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  1. Exactly. Here, the problem isn't about the "live" wind component, but the "computed" one based on data inserted in the FMS.
  2. Hi, During my last flight with CRJ on MSFS, I tried to take a deeper look at the wind effect on calculations and it looks like nothing happens when updating the values. I updated the CLB, CRZ and DES component, and for example, the FOD was always the same, even switching wind component on the FMS from T90 to H90. Could anyone confirm the same behavior? Regards,
  3. You mentioned that an update was due to release today.... My bad, misread some messages. Sorry
  4. Update regarding the "fully on schedule update"??
  5. We are thursday, any news regarding the update?
  6. NoobX

    Flap Logic

    Any new on this for the nect "big update"?
  7. Version V1.0


    Windavia repaint of the A320, Reg YL-LCL, using CFM56-5B4/P engines. Aerosoft Airbus X Extended payware model required. Installation with Aerosoft livery manager.
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