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  1. It appears to me the .cfg files (ThrottleCalib) and (cameras) are common across all CRJ models. I am assuming that if I setup 1 model, I could then copy those files to the appropriate folder for each plane. This would be nice having exactly the same custom cameras and throttle settings on all my CRJ's. C:\Users\rbrin\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_1000\cameras.cfg C:\Users\rbrin\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\aerosoft-crj-900-1000\work\ThrottleCalib.cfg Is my assumption correct?
  2. I found out what was causing the additional listing of Simple Traffic. I had created an empty folder by that name in the Community folder. It had no impact on the operation of Simple Traffic. I deleted the folder. The problem with no planes was my settings for aircraft was too low. I switched to Offline Traffic and setting of 45 for aircraft and BOOM...planes were everywhere. USER ERROR, I apologize for the waste of your time. Thanks so much for your help and interest.
  3. Purchased thru Aerosoft. The issue is with ALL airports Pic attached...
  4. Simple Traffic is installed per Aerosoft One. Traffic config is set per Aerosofts recommendations. I see no planes at my airports. If I change AI traffic from 0 to higher I see planes but the liveries are always Asian or European. In content manager there are 2 listings for Simple traffic, one says installed, one says not used. I had traffic when first installed, I'm baffled. Pics attached.
  5. LOL...and I have only 6 planes in that one and only folder, doesn't seem right to me. How many do you have?
  6. After the update I have only 6 planes in the aircraft folder. Is this normal, they were hundreds before the update.
  7. Figures, they screwed the 900/1000 release also. They probably left a few files out of the update. Hopefully they fix it.
  8. The HUD fix issued to Microsoft today has some severe issues. Planes may work fine once but after restarting sim toggle switches are inoperative, basically making the plane unusable.
  9. Worked for me...once. Now broken, try again ....lol.
  10. Had Sim running earlier today and noticed the CRJ updates were out. Did the updates and a flight with no issues. Shut down for awhile, restarted the sim and tried a new flight. I use cold and dark. Can't turn the battery power on, no switches operate now. This is sad.... That was in the 900. Seems the 700 works ok. Upate...switched back from 900 to 700 and now switches don't work anymore either. Looks like another rift between Asobo and Aerosoft....WWIII.....lol.
  11. Yes it's back and effing collimated. Just makes it a pain in the A to view. Just doesn't seem natural to me. Glad it's back though.
  12. I AGREE! The zig-zagging is really bad....sometimes wobbles back and forth for 30nm after a 25deg turn. I agree it's annoying and deserves to be looked at. Even the passengers are starting to complain.
  13. This works for the HUD for the whole simulator. I just need to turn on the HUD for the CRJ itself. Thanks anyway.
  14. Just when I was getting use to using the HUD Asobo turns it off. Anyone know how to turn it back on. I've looked everywhere I think.
  15. Evidently some other issue. After reboot right mouse click was working as usual.
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