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  1. I always thought using AS was better, but you have taught me something new there with using PFPX, i've know changed to online and will use that for suture flights. Appreciate your help and advice. Many Thanks Jason
  2. Is there much difference between Online Weather and Active sky weather?. I decided to try the above and was just going to reply back to you. Thanks Jason
  3. Hi, So any airport that doesn't show the weather, I'll switch to PFPX online weather instead. Thanks for your help and response. Jason
  4. Hi Stephen, Yes I do have the subscription, I've got another 97 days left till it needs renewing. Thanks Jason
  5. Hi, I can't seem to get these working for some reason, when I press them nothing happens. I'm using Version 2.03. Thanks Jason
  6. Hi, I can't seem to get these working for some reason, when I press them nothing happens. I'm using Version 2.03. Thanks Jason
  7. Hi, I've noticed sometimes when I look at an airport it shows no Weather report, but yet I'm using Active Sky P3Dv4? When I go into Config / Weather tab that's selected for Active Sky C:\Users\jay90\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_P3Dv4\Weather. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or not setup correctly? Thanks Jason
  8. Hi, I went to input LTAI/LTFM but it wouldn't find the airport? I use Navigraph FMS Data which saves to C:\Users\User\Documents\Aerosoft|General\A3XX Navigraph? Do I need to add in the info seperate? As I'm really puzzled. Thanks Jason
  9. Tom, Brilliant thanks for your reply, at least I now I'm not doing anything wrong. Regards Jason
  10. Hi, When I installed New Airbus for P3Dv4 & Madrid it added them into the updater, but I've noticed all the other scenery I've installed from my orders doesn't show on the Updater? Is this normal? The Airbus & Madrid have installed outside the P3dv4 main folder but the rest inside the P3Dv4 folder which can be seen in the pictures. Thanks Jason
  11. Hi Emanuel, I did yes after I'd input my Dept & Destination and flight number in etc. I'll see if it happens again when I use the new Airbus Thanks Jason
  12. I've inputted the STAR and now this is showing, Does this mean I need to input the STAR before I depart for the above to show?
  13. Hi, Using P3Dv4 and new Airbus and I've noticed on the FMGC isn't showing EFOB total and my arrival time only the distance. Is there something I've done wrong, as I've never encountered this using P3Dv3? Apologises for asking this question? I did actually think this professional version was similar to the other version I've used in FSX & P3Dv3. Thanks Jason
  14. Thanks Bela, I'd forgot I'd sent a message regarding this issue. I'll defo try that Jason
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