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  1. Hello... Wrong calculated fuel - but only at flights from some areas- I use advanced flight planner. With correct winds and flightlevel inserted. I always end up with about 2.5 to 3.5 fuel on board when end a flight. MCDU always calculate that But always this problem occur from Turkey area. When in Cruise my MCDU EFB says correct about 2.5/3.5. - 345 NM from destination MCDU still says correct EFB. But have about FOB 8.0 About 40 NM from landing MCDU says 4.0 - but have about 6.0 FOB. And then the error :
  2. Think I found it- it does it correct by itself😀
  3. copilot767

    V2 + 10 ?

    Hello😀 TakeOff Have 1500/ 3000 at my thrust reduc/accelration V2 150 TOGA Speed dot Ball pushed fcu Start at rwy- get airborne and after 400agl press autopilot 1 - SRS - at 1500 agl reducere to climb level. But looks like it not maintain V2 150 + 10 Looks like it still keeps 150 in speed only. I Can manual set speed at FCU to 160 (150+10) Have I missed something? Thougt it automatic Went to v2 +10 or v2 15 Chris from Denmark
  4. Thanks😀 just because I see they have a very new version.
  5. Hello... The TSS sounds I Can buy at the Simmarket for the Airbus PRO- Are they better than the sounds that comes with the Bus download? chris from Denmark
  6. Think I found the issue. The APU. If the APU is running before the fuel starts or if I starts APU under fueling - The fuel trucks counter stops and drive away. In real may the APU not be on when fueling ? Now tried a lot without APU on and the Fuel truck does it in the correct way
  7. Hello... Just installed latest newest update for the bus. Loaded my plane at gate. Went to fuel / pass / Cargo site MCDU 3. -Init load sheet (says 15 tons fuel) Already have 2 tons in tanks. Then I request fuel truck. it arrives - my MCDU3 fuel starts count - and then….. Fuel truck starts count and again stops very early, this time at 40.. Do I something wrong ? GSX settings or something else ?
  8. Hello... So many tests - and checked other forum threads, and maybe this one is more for GSX forum.... Starts my scenario - holding at gate - Have 2 tons fuel - LOAD INIT SHEET with 15 tons of fuel that have to be inserted to the tanks. - Open GSX and request FUEL. Fuel truck arrive, and the counter starts at the truck, many times the counter stops already at short time - even the counter at the MCDU3 continue and I still need many tons. Sometimes I will do It in the right way - ??? Have latest version of Airbus PRO Chris fr
  9. Thank you a little question - are PBR in the near for 320/21?
  10. Shall I let the default stay in nvidia settings. Gamma, brightness and contrast. And then do the settings at the monitor settings?
  11. Did som playing around and observations and discovered something. In FlyTampa Copenhagen a lot of white pixels with Texture filtering set to Anisotropic x 16 , then I reduced to TRILINEAR and many of them almost disappered. Then went to Vidan design Billund - even set to Anisotropic x 16 - See no Pixels.. So think it must be something how the scenerys is made.. And nothing to do about it...
  12. I know its something to do with p3d and not the airbus... But maybe someone knows the answer here... When nighttime seems to start and I flying around -- I see small white dots ( pixels) blinking from the terrain - can also see them different places in cockpit.. In the beginning the pixels from ground, I thought iy was driving cars- but not.. Anyone seen this--- Maybe the AA setting or something else... Chris from Denmark
  13. I have tried the Calibrize and been playing around with the settings. I know two screens not are the same in colours. In my NVIDIA screen desktop I found these settings- So I have increased my cockpitlight and my Desktop and pictures are also looking okay. Brightness +25 Contrast + 20 Gamma ´+ 1.69 What do you think ? - what is your settings there, compared to mine `?
  14. Hello… Has turned off HDR in p3d setting - in many ways I better like the new colour picture. But at night - I think the panel light is not enough strong/bright. Any place where I can increase the panel lights brightness - The knobs at VC is already set to full. ?? Chris from Denmark
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