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  1. I'm extremely disappointed to hear that you aren't doing any other A330-300 variants. This means we are stuck with one engine type, what's the use in that????? I admit you don't charge as much as PMDG & QW..........but you get all the engine variants for the relevant aircraft. At the end of the day you have the base model for the A330-300 why can't you just adapt any changes needed. Even if it mean't we had to wait, I'd be more than happy waiting. I would happily pay for them. Had I off knew this first hand I wouldn't of wasted my money. I just feel like
  2. Tom, I wasn't quite expecting a sarcastic answer, I mean't in the terms of are they just temporary updates,and then you would release a new install in the future? Thanks for your quick reply. Jason
  3. Hi, I did read and change the lighting for the EFB as it said from looking at page 37 for Vol 1 ? Is this where you mean also for the panels? Thanks Jason
  4. Hi, I've just done a flight but was struggling to get the lighting on how it should? As you can see both the panels are so bright and I can't find where I can changer the lights to make them how the panel should be during a night flight. Also where I change my ALT and various bits is impossible to read. I'd appreciate any help or advice on this matter Not sure If I've posted this into the right Forum section for the A330 Thanks Jason
  5. Mathijs, I've had this issue with flight I've just done from TBPB-EGKK loaded 57,200kg fuel even thought Simbrief said 57,182kg. FMGS show me having 8.4kg left before I took off. Then got airborne heading to wards my first point FISST and the fuel was showing -0.9, I was flying FL350 with a moderate Tailwind, so when I landed at EGKK the fuel left shown 8.0kg. I've not got unlimited fuel selected but its quite confusing as, it did make me want to divert. I've read several posts regarding the fuel issue also. I presume this is an issue you are trying to sort
  6. Hi, I've just got a quick question regarding the above? Due to being unsure? I've selected the above and it's shown an update for A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional am I best to install these? Thanks Jason
  7. I always thought using AS was better, but you have taught me something new there with using PFPX, i've know changed to online and will use that for suture flights. Appreciate your help and advice. Many Thanks Jason
  8. Is there much difference between Online Weather and Active sky weather?. I decided to try the above and was just going to reply back to you. Thanks Jason
  9. Hi, So any airport that doesn't show the weather, I'll switch to PFPX online weather instead. Thanks for your help and response. Jason
  10. Hi Stephen, Yes I do have the subscription, I've got another 97 days left till it needs renewing. Thanks Jason
  11. Hi, I can't seem to get these working for some reason, when I press them nothing happens. I'm using Version 2.03. Thanks Jason
  12. Hi, I can't seem to get these working for some reason, when I press them nothing happens. I'm using Version 2.03. Thanks Jason
  13. Hi, I've noticed sometimes when I look at an airport it shows no Weather report, but yet I'm using Active Sky P3Dv4? When I go into Config / Weather tab that's selected for Active Sky C:\Users\jay90\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_P3Dv4\Weather. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or not setup correctly? Thanks Jason
  14. Hi, I went to input LTAI/LTFM but it wouldn't find the airport? I use Navigraph FMS Data which saves to C:\Users\User\Documents\Aerosoft|General\A3XX Navigraph? Do I need to add in the info seperate? As I'm really puzzled. Thanks Jason
  15. Hi, I know the Tropical Sim scenery for SBGL / SBGR / SBRJ / SBSP works for AES but will this product work due to it being a package of all four airports together ? Or will I need to purchase each airport separately for AES to work for these airports? I'm sorry If I've posted this in wrong section of forum , but would be grateful for any help or clarification of the below working in AES. http://secure.simmar...ge-rio-sp.phtml Kind Regards Jason Thompson
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