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  1. canadagoose

    Navigraph Database Not Recognized

    Thanks Dave. I can live with One Drive for now. No biggy as long as P3Dv4 is running smoothly. I was just confused as to why the Installer insists on using One Drive folders. It seemed to give me no choice. Maybe I just don’t know how the installers work. Regards, Tom
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I tried the second article and did my restore point etc. and the installer still insisted on putting the Updater and other navigation files like Navigrapg, Navdata into the One Drive directory. So, I did a system restore and I am resigned to living with the complicated One drive system. I still do not know why the installer only recognizes the One Drive location. Like I said everything seems to be working OK as is, so I can’t complain. Regards
  3. canadagoose

    Navigraph Database Not Recognized

    OK, I think I have everything back to where it should be. I reinstalled the 318 -321 and I am going to stop messing around with the ONE Drive. I noticed the Installer wants to install the "Updater" and "Application data and config files" to the One Drive Documents directory. So I assume that is the location the Airbus' needs to access the Updater, Flightplans, Navigraph or Navdata, MCDU data etc. I am not sure how to change that so that all my Documents can be accessed from the "This PC" Directory. Anyway I will leave well enough alone and continue to use the One Drive location. Not a big problem for me. I have disabled One Drive on my system so that it does not perform that annoying data sync process. Regards, Tom
  4. I noticed the Installer wants to install the Updater and Application data and config files to the One Drive Documents directory. How can I point to the "This PC" Documents folder. So, it seems I am forced to use the One Drive location for these files even though I have disabled One Drive. Regards
  5. canadagoose

    Navigraph Database Not Recognized

    There is still a matching database in the One drive directory. should I delete that? Same goes for Flightplans directory. Does the aircraft use files under One Drive directory? or can I delete them after moving them to the C:\This PC directory? It seems to me the program is looking for data under One Drive and not the other directory, namely the General file where the navigraph data is. I want it to read from the "This PC" directory. When reinstalling do I have to point it to the documents directory of my choice? Thanks, Tom
  6. I just reinstalled the A318-319 & A320-321 Professional to a new Location Outside of Lockheed Martin P3Dv4 (I read in another post, that is the best way to install the Airbus). I have pointed Navigraph Data to install in C:\...\This PC\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph. When I attempt to load the flight plan located in C:\...\This PC\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans, I get the error message "Not In database". I previously used the ONE Drive locations for these files, but have since disconnected the use of One Drive for storing my Documents files and as I stated above I am using my "This PC" Documents file. Do I have to somehow point the Professional 'buses to use the new Documents location.? Is that why I get the "not in database" message? Regards, Tom
  7. canadagoose

    A320\A321 Navigraph AIRAC Cycle

    Thanks for that. Regards
  8. Does the new release of the A320\A321 Professional (Thank You BTW) use the same Navigraph AIRAC Cycle folder as the A318\A319 Professional? The Navigraph FMS Data Manager does not include the A320\A321 Professional product at the moment. Regards, Tom
  9. Thanks for that, much appreciated.
  10. Otto, thanks for chiming in. One Q?. tho. Do you mean DISABLE OneDrive, I can do that. I know there is a way of removing OneDrive from Windows 10 as well, but if I do, are there any programs or processes that require those folders and or files to function? I thought the p3Dv4 installers make use the W10 OneDrive on installation. I just don't want to get rid of OneDrive and find I have problems running P3Dv4. Maybe I am totally missing the point here. Regards, Tom
  11. Thanks for that. Will do. Regards, Tom
  12. Thanks, it looks like a duplicate of some kind. I notice with Windows 10 there is a docs folder under One Drive as well as a folder under "users\username\Documents\". It really confuses things for me. I really liked Windows 7 with only one documents folder. Anyway, here is the screen shot of the products folder under One Drive:
  13. In the ASUpdater I notice there are 2 instances of the Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional under Prepared 3Dv4.x. It did allow me to update to version for both instances. does anyone else notice this and Is it going to pose a problem for me? Regards
  14. canadagoose

    Updater not working

    Hi Again, I followed your instructions and I can now run the ASUpdater (version I get the following messages: Product Name: Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional for Prepar3D v4.x Add-on Path: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Installed version: No updates available for this product! Is this the latest update version? Also, I have the CRJ as well. Should it be listed along with the A318-A319 Professional or does it use it's own Updater Sorry, I figured it out with the CRJ. I accidently deleted the .xml file under the Products folder, fortunately I recovered it from the Recycle bin. Thanks again for your Excellent Support!! Tom Stewart
  15. canadagoose

    Updater not working

    Will do...I'm currently enjoying a flight in the 319 at the moment. I'll let you know later on. Thanks again. Regards.