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  1. Those lighting effects do look incredible, well done. Projects like this are making it very hard for me to stay faithful to FS9!
  2. It works perfectly with the landscape in summer. Of course as the NL2000 only has images from summer, during the other seasons, the airport ground textures will be a different colour. That's the norm with all photoscenery though really. Only thing that isn't very good is that this Aerosoft EHAM has very low resolution satellite ground images in comparison with the 1m/pixel NL2000. The airpoort is actually more blurry than the surroundings!
  3. UPDATE: Both problems have been solved by going to your NL2000 scenery folder and removing all entries starting with "EHAM". Should be these ones - I'm told this now makes the scenery "appear" to be 100% compatible!
  4. (ignore the following and see next post) Cheers Shaun. Actually just heard back from someone who says that it's "kind of" compatible. Apparently theres a lot of bleeding textures from the NL2000 bleeding through as well as the AES lite not working. Hopefully the texture issue at least is something that can be fixed.
  5. Hi folks, What was the final word on compatibility between the new EHAM and the NL2000 scenery? Last I read, it was a bit of an unknown. Going to hold off purchase of Schiphol until I can get a confirmation the two will work together as I can't live without NL2000 now!
  6. Heres a few pics of the area in fs9. Looks good with the exception of a few lakes that are raised on weird plateaus.
  7. Thorsten, thanks for your reply.There were 3 afcad .bgl's for CDG for some reason and removing the extra ones has solved my problem! Danke schön
  8. Having an issue with the default taxi signs bleeding through into the Paris CDG scenery. Thi means theres taxi signs dotted in the middle of runways and taxiways due to the default ones being placed incorrectrly. I also had the problem of the power lines being across a runway threshold, but after installing FranceVFR paris, this has obviously been masked. Note that FranceVFR is not the cause of the taxi sign problem as it was occuring before installation. Any ideas? Cheers
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