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  1. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date yet, sorry. Greetings, Marius
  2. I expect May / June. Since we don't have a date from the ship yet, I can't say anything specific, sorry.. Guys, please note that the message from honeycomb does NOT mean that we will not get a delivery for 6-7 months. This is not the case at all. Unfortunately the ship with the container is delayed. There is nothng we can do, but we would like to keep all customers up to date who are affected by the delay. I'm really sorry to hear that! Greetings, Marius
  3. Here we expect April/May as well. Since we do not have a fixed date from the shipping company, I cannot say anything more specific. We´ll keep you inormed! Greetings, Marius
  4. Hello, Could you please send us an email to support@aerosoft.com As I might need personal details, I would not like to make it in public here. I´ll sort your problem out asap! Greetings, Marius
  5. Hallo, einen "Upgrade Service" wie bei der CRJ Professional gibt es leider nicht, tut mir leid. Viele Grüße aus Paderborn, Marius
  6. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to buy a download as a gift. Greetings, Marius
  7. If you place the order on our website and pay by credit card, IDeal, PayPal or Klarna, the download will be with you within one second. If you choose "payment in advance by banktransfer" it will take 1-3 days until we receive the payment. Consequently, the release of the download will take up to three days as well.
  8. I am sorry, I am not allowed to speak for Amazon UK. Furthermore I have no idea when Amazon expect to ship your order. Greetings, Marius
  9. Hi there, we are shipping worldwide. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you when you receive the shipment, if you order right now. Currently I expect May 2021. Greetings, Marius
  10. Yes, due to the missing stock your order has not been processed yet. Greetings, Marius
  11. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  12. You should have received an answer. In case of further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Greetings, Marius
  13. You´re welcome! Hopefully you don´t have to contact us again, because the add-on is already with you. If not, feel free to contact us anytime! Greetings, Marius
  14. Hi there, Two weeks ago we received a small delivery. Sadly, it was only enough to ship about 30% of our pre-orders. Right now, we don´t have an ETA and we absolutely don´t know how many units we can expect with the next delivery. Greetings, Marius
  15. @CPTAJO, if you place an order this month, I would expect May 2021 to be honest. @Jose Alonso, no, you cannot expect the shipment in April, if you place the order this month. @Gyps, unfortunately, same here. I can just say you can expect the delivery in May 2021. Greetings, Marius
  16. Indeed, Switzerland is also included. Unfortunately, same here. I am not allowed to speak for another company, because we don´t ship units to Digitec directly. Greetings, Marius
  17. Hi, I would say April tbh. You can expect an update soon. Greetings, Marius
  18. Hi Marco, We have not received an email yet. Could you please check your "sent items" once? However, feel free to send the email again to my address: marius.ellenbuerger@aerosoft.com Greetings, Marius
  19. Hi Marco, Would you be so kind to send us an email incl. your order no. to info@aerosoft.com? Thank you in advance. Greetings, Marius
  20. Hallo, ganz genau, wir haben eine Teillieferung erhalten. Sollten Sie eine Rechnung erhalten haben, dürften Sie auch eine Versandbestätigung erhalten (sollte die noch nicht eingegangen sein). Viele Grüße aus Paderborn Mairus
  21. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about a salespartner in the EU as well. Currently, it is not planned to sell the parts. Greetings, Marius
  22. But this is a sign that the Bravo Throttle has arrived on the market (retail) in the UK as well. Greetings, Marius
  23. This is something else. Since we are the contractual partner, we are of course allowed to share more. Due to the high demand, we cannot deliver all pre-orders with the same shipment. For this reason, we inform each customer individually with more detailed information and when we expect to deliver his order. "Spring 2021" is only for new customers or pre-orders. Tomorrow for example, every customer with an order placed on our website can expect an email with further information. Greetings, Marius
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