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  1. we don’t know if Aerosoft already have the update and therefore have already fixed any issues
  2. Unless I missed an obvious post, hasn't Mathijs confirmed it's Feb and not march
  3. Hi All, I'm looking into getting a new yoke or side stick. I am interested in the Thrustmaster Airbus side stick and throttles or the honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant. I am leaning towards the side stick due to the cost of the honeycomb but I was wondering if anyone who has either can share their experiences and thoughts, or even suggest another product I like both of the above because they have separate throttle axis for each engine (although the airbus limits you to 2 engines) and have a reverse thrust function. Also I know they are in hot demand, is there any indications when they might come back in stock? Thanks
  4. That date pushes release outside of Q1 by quite a way and we haven’t had any indication it’s being further delayed, every post points to it being sooner rather than later 🙂
  5. So not the 11th? If it releases any day other than the 11th feb can I get a free copy 😂😂
  6. We do know aerosoft have a very good working relationship with asobo
  7. It's defiantly a fair guess. I'm sure it'll be sooner rather than later
  8. Only thing with April is it's not Q1 and I think/hope we would get told if it was delayed again beyond Q1. Although I did wonder if Mathijs's personal stories did have something to do with it
  9. Potentially or Mathijis may not confirm someone is right as the forum will probably go into meltdown
  10. Or he’s asleep I do see it in our sims in the next couple of weeks
  11. +1 for the 8th as it’s sooner lol (albeit 3 days)
  12. Based of that then christmas was never an option 😜 (that's a joke, not a criticism) - I'm tempted to read every post now to try figure it out
  13. Good spot or they were testing on VATSIM and they were on unicom
  14. Any chance of getting a flying dolphin in MSFS, it does have flying in it 😜
  15. Mathijs, can you share anything about release liveries, no probs if you can't, would love to start planning flights
  16. I believe it's the same liveries as the P3D version, although seeing the community in MSFS for the A320, I wouldn't be surprised if we see most CRJs ever flown eventually (and fictional repaint probs). I guess the paint kit will be at the same time.
  17. @Mathijs Kok I'm guessing it might be a we can't answer that but is it safe to assume it'll be the same models/engines as the P3D version?
  18. Aerosoft can develop any product they see fit. As stated above they have a very good A320 series dating back to FSX and a very good A330 from P3D . They have decided to bring theses to MSFS, if you don’t want to invest in a product that’s fine but you don’t have to be negative towards it. You writing this comment doesn’t surprise me as I’ve seen you be negative to other products in other forums . As Exile says, FBW are volunteering in their spare time, they could all get busy and have to leave the project, therefore it’ll never get done plus they are still focusing on the A320neo, also they have the A380 and I could be wrong but I think FBW has stated they are doing the A320neo family first, where as Aerosoft are doing the A320ceo family. Therefore I would actually thing Aerosoft will release their products first.
  19. Aerosoft have made these aircraft for P3D, only makes sense for them to come to MSFS
  20. I'll fly it like this 😜 in all seriousness though, really looking forward to this, I know we have the FBW neo but I love realism so being able to pick the correct A3xx for the route/operator is good.
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