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  1. Hello.. I can also change between 8 Bpc and 12 Bpc - Shall I leave it at 8 Bpc ? Is it also correct under videocolour settings _ I have changed to Nvidia settings- advanced - dynamic - Full (0-255) ? Chris from Denmark
  2. copilot767

    Does P3DV4.4 affects Airbus

    In doubt- What the new PBR support- Having the Airbus a318- a321 PRO- Will I now see difference in visuals/ Metallic looking ... Or do the planes need an upgrade before working with PBR? Chris from Denmark
  3. copilot767

    Air conditioning

    Any news about this- ?was at TNCM Yesterday- 30 degrees- but still 24 in the aircraft with no aircon
  4. copilot767

    Still problem with IPAD

    Virtual Aviationics - wrote that they need a SDK file for rewrite their Remote CDU. Is that something that Will happening/be poissible in the future?
  5. copilot767

    Very short warning sound

    Sounds great:)
  6. copilot767

    Wind shear warning

    Okay- just use Xgauge now- running at the get the Wind shear warning now.
  7. copilot767

    Very short warning sound

    Yes- just tried, without effect.
  8. copilot767

    Any news CDU virtualavionics ?

    Virtual Avionics says they need the SDK file, If they should make the Airbus PRO compatible.
  9. copilot767

    Wind shear warning

    Any chances that Wind shear warning Will be implemented in the future?
  10. copilot767

    Still problem with IPAD

    Any news about the Blacksreen - when using Ipad, about the IOS Can be too old- my iphone connection correct.. the Ipad Enter letters at the Airbus MCDU- but Ipad screen is Black...
  11. copilot767

    Very short warning sound

    I had the beeps again today, in an airport with variable winds- after I started with Cole and Dark- stops when Starting engines
  12. copilot767

    Very short warning sound

    The beep is back again- in variable winds- the only for sure we know is we have found the Wav file...