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  1. if you keep foldernames, just extract to FSX mainfolder, or extract to a temp folder and copy paste the files. And it is not a silly question
  2. Incredible paints. Very nicely done. A big thanks for sharing and taking the time
  3. I think you'll have to contact the bank with the info Aerosoft provides (bankaccount maybe bic/swift number) and ordernumber so they can trace you as buyer. After you transferred the money, and Aerosoft received it you'll get it in the downloadshop. Question; do you, by any chance, have a card that support ideal? (It's a payment method) That is supported by simmarket, it takes you to your bank, you pay (similar to paypal) and will be linked back to the shop. It is instant, bank transfer takes till money is confirmed.
  4. Nice one ( although wizz to me is more of a lolipop instead of a plane )
  5. you can The 3 letter indentifier shows in the fsx map. click on the airport and all runways including ils freq and identifier are listed as well as the runways without. If you hover the mous over the green ils "beam" on the map you see them too.
  6. I don't see how it is airport related though. If it works at some and at some it don't there might be something else wrong.
  7. the 3 letter abbriviation is stored in the database of the mcdu, and unique to the runway it is connected to. The same way the computer know ESSA is Arlanda or EGCC is Manchester
  8. There might be something else wrong, because most people report framerates close to the default airbus/737. if you can run a pmdg with an average of 20fps, you shouldn't have any trouble with the bus. Any other addons running?
  9. The only solution is buying a joystick with axis for throttle, I'm affraid
  10. Hello, This is one of the bugs we saw during testing, but don't have an answer to (yet) It seems to be something deep inside fsx but it's something Aerosoft is going to continue to try to solve.
  11. Search the forums.. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=38059
  12. There is no 2d, but similar by pressing "A" or "shift-A"
  13. The post you referred to that I linked is about the load manager not recognizing some aircraft. This solved it. The screen shots with doors missing is not a common problem, only a few had it and I don't think it is even the bus that is the problem.
  14. The 3 letters for ILS for ENGM 19R are GSW freq 111.30 If you go to the RAD NAV page yoy can either enter GSW, the freq will then be selected automatically, and as soon as your within distance it will pick up on the ILS. you can also enter the freq. Once the LOC is alive you will see the freq and GSW in your ND The ILS you can find on charts ( Pfd link http://www.vaccsca.org/uploads/ENGM.pdf ) or even pull up the map inside FSX and go to your aiport, click on it and look at the runways.
  15. Wasn't aware there was a problem... Jankees' paints show correctly so far. But patience is a virtue
  16. No, Finn said he would look into it, but for now you'll have to use a joystick WITH an axis for a throttle..
  17. The throttles of the airbus only work if you assign them to an axis of a joystick. Something most sticks have nowadays. F-keys wont work with the FADEC module.
  18. I think you read a pilot answering he only sees the wings when he does his walk around. It was mentioned in the wing-flex controversie
  19. You might have answered your own question. It's the combination of ailerons and rudder that makes that it doesn't work for you. I have my rudder assigned to the z-axis of another controller and it works. I also use a ch-yoke (till my stick arrives)
  20. It's a known bug and on the "to do" list
  21. Hello Ruben, the pic shows you in nav mode, if you want to see the ils you need to switch the button to ILS, enter the freq or symbols into the mcdu on the radnav page and click the LS knob. If you mean you want to enter a runway into the mcdu, that is not possible
  22. I just want to thank you again for your time invested, making these wonderful paint schemes. You, sir, are an artist.
  23. It works for me, and Chris ( cbd80)also confirmed it
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