft ( I have account ) Regards Rezende
  13. Hi Ufortunately not! All my sceneries is AES compatible! Other informations: My S.O is Windows 7 Ultimate 12 Gb RAM (I think that is not the problem) Video Card 2 Gb SantoriniX size folders: Scenery - 206 MB Texture - 96,8 MB I´m downloading again, remove and install again - notihng solve this problem! Regards
  14. Hi, This is my FSX scenery configuration! No houses1 Regards Rezende
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