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  1. Someone who would like to paint a Jet time boeing 737 to an airbus 320 ? Jet time is a danish company, that was founded in 2006. They use B737, so this paint will be a fictive plane. Chris from Denmark
  2. Found the soloution myself.....EZdoc ..At Fly tampa forum..
  3. Maybe I am getting closer to the solution... Can It have something to do with a active camera...Don´t know these programs..But is it possible to buy that software..And fly by using such a new view?? and then I think I will see these shaking moves at take offs and landings ?? OR are active Camrea only a Recorder..don´t know what exactly I can do with such af program.. Therefore I ask here ???
  4. Hello When I accelrate and begin my takeoff at the runway..Then I don´t see theese realistic small jumps in the cockpit (jumps from a not clean runway surface) I use Aerosoft Airbus X.. FSX ...REX2 Overdrive..AES.. Have seen videos at youtube from Fly tampa KBUF, where I see realistics small jumps in the cockpit, because of a bumpy runway. Does anyone have an idea, why I don´t see these bumpy rwy ? Chris from Denmark
  5. Really thanks a lot... Been watching around for this bird for a long time... Loves this plane Was flying to turkey in september with that one.. Chris from Denmark:)
  6. Where and when can I find the new download ? Chris from Denmark
  7. Hello.. Where can I find the download of Thomas Cook Scandinavia ? Chris from Denmark
  8. Will start to say...It works well in the A321 planes,, But still a problem at the A320.. When I choose a waypoint at the MCDU, it always pick a waypoint maybe 8000 NM away, instead of that one I click at ??? Will there be a patch avaible for this issue ? Chris from Denmark
  9. No, don´t think I have problems with it.. But think it is differents times it will appeaer..And have tried to take off once, where it didn´t appear... Then I just want want to know, what exactly trigger/start the take off and landing memo:rolleyes:
  10. Can someone please tell me, what exactly that trigger/start the Take off memo at the ECAM ?... Have tried different buttons, Suddenly it always pop up before take off.. But what exactly trigger it ?... And what about the landings, what trigger the landing memo ? Chris from Denmark
  11. Example: My Perf page on FMC says Flaps rtr 170 and Slats rtr 207 At the Speed tape.. I see different things, the green F can be 160 & the green S can be 180.....Why the diffenrence ? Center of gravity is always 23.5... I tried many different loadings in load manager ? Chris from Denmark:rolleyes:
  12. Many thanks for the repaint ... Today I already took off from Billund to Antalya..Flight DK 611 (Normal A320)... Also with real announcement build in the simulator... from the Pilot and Cabin, as I recorded in real for about 15 days ago at this flight But I really love this new bird from Thomas Cook Scandinavia...and seen forward to many flights Thanks a lot.. Chris from Denmark
  13. I asked for the same at last week..but nobody answered ...Hope someone want to paint it... Chris from Denmark
  14. Yes.. I also want to know how it works better ? It still not works above 100 feet..
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