We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Well i must be one of the lucky ones, im having no problems at all so far straight out of the box so to speak. Thankyou for this stunning scenery Emil/FSDG its a joy taking off, landing, and having a general mooch around LGTS and its surounding city!!
  2. Why cant i win the lotto?

  3. Cor...she's lovely! (the plane i mean of course!)
  4. I agree. I treated myself to a Kingston ssd 2 weeks ago for £50 and boot times are faster, scenery is looking awesome and its nice a quiet. A very good investment.
  5. Get that sandy overclocked man, they love it. I get a solid 30fps locked through inspector with the NGX, AS2012....smooth as silk is LGIR on my setup.
  6. Clever AES, i wondered that myself. Very clever the developer of AES!!
  7. Oooooh, i'd better get in contact with the management at my va then, im supposed to be on a rest day today but i'll ask if they need any cover on a EGKK-LGIR flight!! Seriously...This one has to be one of the most anticipated for me, looking forward to the release!
  8. I can smell the olives and lemons in the air(along with the jet fuel!) Excellent shots!!
  9. Looks real! Tremendous amount of detail going on there, will the 320 come with the scenery?
  10. Yaaay!! Supose i'll have to get the Mrs a bottle of wine and a cook her a nice meal.
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