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  1. Eagerly awaited for using the Twotter and some long range heavies into Faa'a International..... Really looking forward to this one! :)
  2. Mathijs, have you had any luck getting some new material or news of progress?
  3. The last screenshots were 5 months ago - are there any new ones? I would like to see how Faa'a International is looking Also, will this be a 2013 release?
  4. Mathijs - really looking forward to seeing a revamped Tahiti and Faa'a International Airport - is this planned for a 2013 release? Do you have a feel for timeframe? Also, we haven't seen any fresh screenshots for a while. A few more would be really appreciated if possible. If not, happy to sit tight and shut up! ..... :)
  5. Thanks for the update Mathijs, much appreciated
  6. Hi Mathijs, is there a status update or any news regarding this project? Has any work been done on the ground textures at Faa'a airport? Thanks so much
  7. Mmm, I really don't think NGXN's ground textures for the runway, taxiways and apron are up to the usual high standards now seen in Aerosoft's FSX sceneries. I will wait to see what Aerosoft's V2 Papeete looks like.... Hopefully on a par with their other FSX sceneries
  8. Yes, I noticed that. I hope the runway, taxiway and apron textures at Faa'a International are all updated to the usual Aerosoft high standard? They still look the same as the original version.
  9. Mathijs, Next time you speak to the developers please could you request some screenshots of Faa'a International Airport? I would love to see how the main airport is looking in version 2. No rush, I'm happy to wait
  10. This is good news. I have owned this scenery since original release and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope that Faa'a International Airport also gets a make-over with some updated ground textures as I tend to fly heavies into Papeete
  11. Looks great! Can't wait for a quality Dubai scenery and airport for FSX! :)
  12. Hi Chris, Well done for helping a fellow member of the forum, hats off to you! Would you mind posting the amendments you make to the default.xml to solve this problem? Thanks
  13. Yes, I agree - a really fantastic airport with stunning surrounding scenery. Well done all at FSDG!
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