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  1. Yes Sir! I have the same problems! And I give up on this bird ever getting better or as good as most of us hoped for. She IS a beauty to look at, but the rest... No comment! P.
  2. I do totaly agree with You Sir! Its a great plane! BUT, there are to many bugs/problems etc. and other things that infact forces me to place her in the hangar until the SP1/SP2 is out. I have tried all tweeks/fixes I know of to fix things my self, but with no succses. So, sad to say, I am done flying the AirbusX for now until the SP1/patches is out solving those problems I guess You are all aware of Its a stunning model visulay! But the other part is not that stunning I am afraid... Best Regards Per
  3. I hope this is fixed in the SP1... CLS send me a fix for the MD80 (It was the same problem with that aircraft...) after an hour or two, Only wish Aerosoft could do the same... But, ok... I will wait for the SP1... P.
  4. Dear Sirs! I Read Your respons and I agree. But, the nosewheel again... I dont understand how I can solve that? I Have CH-FlightSim Yoke, and no pedals. The plane turns on ground when i turn the yoke, but not the wheel... Like I wrote before, CLS had the same problem with their MD80/81, and they mailed a new cfg/MDL file, and the problem was solved. So I guessed that there might be a linking raletad problem in the yoke/elevator/aileron connection. Because when i adress "rudder" instead of "aileron" in FSX control/calibrate meny, the nosewheel and rudder moves, but not the aileron, so when in the air i can not control the plane like it is supposed to. Then I change back to adress "aileron" and "elevator" back to what it was first, then the plane turns/move sideways on the ground when I turn the yoke. I hope You see/understand what I mean Sir, Is this not just some "fix" that can be easely solved in the MDL/cfg like CLS did with their MD80? And! Dont forget, You HAVE created a masterpiece!!! So when this is solved, among some other bugs/problems. No one reaches Your standard of quality! Best Regards Per
  5. Oh, yes defenently! A very, very good product! I totaly agree with You! But the bugs and problems are still there. So far... Regards Per
  6. Sad to say this, the AirbusX is the most delicate model ever made, visualy both inside and outside... But! Reading the topics here at the forum, (and my own flying excperience with the Bus) it seems there are a bit too many issues, problems and bugs in the BusX... Maybe a week more or two before she was released would have solved that, I dont know...? I undretstand that developing a product like this takes tons of effort, time and skill, So I dont mean to "harm" or criticise anyone at Aerosoft. Not at all! (The guys at Aerosoft has done a fantastic job!) I just hope for a SP1 comming very soon, fixing bugs like the nosewheel turning, sluggish approach, flight dynamics etc. and other problems/bugs. Once again The BusX is an outstanding product! Worth every cent! ...Even though the bugs and problems are bit too many... Best Regards Per S.
  7. Sorry, I understand that. But since this is such a frustrating problem for me I just wanted to have it fixed ASAP. Thats all. And when i mailed CLS about the same problem I had with their MD80/81, (that nosewheel didnt steer either...) They mailed me a new MDL file only after a few hours that solved the problem... Best Regards Per
  8. Hi! I have tried to check and uncheck the autorudder (like I read here in FAQ) in FSX to see if that helps the problem with the nosewheel that wont turn. And No. It does not solve the problem. I read here that i need a joystick with a "twist" function or pedals... But I dont have that (I only have the CH-FLightSim Yoke) and I dont need that for my other addons as well to see the nosewheel turn. Please there must be a way to fix this... Best Regards Per
  9. Why do I need that? Pedals or a joystick with a "twist"? No other addon I have needs pedals to see the nose wheel turn... Hmmm, this was not a good surprise... Oh, By the way, CLS MD-80/81 had the same problem when I bought it. And they send out i fixed MDL-file to solve that, someting that might could be done for the AirbusX too?... Best Regards Per
  10. Dear Friends! No, I have done all I could, but no, the nosewheel still wont turn when i turn the CH Flightsim Yoke. Please... there has got to be a way to fix this... best regards Per
  11. Ok, I try that... But still the problem when i quit FSX, the box that popps up saying "a fatal error has occured"... Wonder why? Any idea? regards Per
  12. Well... but does not "feel" right, if You know what mean... regards Per (Guess there someting in the MDL file...)
  13. Hmmm, Yes, very frustrating... Hoping there is a fix for this... soon regards Per
  14. Hi! No Sir, nothing seems to help, the nosewheel does not move/turn... Its so unrealistic to have it this way... What to do?... regards Per
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