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  1. I have not tried them yet, was waiting for update. I was searching the topic for a solution, but I do not remember a specific instance (topic). This topic does specifically mention an update for 1.0.6: Regards
  2. Thanks for the update. Just one thing, on the fix list I do not see any mention of the "HUD" display issue where the "click" spot to stow the HUD does not work. There were several workaround suggestions, but I thought this was on the list for the upcoming Update. Regards
  3. Thanks again, it is encouraging to receive positive reaction from RW pilots like yourself. I welcome and appreciate your helpful comments and tips. Regards
  4. I normally CLB using speed mode and I did this flight as well. I performed everything just as you would, the only difference is I used VS mode FL280 up to FL320 with gradual reduction to VS. So bottom line, I do use SPD mode on a regular basis, just like to test things out as I am learning. Thanks again for your reply though. Keeping on topic though, the main reason for this post was to give Aerosoft a little "Credit where Credit is Due".
  5. I must say I have been as frustrated as anyone on these forums with regard to performance. But I just finished a flight EGBB - EINN and it was outstanding! I had my doubts with all the complaints about throttle axis', FMS issues, ILS not tracking, but I wanted to give it another go. I setup with "Ready to Start" mode, setup FMS etc. I even manually toggled the speed brake lever as well (because some have been reporting issues with the "invisible" speed brake deployment causing trim issues). I pushed back and taxied to Rwy 15, had a very smooth and stable takeoff, I engaged the AP for SPEED & HDG mode. dialed in 250 kts. The climb to Altitude (FL320 @ VS 1400) was so steady up to FL280 that I did not want to interfere with the progress, so left it alone until the climb speed dropped to VS 400. At FL280 I adjusted the throttle to cruise 0.74M, then continued on up to FL320 at VS 1600. I think I had the my most satisfying flight to date in MSFS2020. The cloud tips were reaching FL320 and from TOD to APP altitude (FL030) everything went as I would expect, Throttle input seemed flawless, APP mode captured & tracked the ILS all the way down to DH with hardly any jitters at all (I landed dead centre RWY 06). I must say, this experience today has changed my outlook about this addon in a positive way. So, I have to give "Credit where Credit is Due". Regards
  6. I found this to be a very helpful tutorial, it actually inspired me to get back in the CRJ and do a flight. I had my most enjoyable experience so far with this aircraft. From pushback to approach, systems performed as I would have wanted. On climb to Altitude everything went fine through FL250 where Speed loss was starting to set in at 500fpm. So, I levelled off at FL300, allowed speed to increase and continued Step Climb to cruise FL340, I may be wrong but believe this will be addressed in the next update. I flew the LOC approach manually when the GS was not picked up, I realize this is an ongoing issue though, and I believe this will be addressed in the next update, so I am OK with that. Overall I was happy with the experience.
  7. Considering the fact that Aerosoft has supposedly been working closely with Asobo both during and after release of the CRJ, I would expect little to no issues involving MSFS2020 updates. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. I too believe the AP issues will be ironed out eventually, but major issues like this should never have gotten this far.
  8. Interesting, regarding an ILS Approach, do we have to dial in the MDA as well?
  9. Thanks, Yes, I believe they were on and when I looked at the EICAS it may well be that I had already disengaged the reversers. That would explain why I did not see the Indicator.
  10. I use the default F2 key and it appears to be working, but I do not see any indication on the Engine Display. Should there be a Green "REV" indicator on the Left EICAS under the N1 Gauges? I did not notice it.
  11. Sorry, I do not agree with your views' (no pun intended). I used the FlyByWire 320 NEO yesterday and under the same weather conditions I could adjust the brightness to my preference and was able to read the displays from the same view distance as in my pix. So, it seems that the FlyByWire Team was able to achieve this with their Mod. I don't get it. BTW, I take your comment below as very condescending, you should choose your words more carefully. Please do NOT dictate to me what I have and have not. I am a customer, if you check my account over the years, I have have spent many loyalty dollars at Aerosoft (like thousands of others have) and expect my due courtesy. quote: "Thank you for your pictures. Lookin at them on my display I can tell they look as they should look (meaning you have no issue with the aircraft displays)." ...I remain of the opinion that this is a valid issue. Respectfully
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