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  1. Interesting, regarding an ILS Approach, do we have to dial in the MDA as well?
  2. Thanks, Yes, I believe they were on and when I looked at the EICAS it may well be that I had already disengaged the reversers. That would explain why I did not see the Indicator.
  3. I use the default F2 key and it appears to be working, but I do not see any indication on the Engine Display. Should there be a Green "REV" indicator on the Left EICAS under the N1 Gauges? I did not notice it.
  4. Sorry, I do not agree with your views' (no pun intended). I used the FlyByWire 320 NEO yesterday and under the same weather conditions I could adjust the brightness to my preference and was able to read the displays from the same view distance as in my pix. So, it seems that the FlyByWire Team was able to achieve this with their Mod. I don't get it. BTW, I take your comment below as very condescending, you should choose your words more carefully. Please do NOT dictate to me what I have and have not. I am a customer, if you check my account over the years, I have have spent many loyalty dollars
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have a Samsung HDTV 41" 1080p 60hz (1920x1080) native Res. Best Regards
  6. Thanks, I know about the knobs, I have them turned up as high as they could possibly go. As well, What are those clickable spots on the upper left of the displays?
  7. OK, They may look similar, but I have done 2 camera views here, one with my custom pilot view, one with a view of the MCP. BOTH are replicated with Default Sunny Weather & the other LIVE Cloudy weather (KIAD). I feel with my normal pilot Cockpit forward view the Dispalys are very Dark whether Sunny or Cloudy, but the MCP view seems OK, based on a different angle of view and the fact that it is zoomed slightly forward of the other view: From Left the 2 images are taken on a sunny day, the 3rd and 4th images are from a cloudy day (a little better under cloudy skies but sti
  8. All righty then. I kinda expected it was probably a dead issue. At least I tried.
  9. The Displays are very dark, during the day in fact, I have the Brightness knob turned up to full. Is this issue going to be addressed in an upcoming update? The displays are really hard to make out as it is, I am sure if we could make them brighter they would be fine. I must mention though at this time, I am having a very nice flight so far KDFW - KIAD in the CRJ700. Apart from the display issue everything seems fine. Regards, TS
  10. Long-Time supporters of Aerosoft Products deserve an investigation in any event. Thank you.
  11. First of all, I must humbly apologize for my premature comments above. I believe the issue, for me anyway, has been resolved with the help of Hans Hartmann. Please see this thread: It was a simple matter of doing a slight modification to the product xml files found in "Documents>\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products". Regards, TS
  12. OK, thanks for that, I checked all my xml's and they were prefaced with "?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>", I did not have "<". I added that to the preface and changed it to "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>". The Updater appears to be working now and looks like this: I am not sure what these two items mean: folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** : folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** Regards. TS
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