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  1. I hope that me and @TGoncalves don't make it to difficult to develop things. In all seriousness, great product and great contact between the devs and the costumers.
  2. But if you have the ADIRs selector in OFF, both the IR and the ADR will be off.
  3. Currently the APU bleed pressure indication on the APU SD page is always displayed. It should only be with the APU master ON. Now I can't check but I also believe that it will only show a value if the ADR1 is on.
  4. I am running 1.007 indeed.
  5. becas

    Trim tank transfer

    When the fuel starts transfering to the trim tank, the FUEL SD page displays the TRIM TK ISOL valve as closed. During fuel transfer, it should be open. It also appears that the TRIM TK XFR memo is missing. Don't know about the TRIM TK XFRD because I still have 7 hours to go...
  6. If you have an MCDU scratchpad with several characters, if you keep the CLR pressed for more than 3s it will clear all the scratchpad.
  7. When displaying MCDU MENU, the top left shows FMGC. For the A330, it should show FM1 on MCDU1 and FM2 on MCDU2. I am also not sure about the AIDS and the CFDS pages. Normally it is ACMS on 3L and CMS on 4L.
  8. On the IRS INIT page, when changing the reference, the behaviour of the arrows is swapped. Pressing the UP arrow the coordinates decrease and vice versa. The correct behaviour is the opposite.
  9. Currently the FIX INFO selections are independent from each side. Meaning if you insert a FIX INFO on MCDU 1 it will show on MCDU1 and ND1 but it will not appear on MCDU2 and ND2. The entries should be for both sides.
  10. During cockpit preparation, when checking the batteries, the battery charge current remains constant for a few seconds. Normally it starts at a high value and goes progressively to zero.
  11. During cruise, the brake temperature indication on the WHEEL SD page sometimes shows -5, -10 degrees. According to FCOM, the minimum temperature shown is 0 degrees. I also would like to say that the temperature drops quite fast in an unrealistic way, not sure if know and intended to improve the simulation physic or outside the scope of the product.
  12. When performing a no FD takeoff, you do not get A/THR arming, you cannot manage the speed and no FMA shows on thrust application. On the A330, the speed can stay in managed and the A/THR arms, making the a A/THR modes appear on the FMA.
  13. With the pilots sliding window unlocked, the little red indicator should come out, like this: Currently, if you open the window, it stays like a locked window:
  14. The answer is satisfactory because that's what I expected to be honest. Thank you anyway.
  15. Also when you delete the airports, it should put in small letters the origin and destination of the flight. Currently it stays blank.
  16. What's the needed data that's not available? Genuinely curious.
  17. It is possible IRL. I have not tested it in the aerosoft. You just type 1130 into the scratchpad and put it in any position of your F-PLN, using the left LSK. It should autosequence to it's appropriate position.
  18. @masterhawk If the origin and destination are the same, the fuel predictions are off on the ground and in flight.
  19. Today I landed with AUTO BRK MED and the DECEL light did not come on. The aircraft was braking however, but did not seem like MED setting.
  20. It wasn't. I searched for it from LSK 1L to LSK6L to no avail. The alternate airport was inserted in INIT A page and the alternate route was inserted in the alternate route section, on the bottom of the F-PLN page. The only "abnormal" thing I did was to change the alternate in the middle of the flight in the INIT A page. I would also like to report that I managed NAV in the G/A and it did not follow the MANUAL leg, the LDG MEMO got stuck in the E/WD and the SD got stuck in the WHEEL page.
  21. Today I wanted to divert to my ALTN. The ALTN route was inserted but I was unable to activate it because the ENABLE ALTN prompt on the LAT REV was missing. To workaround this I set and alternate FPL in the SEC FPL and activated it. What is the current way to activate the navigation to the alternate airport?
  22. On the PERF APPR, the FMS shows TRANS FL but displays an altitude, like the FMSs where it shows TRANS ALT. From the FCOM, THALES2 FMS:
  23. I agree with you. A video would be the best way to explain to you but I am unable to record one right now. The problem it that I am unable to preselect the V/S I want. Timeline: -FMA reads THR CLB, CLB, NAV. FCU selected altitude is 12000; -When I am approaching 10000 I want to be climbing with a max V/S of 1500ft/min (company policy). While in CLB mode I try to rotate the V/S knob to +1500, so that when approaching 10000 I pull it; -Because the aircraft is climbing with, say 1700 ft/min, when I try to rotate the V/S knob to preselect the 1500 I will want in a few seconds, it keeps it stuck at 1700. The work around this is to pull the ALT knob, FMA reads THR CLB, OP CLB, NAV. When I try to preselect +1500 on the V/S knob, now I am able. I would kindly ask to try to replicate this. Climb in managed mode and try to preselect a V/S value while still in CLB mode.
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