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  1. Ok I'll do that, thanks guys.
  2. So now that I have Oslo up and running I have one more small problem, every time I land there the atc tells me to park at gate 179 when there are plenty of open jetbridges. Is there a quick fix for this?
  3. Ok thanks guys, surprisingly I took a chance and bought AES for engm and now it runs smooth! I'm sure that was just a coincidence right guys
  4. Ok I tested engm with the default 737 and I'm getting around 25 fps and that's with UT2 off. The thing I find odd is I do the same test with your ESSA addon and I get around 45fps, it just doesn't seem right.
  5. Hi Shaun, I have engm uninstalled right now, I'll install it and get back to you.
  6. Hi Alex, I am getting enough lag to where I can't even fly into engm, I even have all the trees off, the frames drop when the terminal comes into view
  7. Hello, I am still getting lag when I fly into engm. I fly the ngx737 all over Europe with other addon airports and have no trouble. I have a i7 990x extreme processor, gtx560 and 12gb ram, it this not enough to run this addon?
  8. I had to uninstall Oslo awhile ago because it's frames were too low and there has been no updates or patches...shame.
  9. Your right Andy, all arcade... Maybe some of it will change when the game comes out. Also, Whats this starting in the air stuff on free flight? That right there makes it an arcade game. -Travis
  10. wasn't sure if it was as good as it looks or if it was more of an arcade style game but if Aerosoft backs it up then i will be buying it. -Travis
  11. I'm no painter, all I know is there are some great paints coming out for this chopper Thanks to those painters. Travis
  12. any tail number will do, thanks buddy!
  13. Hey Fireball6, while you are doing a pure white paint can you also do a nice shiny pure black one?
  14. Hello Nicolas, the switch you are looking for is the "Low RPM" switch located on the lower middle panel. Just switch it to "off" If you don't turn this switch off after you turn the battery switch on it can get a little annoying On a side note, I am also still learning the start up procedures and i was wondering if anybody wouldn't mind doing a short video showing the proper way of starting the Huey. I know there is a check list but to be honest i really don't know what some of these switches mean or where to find them. -Travis
  15. Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to write notes in the FSX Kneeboard. I fly the MD-11 on very long flights and the airways and waypoints for the FMC can get very long and i'm getting tired of writing it all down on paper and then adding it to thw FMC. I'm looking for a quick Copy and paste option. Any know if there is anything like this? -Travis
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