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  1. I agree, I recently got an alpha and bravo and it's the best hardware purchase I've made in all my flight simming life, should make the Twotter fun to fly,
  2. No worries, I spend a lot of time round the PMDG forum and I know from a recent interview they are trying to pull out all the stops for MSFS, I think the xbox issue is just an unfortunate teething issue and as you say they'll have it fixed ASAP
  3. I'd suggest you go to the PMDG forums and look before making any comments like this against a top developer with 25 years because it's a well known issue affect 10% of users that PMDG nor MS know what's causing it or had the issues whilst testing
  4. In my opinion I think it's wrong comparing Aerosoft with Asobo as Asobo will never create high fidelity aircraft, that's why we have aerosoft/pmdg/A2A etc (even if a couple aerosoft devs worked on the PC6, there's a reason why it's a asobo product and not an aerosoft product ) Therefore I don't think the Asobo PC-6 will have any bearing on the Twotter, the twin otter has been in development for well over a year, with a much more experienced team where the PC-6 probably nowhere near that length. I would safely assume the twin otter will be as good as the CRJ and the Twotter offerings for FSX/P3D
  5. I'm sure based on this comment, Mathijs is joking about releasing it on Christmas Eve and that it will probably be released before then
  6. Well it's the 24th November today so that means we're within a month of release
  7. you do realise you are replying to an 8 year old post, and PFPX doesn't release updates anymore, which has led to it no longer being sold (and maybe supported?)
  8. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but Mathijs did say it was going to priced at a lower cost (around 30 euros I recall)
  9. In the Twin Otter thread, Mathijs has said the plan is for a November release. so I'd guess it is ready, just didn't show them in the trailer, as it's pretty much if not the same as the 550/700
  10. Looking great, finally ordered an alpha and bravo today so can't wait to use them with the CRJ
  11. Sounds great Mathijs! Can't wait for the next couple of months for MSFS releases
  12. Although I agree with this, and some people have to plan, it's the fact the Aerosoft preview page says "Please do not ask for release dates because if we can say we would have posted it here and if we do not know we can't say. Any dates that are given should be seen as indications and not promises." and yet people still ask, thinking they might get a different answer (don't get my wrong, I see this on every forum/discord channel), Also some people may have an issue with the fact the poster posted in all caps with about 20 Es, yes he's/she's excited (like the rest of us) but surely a simple, "are we closer to a release date' would have been better?
  13. Aerosoft have set a tentative date of the 15th November
  14. If it's anything like the FSX and P3D versions, it'll probably be the A320/A321 together and then the A318/A319 as an expansion like the CRJs
  15. Mike, An idea to try, as it works for me with the same issue, albeit at other airports, reduce your LOD setting to the lowest setting and load into the airport you want, and then when loaded in you can reset the LOD to whatever you want, (apparently the LOD level is the issue) I doubt it as I think the arrangement is aerosoft made products and therefore D-Sky would have to approach Orbx separately
  16. @Andrea0921, a few things, 1) Here you go for the latest CRJ thread, the expansion seems to be close 2) The expansion was estimated for 6-12 weeks after the original release, this could have been as late as mid june with the original timescale 3) The delay was actually slated for most likely late September or October (note the word likely not defiantly), 4) The cancelled Simple Traffic project is now back on due to SU6 From my limited understanding (from other developers) SU5 seemed to cause massive instabilities with the sim and SDK when it came to developing products, in some cases making development impossible and thus changing dates, I know one developer had to wait for SU6 to correct vital sim issues before he could release more products. Hope this helps
  17. Possibly wrong but I think simple traffic is done by a different dev to the aircraft but I agree with the potential timeframe as I recall Mathijs saying there was a slight chance of an airbus this year but I know SU5 didn't help the development of airports so I would assume aircraft were affected too.
  18. I'd assume changing the gauge isn't a massive delay so things like this can be changed in beta
  19. Not true as I found out...see Mathijs response to me on the Twotter thread, "If we sell a product via the Marketplace we do not 'lose' any money. For these sales Microsoft handles the distribution, updates, all sales actions, sales support and part of marketing and public relation. If we would sell the same product on our own shop we would have to pay for all of that. Now exactly how much that is depends a lot on the product and the scalability. But if you pay via CC or PP we have to pay to have that done. If we send the file to you, we pay for the bandwidth, if we add the product to our shop somebody has to do that and that costs money. The 30% most stores now ask (often lower if you sell a lot) is enough to pay for all of that. And if you do a good job you make some profit. Remember we are not only a producer but also a reseller so we do exactly what Steam or the Marketplace does. We take part of the sales price to handle the sale, sales support and distribution. At 5% or 10% we would make a solid loss on every single sale and I am damned sure the Marketplace would as well. Remember it took Steam over a decade to break even at 30%. And to make real money you need to sell way (way....) over a 1000 copies. If we would aim for that for the Twin Otter I might as well stop now as we would lose hundreds of thousands of Euro's. The Marketplace offers an ease of use that is highly attractive for many users. No matter how you think about it, it is a huge factor in the current market. I am not hesitant to say we could not do without at this moment. I would not know how to reach those customers. Exactly how it is for Steam."
  20. I did complete a full 5 hour rotation in the 700 yesterday and had 0 bugs/issues, so for me at least the CRJ is fine on SU6 but as @bluemoon51 said, MSFS isn't like P3D/XPL and things are always changing, some good and some bad, plus I know some developers are complaining and concerned they'll release a update next week for SU7 to break it and they'll have to update again. So all issues can't be put solely on the dev Also to be clear the CRJ isn't the only airliner available for MSFS by definition, as we have the FBW A32NX and PMDGs DC6, so don't go making sweeping statements
  21. Mathijs has already said he can't give any info regarding the release, I'd also assume like the 550/700 we might get a date a week or so before
  22. You constantly raise the bar Jo, this feature is one I've quite missed especially as we get more aircraft and GSX
  23. Thanks for the great insight into the workings of the marketplace
  24. Well firstly, you asked a community forum a question, and don't like it when the community responds/reacts? So it's very naive saying I only wanted a response from the developer (which is what you imply), secondly to assume people who downvoted you comment support piracy is immature, I downvoted you, because I didn't like the manner of which you asked you question which could have been a lot simpler and without all your opinions and assumptions, i.e Hey Aerosoft, I think piracy is becoming a bigger issue, what's your thought of products becoming marketplace only?. You say they haven't been cracked 'yet', this is good yes but there could unfortunately be a future workaround, maybe that's yet to be seen (hopefully not). I laugh that you think people are whining than a solution, you wouldn't last 5 minutes in meetings with me and my colleagues if you think this is whining, because my "whining" is how we develop solutions, because if I responded to my boss with my initial response to you, if we were Asobo, he would go you mentioned 3 things to change about the marketplace, let's look into what can be done (granted they are looking into the timescale issue), and look that's a solution from apparently what is whining. Another negative of marketplace exclusivity that I forgot about last night is the same reason with have the CMA in the UK and counterparts worldwide, to stop and regulate markets and potentially monopolies, because that's what we effectively would have, only one place to buy add-on's, therefore MS/Asobo could theoretically controls prices which is only a bad thing and we would no longer be seeing the pricing structures we see now.
  25. Although I see what you mean and yes I agree I am happy with the content provide thus far, but look at it this way, company A sells a product for £100, and sell 100 units, they lose £3,500 to MS/Asobo, 1000 units it's £35,000, and a few add-ons have quite probably sold north of this number, yes Microsoft is like any other company and wants to see a ROI for MSFS, but to me their current cut is for me too big, surely 5%-10% would be more reasonable especially in a reality of everything being marketplace exclusive. If Asobo/MS are desperate for money, I'd rather pay a modest subscription amount for the base sim every year
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