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  1. ARINC 424 waypoints are from the database. The pilot waypoints should also be displayed, yes.
  2. If that's the case, ARINC 424 waypoints (4020N, etc) should have been visible, no?
  3. Speaking of medium, let's ask for max as well
  4. Looking from A330 manuals in SmartCockpit (I assume those are really old ones, judjing by the looks) and to the most recent manuals in my company, A330 FCOM never mentioned how much down trim is applied. But the wording they use is still the same: "At 50 ft, a slight pitch down elevator order is applied.". I also agree that the flare needs less input than the A320, my only observation was the apparent lack of THS freezing at 100ft. FCOM DSC-27-20-10-20 FLARE MODE When the aircraft passes 100 ft RA, the THS is frozen and the normal flight mode changes to flare mode as the aircraft descends to land. Flare mode is essentially a direct stick-to-elevator relationship (with some damping provided by the load factor and the pitch rate feedbacks). At 50 ft, a slight pitch down elevator order is applied. Consequently, to flare the aircraft, a gentle nose-up action by the pilot is required. This is the latest FCOM available for a fleet of CEOs and NEOs.
  5. Just did a quick test. I noticed that the THS did not freeze at 100ft, as it did a small nose down input at about 80 or 90 feet. As for the nose up, I did not noticed anything. But it also did not make a small nose down, as supposed.
  6. Using A330 version If you open the DIR page, a list of waypoints is displayed. The page remains the same, even if those waypoints are being sequenced. When the waypoints are sequenced, they should disappear from the DIR page.
  7. becas

    FIRE Test

    Using A330 version If you have an ECAM page selected, when performing a FIRE Test, the ECAM page keeps displayed. It should change to the respective page (APU in case of APU FIRE Test or ENG in case of ENG FIRE Test).
  8. From what I can see, STEP ALTS can only be accessed in flight. Is it like this? It should be accessible during pre-flight aswel.
  9. becas

    ENG Fire Test

    When performing ENG Fire Test, it triggers ENG 1 FIRE and ENG 2 FIRE. The ECAM displays the ENG 1 FIRE warning but it should display ENG 1 FIRE. Due to the overflow, it should also display ENG 2 in red in the MEMO display.
  10. When flying in FPA and reverting to V/S, the V/S selected on the FCU gets reset to zero. It should be the V/S it had at the time of change.
  11. A330 with The automatic Outter to inner tank transfer appears on the FUEL SD page with filled green triangles. Being an automatic transfer, it should appear with empty green triangles. FCOM DSC-28-20
  12. @masterhawk how do you prefer for the reference? The image or the FCOM DSC-22_20-30-10-18 P 8/64?
  13. From my FCOM DSC-22_20-30-10-18 P 8/64 The chapter is the same, don't know about the page.
  14. A330 The FD should be automatically removed when the Pitch exceeds 25º UP or 13º DN. Also with the bank angle exceeding 45º. Is it the same for the A320, don't know how the A320 Pro is but I would assume the same. Taken from DSC-22_30-20 P 6/8
  15. Ver of the A330. Creating a coordinate waypoint (3800.0N/02000.0W) creates a LL01 (this is true for the A320, not for the A330). It should name the waypoint as N38W020, as shown in the picture below. This is valid for both Thales and Honeywell FMSs.
  16. On the A330 it flashes ILS next to the LOC deviation scale. But when you turn on LS p/b, it does not show nothing. Currently it is showing ILS in magenta. I checked from A330Neos to old Ceos and they were all like this.
  17. I hope that me and @TGoncalves don't make it to difficult to develop things. In all seriousness, great product and great contact between the devs and the costumers.
  18. But if you have the ADIRs selector in OFF, both the IR and the ADR will be off.
  19. Currently the APU bleed pressure indication on the APU SD page is always displayed. It should only be with the APU master ON. Now I can't check but I also believe that it will only show a value if the ADR1 is on.
  20. I am running 1.007 indeed.
  21. When the fuel starts transfering to the trim tank, the FUEL SD page displays the TRIM TK ISOL valve as closed. During fuel transfer, it should be open. It also appears that the TRIM TK XFR memo is missing. Don't know about the TRIM TK XFRD because I still have 7 hours to go...
  22. If you have an MCDU scratchpad with several characters, if you keep the CLR pressed for more than 3s it will clear all the scratchpad.
  23. When displaying MCDU MENU, the top left shows FMGC. For the A330, it should show FM1 on MCDU1 and FM2 on MCDU2. I am also not sure about the AIDS and the CFDS pages. Normally it is ACMS on 3L and CMS on 4L.
  24. On the IRS INIT page, when changing the reference, the behaviour of the arrows is swapped. Pressing the UP arrow the coordinates decrease and vice versa. The correct behaviour is the opposite.
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