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  1. Thank you Hans, that is encouraging news! Thanks for the reply.
  2. +... This makes it what? 7, 8 out of 1000's with this problem. Come on Aerosoft! How about a little more quality customer support for all of us LOYAL Customers throughout the years (I'm Talking big $$$). We deserve a more positive support explanation and outcome than ..."As we have three customers who see this issue and no other reports we have to conclude it is something specific on those three machines"...Maybe the other 1000's of customers, who you claim must not experience this issue, just couldn't be bothered reporting it because they lack confidence that anything can or will be done about it. It is frankly, very frustrating and disappointing that the performance of this product is consistently poor during most stages of a flight in terms of FPS & stuttering. There, I got that off my chest. have a good one.
  3. Thanks for that. Not a final version update then? Regards, TS
  4. Hans, thanks for the timely update! I cannot access the update from the Aerosoft Updater app. I am using Updater version, but when I click on the CRJ ProfessionaL I get the message "Installed version: "No updates available for this product!" Regards TS
  5. I will definitely be upgrading! It is a small price to pay to show support for the dedication and hard work of the often forgotten people behind the scenes. Regards TS
  6. Just to add, if it helps. I am experiencing this problem as well. I am currently doing a flight from NZQN to NZCH (not relevant I would think), but after I filled in the APPR Data into the MCDU and Activated it, that seemed to trigger the sudden N1 decrease in Managed Speed.I have to now manually Manage the speed. This may help, it may not mean anything, I just thought I would share. Regards
  7. OK, I have updated CRJ to v1.0.2.3 with no CTD, had a flawless flight, despite the up and down flucuating FPS mid teens to 70's. I use "Unlimited" frames. But I'm not too concerned. Just curious as to the up and down frames. I was also having 3-5 second pauses, but that was FSUIPC "Autosave" I believe. I turned it off and no more Pauses \ Stutters. Thanks to all.
  8. No Worries I figured it out, but I would like to leave this thread open until I see what happens with this update. I want this CTD problem to go away first. Thanks again to Frank for his input! Regards
  9. Thanks this worked for me as well. It looks like it is fixed, but I just discovered another problem. I just a CTD with the CRJ700. I was filling in the ORIG and Destination and then the CTD. I saw this thread with a similar problem: But when I opened the ASUpdater it says I am up todate. But in this thread it says there is an experimental update, which is not listed in the updater. How do I get this update? Maybe it will solve my CTD problem. BTW I am using updated P3D4.4. Regards
  10. Thanks Hans! here is the zip. <File removed by Hansi as no longer needed>
  11. I have excluded (Norton AV) the entire Aerosoft folder under "Documents", which BTW is the only Docs folder I have on C:\. I disabled One Drive when I got the computer, so we can rule that out. ASUpdater worked a few weeks ago, but I haven't touched until now. Norton had no problems when I downloaded the 7zip app. Maybe I did not extract the files properly using 7zip. It seemed like everything ran smoothly. I also did not disable Norton AV when I downloaded the ASUpdater.7z file. I'll try that. I tried it and same, when I click on the executable a white box pops up and thjen disappears after about 5-10 seconds. Thanks Dave
  12. So, whenever I want to update the aircraft I have to do a FULL install. That seems kind of tedious doesn't it?
  13. Thanks, I followed all instructions and overwrote all the included files in the AS updater folder, clicked the Updater.exe and I got the same response I got prior to download...The program does not load. A blank window appears, but no app initiation. I have updated to P3Dv4.4 if that might have something to do with this. In other words this 7zip thing may be hindering the process. Is there another place where we can download a Full AsUpdater zipfile or folder without using 7zip?
  14. Sorry, but this method does not work for me. Is there another way to get the updater to work. Regards
  15. Thanks Dave. I can live with One Drive for now. No biggy as long as P3Dv4 is running smoothly. I was just confused as to why the Installer insists on using One Drive folders. It seemed to give me no choice. Maybe I just don’t know how the installers work. Regards, Tom
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