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  1. Good night,i can't use the airbus x with the trim the plane not responde,as solution?
  2. Saben aproximadamente cuando saldra Barcelona X? a que se debe tanto retraso de la version FS9?. Muchas gracias y un saludo.
  3. Yes,but the colors of repaint no is true,better the old colors
  4. Please the texture of a320 cfm with the old color of Vueling?
  5. Please upgrade to this new product, very bad fps.
  6. RUBEN


    Good afternoon, after the upgrade to version 1.11 of airbus x are the problems with speed (although the plane a top speed does not rise more than 350 knots) are also continuing problems in selecting an Airbus aircraft in the game menu and flying finish gives "fatal error" and this happens to most people, I hope they can solve these problems. Regards,
  7. RUBEN


    Thank you so much Koyaan
  8. RUBEN


    Hi Andy, I see in the updates section of the airbus that version in his day you register the product when you buy to download the updates and go and there is no new version, you can send me the link to download please? I agree to Aerosoft in Spanish Regards
  9. RUBEN


    Good evening, I have seen this for sale version 1.11 with a new installer and that we must remove the old version but people who buy in their day the old version as we downloaded the latest update? Regards,
  10. It is a difficult job my deepest apologies. Regards,
  11. Goof Afternon,this textures of these maravillous airplanes. Thank you so much.
  12. Yes,i have the acceleration pack and update 1.10 installed. Regards
  13. Good morning, I have several problems with this plane since it was purchased and the update did not solve anything, the first problem is that always you select an airbus x to finish the game gives "fatal error" and does not close the simulator (often happens simply by selecting the plane on the flight selection screen) and another more serious problem is that many times in full screen the textures disappear and appear as an attachment in the photo, I just hope happens with this plane may seek resolution as soon as possible. Thank you very much, greetings.
  14. Please the texture of Vueling A320? regards
  15. Hello Swen,not in the package Regards
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