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  1. Thanks for the info Oliver and Mathijs! If possible, give a "GO" here in this topic, because other resellers don´t send message talking about the new version if the number (Ex: 1.05) don´t change.
  2. +1 Can´t use 1.05 because the issue detected. Bought at simmarket reseller too.
  3. Hi! I just installed SODE 1.3.3. Is the airport above compatible with this version already? Do i have to download the installer again? Thanks!
  4. Please mopperle, Link your topic in here for us to follow it too, or post the results when you get it. Thanks!
  5. Interesting that the issue only affects some of the machines and not all of them. Maybe something hardware related? That affects only some hardware like amd/intel, nvidia/ati, etc? I have a friend that bought BariX too and he didn´t saw the issue. I got the issue (not anymore after the patch), the people above got too ... so i´m confused in what triggered it. Well, after the patch everything is working normal in here.
  6. Hello,Just to inform that i recieved a new ASE_DATA package to test and everything is now working very well. Expect the oficial release by Aerosoft soon. I´d like to thanks Mathijs and a special thanks to Maria Plet who so diligently resolved the issue. Thanks Aerosoft team!
  7. Thanks for the prompt answer Mathijs! Great support by Aerosoft!
  8. Hello, I just made this topic to make public a problem with a new tech from Aerosoft, called "ASE_DATA". For me, it was installed with a new scenery, Aerosoft BariX. After installation, when i started FS and went flying, for my surprise, my flight session allways freezes for about 6-8 initial seconds. And it is all about this new tech "ASE_DATA". How do i know it´s this tech "ASE_DATA" that is bugging my FS? I just took out this lines from dll.xml: <Launch.Addon> <Name>ASE-Data</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Aerosoft\ASE_DATA\AseData.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> And magically my FS went back to the normal use, without any freeze in the start of a flight. I put it back and the freeze come back. I saw that this two files in the root of the FS partition is ALLWAYS created: aseLogFile.txt and aseLogFile1.txt So, i suspect that this "ASE_DATA" is using internet or doing another search somewhere that causes the initial freeeze. So, in the end, i ask Aerosoft to review or redo this new tech called "ASE_DATA" and correct this bug. It´s really anoying to say the least. I sent this request to Aerosoft support, but i´m making it public because it may be happening to other people too, without them knowing why. Please Aerosoft, do something about it. Thanks. Ps: Please, if there is a subforum more suitable for this topic, please mods, you can move it.
  9. Thanks for the information Mathijs!
  10. Hello! Another question: Looking in the release info of the version 1.21 i don´t see anything new from the 1.11 version. So, if i have the 1.11 version updated, do i really need to update to 1.21. For my understanding, this new version is only a repackage of all the updates in a single installer, am i wrong? If it´s not correct, can someone point what is really new or corrected in this version? I can´t see nothing new in this list: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/55739-twin-otter-updated-to-version-121/ Thanks!
  11. I´m getting the same sound for the gear up/down and for the flaps. Is this correct? Exactly the same sound. The plane activated properly with ASC.DLL registered ok. In fact, looking in my fsx.cfg i have two instances of Bronco ASC.DLL now: XXX:\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft OV-10B\panel\ASC.DLL. (This one appears to be activated with ver. 1.0) XXX:\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft OV-10A - LONG RANGE FERRY\panel\ASC.DLL (This one appears to be activated with ver. 1.1) Is this correct?
  12. It´s not working here - win7 64bits + fsx accel + latest registered fsuipc . Installed it in a different folder E:\FSX\Aerosoft\Calculator with admin rights. Any ideias??? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the beautiful gift and a very happy new year!
  14. Yes, the drm stuff sometimes sucks but you should not use your personal using computer as a software testbed like this. If you work with constant reinstalls of SO and any other softs and can´t aford another machine to do that, you can allways use VMWare Player (It´s FREE), and you don´t have to reintall anything anymore. I bought the huey in it´s lauch and i´m on my second activation now due a hardware failure. Anyway, i´m sure aerosoft will take care of your problem asap.
  15. Please MrLindy, give us a report back about fps, if it´s possible. Thanks!
  16. Thanks Mr. Shaun. Confirmed that simmarket has the new version. Case closed!
  17. Hello Mr. Shaun, What´s the number of this new version? Is it 1.01? If it is, them simmarket has the new version now. Strange is that we allways recieve an email when a product that we bought is upgraded, and didn´t recieve any from this product. i´m not home right now to check if 1.01 is a new version, but i think it is. As allways, thanks for your help!
  18. Mr. Shaun, any news on this? Is Aerosoft responsable to deliver the softs to the webshops or is another shop? Thanks!
  19. Mr. Shaun, Can you ask for the developer of the scenery if it will be available in other places, like simmarket? I don´t know who is the developer of it. I verified today and the version available is still the original one. If it´s not possible to do this, can you just say the name of the developer? Thanks!
  20. Mr. Shaun, Do you know if this update will be available in other web shops like simmarket? Thanks!
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