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  1. I've found on my end it to be the Pushback Toolbar Mod, I had dreadful degradation, heard that the mod causes memory leaks, removed the mod and now don't have any issues
  2. Is the time customisable or does it default to say 30 minutes as you load in?
  3. I doubt any AI dev would do this for a number of reasons, but I think asobo are planning on improving the AI this year
  4. @John2 I have Navigraph too, that's not what I was asking....I was asking to access the charts through the EFB like in the A32NX
  5. @Mathijs Kok on the A330 preview you've mentioned about coding the EFB in Java to enable the use of charts, is there any plans to rework the CRJ's EFB using java so we access charts or are you still going to wait for charts to be accessible for a C++ coded EFB? Thanks
  6. I think you need to understand, no developer gives a date unless they are 100% sure, it's nothing to do with being "taken as a fool", Mathijs could say, we'll release on the 28th Feb but what if there's a critical bug found in BETA tomorrow? In flight sim people seem to take dates as gospel, people even got mad in December 2020 when the CRJ didn't release, even though it was never said it was releasing in Dec 2020. We have been given a date range of Q1 2022, that's still a crap ton better than most other devs give
  7. Yes there's an asobo version but only if you have the premium version of MSFS and it's still far from being high quality imo, That being said, I do believe there's an EDDF in development for MSFS
  8. Although I doubt I'll get an answer, I'm interested to know what the issues are, I only say this because the NG3 is in BETA and RSR has replied to someone saying "There are a few things- but none that we think will severely impact users- and none that Asobo can't help us to resolve once they get some dev time for it." in regards to any lacking functionality of the NG3 compared to the NGXu, I know there's still no Wx and Tx API (although PMDG have created their own Tx radar) but what else is a serious issue?
  9. The issue with the first couple of planes is there were elements of the SDK that needed adding or improving, this took time, of which that hurdle seems to be past, with PMDG (as an example) saying there's no more blockers for them to release their products, so theoretically now we have the first planes like the CRJ, Twitter, close to the NG3, Fenix A320 etc, new planes will not meet the same issues and therefore take less time to create. Plus mathijs said in December that the A330 was a few solid months from BETA, I really can't see a few months meaning a 2023 release especially at one point last year there was a chance of the first A330 releasing in late 2021
  10. My german isn't the greatest, but it's entirely pure speculation, now the Twotter is released I am guessing the A330 will have a full team on it, like I said from experience (as a project manager/scheduler) I highly doubt we won't see the A330 till next year
  11. Firstly which video, secondly unless it came from Aerosoft, don't believe dates, and thirdly I'd be very surprised if the A330 didn't release this year
  12. Actually it's in the English part of the forum Maybe in future try not to be disrespectful, the guy is actually speaking quite slowly, so if you think that's fast, god help you because as someone who studied German in school, as a nation you speak on average quicker than what we do in England
  13. An XLR/LR would be great but as far as I am aware they are currently planning to do the CEO variants.
  14. Some are, some aren't, one positive of MSFS, is it has brought so many new developers to the simming landscape, a few are partners of ORBX for example, these are built from the ground up but some are conversions, but in the main are still great
  15. How many sceneries have ORBX released for P3D this year? I count 3 (at a quick glance) compared to the 25+ releases for MSFS, there’s even been more releases for XPL than P3D. I do see your point that Aerosoft have stopped completely but that’s their decision and realistically no one will change their mind, don’t forget Aerosoft have been in business for a long time (30 years?) and successfully changed between various sims, so they must be able to make good business decisions even if unfortunately it annoys a part of the community. Moving to aircraft, PMDG were about to start developing their next aircraft and then halted it because of focusing on MSFS, and recently admitted even though they promised the aircraft for P3D it may not come to P3D now dependant on the market. A2A have also admitted recently that they are focusing on MSFS now they have accusim working and that they have been able to continue with P3D work only because of their US Government contracts and not the average user. Another point to make is, people have been saying of course P3D sales have dropped as nothing has been released, I haven’t seen Aerosoft say this, but a few other developers have, when companies compare sales they compare them at release, i.e how many copies did the CRJ sell within the first month for P3D compared to MSFS, for example PMDG openly admitted the DC6 for MSFS outsold the lifetime sales FSX, P3D and XPL combined within 12 hours of release. For all we know, the profit margins on P3D products could be extremely slim even when P3D was the main sim Although I get this point, it’s not as simple as this, because of external factors, for example, in the UK we currently have a law/target in place of no petrol/diesel cars sold past 2030, sometimes it doesn’t matter about demand but other factors, however at the minute the majority of the demand is with MSFS, and even though there is demand from P3D users, it sounds like there’s not enough. No one is saying P3D is dead, it’s not as you say, there’s still users, FSX still has users, FS9 does, XPL10 does, one issue P3D does have imo is the split of across versions, 4.5 and 5.2(3) which may make development harder, what Aerosoft are saying, is P3D is commercially dead, there’s a difference. I’m really not trying to be a idiot towards the P3D user base, I spent a lot of time on P3D, but I am just trying to explain as Aerosoft has that yes there may be 100 users on these forums going we are still interested in P3D and will buy addons, but just because there’s demand doesn’t mean it’s enough demand
  16. That's open for debate, I switched from P3D to MSFS this time last year and have no regrets and I can perform real simulation...just waiting for more aircraft which are coming soon. As far as I am aware Aerosoft have never claimed they make study level aircraft, in fact their aim is to recreate the operation of aircraft on a day to day basis. Which they do...realistically. So your point is pointless So you want Aerosoft to lose money? This topic has been beaten to death, Aerosoft has said several times, any development for P3D will lose them money, why can't P3D users understand that? Yes it's frustrating and yes for us this is a hobby, but aerosoft have to make decisions like any other company, and that is to develop for MSFS as that's where the money is, and it's not just aerosoft, PMDG, A2A, ORBX, Milviz etc are all focusing on MSFS now, with little or no development for P3D.
  17. you do realise you are replying to an 8 year old post, and PFPX doesn't release updates anymore, which has led to it no longer being sold (and maybe supported?)
  18. Aerosoft have set a tentative date of the 15th November
  19. If it's anything like the FSX and P3D versions, it'll probably be the A320/A321 together and then the A318/A319 as an expansion like the CRJs
  20. Mike, An idea to try, as it works for me with the same issue, albeit at other airports, reduce your LOD setting to the lowest setting and load into the airport you want, and then when loaded in you can reset the LOD to whatever you want, (apparently the LOD level is the issue) I doubt it as I think the arrangement is aerosoft made products and therefore D-Sky would have to approach Orbx separately
  21. @Andrea0921, a few things, 1) Here you go for the latest CRJ thread, the expansion seems to be close 2) The expansion was estimated for 6-12 weeks after the original release, this could have been as late as mid june with the original timescale 3) The delay was actually slated for most likely late September or October (note the word likely not defiantly), 4) The cancelled Simple Traffic project is now back on due to SU6 From my limited understanding (from other developers) SU5 seemed to cause massive instabilities with the sim and SDK when it came to developing products, in some cases making development impossible and thus changing dates, I know one developer had to wait for SU6 to correct vital sim issues before he could release more products. Hope this helps
  22. Possibly wrong but I think simple traffic is done by a different dev to the aircraft but I agree with the potential timeframe as I recall Mathijs saying there was a slight chance of an airbus this year but I know SU5 didn't help the development of airports so I would assume aircraft were affected too.
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