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  1. I had email with Judith recently when the servers went down and then a few weeks later. I was enquiring as to whether PFPX would be updated to export in the current XPlane format. Her answer - No! They were doing a few minor changes but not the ability to export in XP11 format..
  2. Thanks Stephen for the quick reply. Is there any intention so to do please as the new inbuilds A300 requires the latest XP 11.fms format to see the flight plans.
  3. Hello all. Does anyone have any idea if/what the export format for the XPlane 11 default flight has been updated to the match XPlane 11 format? Reason I ask is some are having trouble getting the iniBuilds A300 to recognise the default XPlane /fms flight plans. A contributor has suggested the current PFPX might not be exporting the XPlane 11 files in the latest format. Any ideas?
  4. Balus thanks for that. All Thanks for your assistance..all issues from above fixed (for now ) You guys should be very proud of what you have achieved with this aircraft..it is very nice indeed. Regards Rob
  5. mmm is that a bit like RTFM.... (says he sheepishly) thanks for that Jerry
  6. Mathijs Did as you suggested and now I get full aircraft details. Thanks..I uninstalled the Bus, installed and reinstalled SP2 then ran FSX. Got the aircraft first go. A couple of other issues though which I will check in the forums for first: no 2D cockpit throttles behaving very erratically - no power when I move the levers even with engines running. I will troll the forums for these issues first. Thanks again Rob
  7. no I dont use Ezdock..thanks for the thought anyway. Rob
  8. Hi guys and I know there are some issues but this is what I get when I try to load this beastie. My specs: W7 64 bit ultimate 8G corsair RAM AMD 1090T CPU Asus GTX285 vid card 2x asus 210 cards I am runnign OC to 3.6 (stable) all latest vid and board drivers as well as bios updates. any help appreciated. Rob
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