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  1. Thanks for the compliment, Peter! Truth be known though, I took somewhat of a "leave of absence" for about 4 or so years, but still keeping track of a few things at the site here and there, especially the forums (sure has been quiet around here, with help or direction if I could give it.) Hopefully some of the glider community comes back around, but I did some "research" about Condor 2 that came out some time last year that keeps most of them busy I bet, and it may take a lot to win some of the old gang back. In fact, I had been contemplating adding Condor and Condor 2 to the menu at SOAR, but my final decision was to leave it alone. And then I think I made a good decision by keeping it out with talk of a new Flight Simulator title coming out from Microsoft. I've really got my hopes high about the new Flight Simulator title, not to mention my hopes for FSX if all goes well. I've been waiting for some FSX news from Microsoft, but that's been almost a month since last heard anything about it. I've been wanting to make a few more online/offline glider races to see if there would be much attendance and about how many old and new members of the community there would possibly be. I believe in my heart that SOAR can thrive again if I can just give it a little kick. Thanks again Peter, and again Thanks for CumulusX! and WinchX!, as well as your Slope Data Base Tool! and everything else you have contributed to the glider community! Once in a while I go through some of the alpha/beta testing that I got to be involved with with CumulusX!, and WOW, it's come a long way! Scott
  2. Here is a post from the SOAR Main Page... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Updated 9th August 2019 - by Scott (sf4JC) Hey all you FSX pilot's, Microsoft has some good news coming if I read it right. Sounds like Microsoft has regained control of FSX, and it may continue for a while into the future. More info on that shall be coming soon from Microsoft. Hey, again, I just want to reiterate to everyone, I believe good things are coming ahead of us no matter if you are flying FSX OR wanting to be a part of the new Flight Simulator title. Please GOTO to keep up to date on all the interactions between Microsoft AND the flight sim community. That said, I want to encourage the real glider pilots in the community, as well as you non-real life glider pilots to join the beta program if you can to give feedback where at all possible. I believe Microsoft really wants this to be a huge success this time around. More news to come, THANKS for dropping in!! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ There you have it, head on over to the Microsoft Flight Simulator site for up to date news and findings. Let's help Microsoft make this communication between them and the community successful! Scott
  3. Well, thought I'd go ahead and make this public knowledge just in case anyone is wondering? I've been the Acting Director of SOAR for quite a while now, but have recently taken over most, if not all of the responsibilities of SOAR. Yes, SOAR is still around and has been to some degree. Anyway, I'll post more in the SOAR News or the General Discussion area. Anyway, here it is and where it stands at the moment... Scott (sf4JC) Frerking - SOAR Director Karen &/or Don Hamilton - Still in the background to bounce ideas off of and help possibly if need be
  4. Hello Peter, I'm translating this into English for my own benefit for future reference when I need it. Wish I would have asked you the same question years and years ago when trying to make a few FunFly/Contests, especially with the one I referenced above which was my first stab at it. At the time somehow I figured it up according to the map scale (I think). Anyway, Thanks for the mathematical formulas, it will be of great value to me. Scott ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Translation from Microsoft Translator (Auto-detect) Hello Kurpfalz Flyers, Wheel (Radian) is the mathematical Unit of measurement Of the Angle, which corresponds 360 Degrees to the Value 2xPi. The geographic Coordinates are converted from longitude to width to the Values in Radian In Such a way as: Geographical Length: The Geographical Length is measured favorably in Degrees from Greenwich to the east. 180 ° (+ or-) lie just across from Greenwich on the other Side of The Globe. Step 1: The geographic Length is specified in degree minute seconds ( "GGG ° MM ' SS.sss ," GGG: Grade-179 ... + 179, MM: Minutes 0-59, SS: Seconds 0-59, .sss ...: Decimal Fractions of Seconds. 0-. 999 ...), first a Conversion to a decimal Format "GGG.ggg ... , "i.e. degree and decimal Fractions of it: GGG.ggg ... = GGG + MM/60 + SS.sss ... /3600. Example: 7 ° 53 ° 09,2544 "= (7 + 53/60 + 9,2544/3600) = 7.885904 ° (If the geographic Length is already in decimal degree format, this Step will be omitted) Step 2: Conversion of Degree to rad ( "Radian ") The Conversion to the Indication as "rad " (+/-R.rr...) takes place according to the following Formula: +/-R.rrrr... = +/-GGG.ggg ... /360 x 2 x Pi (Signs of length in rad is taken from the Indication in Degrees) Example: 7.885904 ° = 7.885904/360 x 2 x 3,141592654 ... Wheel = 0.137634989 rad It is necessary to use many Decimal Points (including Pi), otherwise a few km of Errors will quickly arise on a global Scale. Latitude: The latitude is measured from the Equator (0 °) to the Poles (N: + 90 °, S:-90 °) and therefore has a maximum of two Digits For the Grade. Moreover, the Procedure is the same as in the geographical Length. Example: 54 ° 10 ' 57,972 "= (54 + 10/60 + 57,972/3600) = 54,18277 (1st Step) 54,18277 ° = 54.18277/360 x 2 x Pi rad = 0.945667734 rad (2nd Step) The Values for Length in rad are in the Range of Pi ... + Pi (-3,1415926 ... + 3,1415926), the Width in the Range-Pi/2 ... + Pi/2 (-1.570796327 ... + 1,570796327) Vg Peter
  5. Hello Kurpfalzflieger, I have gotten busy this week, and haven't gotten the time to figure this out yet. This coming weekend I may have time to get my head into it again. Seems to me the answer isn't too far off, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I'll report back this weekend. I may be trying to explain a procedure that may not be what you are looking for, as I was at the time covering both FS2004 pilots and FSX pilots flying in the same session together in real time. Scott
  6. Sorry Kurpfalzflieger, I was unable to get to this for an extended period of time today, the day got real busy, real fast. Tomorrow may be a better day. Scott
  7. Well, I've exhausted myself today trying to dig into this farther, found part of the documentation I had (so I will attach both below). I may be able to explain what these are tomorrow when I get a chance. Somehow I believe the coordinates correspond to the scale of the map. I'll dig deeper tomorrow. Scott 1-26ChampionshipMap.bmp
  8. I may have stumbled across something while just skimming through some files, and found something in a thermiek.doc. It talks about a .bmp file with coordinates listed at all 4 corners. I will have to do some re calculating to see if I can make heads or tails out of it. I'll post more tomorrow to let you know if I got anywhere with it or maybe if I have found my original documentation which would date back to 2011 or 2012 I think. Scott
  9. Hello again Kurpfalzflieger, Had a longer search through some files today on multiple PC Hard Drives and found not much to help the situation. As a last resort, I am going to look through some boxes I have in storage here at the house, because I'm 99.9% sure I have saved all the info and also the formula for calculating the coordinates. So all I can say at the moment is just have patience, and time will tell. Scott
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Translated to English by Microsoft Translator Hello glider lovers, I'd love to be like in the CumulusX Manual! Described is to create a Thermal Script File. But I currently have no idea how to get the coordinates in RAD format, or how to convert gps coordinates accordingly. Unfortunately, I have also not been able to find any examples of scripts other than the one in the guide. Are there any? I can still remember that at that time I created thermal surfaces with FS2000 according to my ideas. Unfortunately, I no longer have any records of this. I think I remember that you could read the coordinates from FS2000. Mfg Kurpfalz Flyer -------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Kurpfalzflieger, Sorry so late for a reply. I only speak English, so I needed to translate it above. I think Peter may be around soon, but I'll try to answer at least some of your question. Please give me 1 to 3 days to wipe the dust off of how I used to do it (it has been quite a while so give me some time to reaquaint myself with a script file format). Scott
  11. I have good news about XCSoar and Prepar3D......It Works!!! Though I only tested it for a little while. Just use the same settings as in FSX. Scott
  12. I have tried a few of Wolfgang's gliders in Prepar3d, and have found some to have less visibility from inside the Virtual Cockpit, meaning, the cockpit reflection image is a bit too heavy or dark (this can be corrected to one's taste by changing the darkness of the alpha channel of the image). Does anyone know if this is the case for other FSX aircraft? Aerosoft's DiscusX Virtual Cockpit doesn't seem to be affected that I have noticed, but I lightned it up a long time ago. Scott
  13. Well, I made the jump into Prepar3D seeing as though more of the SOAR community may do the same. At this point in time, I feel a little anxiety towards my decision. It is definitely suited for academic purposes I feel. There is no RealWorld Weather as was in FSX, so a person cannot "learn on the fly", which I'm really not sure why that would not be academic. Though since it's a learning tool, I see how it is used in a sence that a test (or even the material used for a test) has to be the same for everybody, and therefore a person has the ability to retest/restudy the material in an unchanged way. As far as success stories, I have been able to get FaceTrackNoIR (a free TrackIR type substitute), and have also got XCSoar working in it as well, so that was 2 of my main concerns, but still a little iffy on whether or not the TrackIR workaround is done legally. And on that subject, I have gotten Aerosoft's DiscusX into it, but may later uninstall because if memory serves me correctly, it can ONLY be installed into FSX but will have to check the licensing agreement thing on that. I haven't flown a whole lot yet, but there may be a problem with the new CAIset guages working right or maybe it is the old ones not working right (will have to check which ones I'm using and where and recheck my installation of them). I haven't made any changes to the cfg file for more FPS (if it's possible), but at the moment I do not feel I need to, so that's definitely a PLUS+ for Prepar3D. Scott
  14. jcomm, did you ever get any positive/negative feedback on installing FSX stuff to Prepar3D? I'm just wondering, because I am about in a position to make the jump into it, and would hate to not get my money's worth out of it since it took me this long to get the money. I will search the forum again for success stories and workarounds, but if there is anyone out there listening in that have enjoyed soaring in Prepar3D, please let us know. I have one other forum I can check that may give me some quick answers to, but haven't been there for a while. Scott
  15. It's great, but a little overwhelming at first. I was finally able to get the maps working in XCSoar before noon today. Had kindof a busy morning with other things, so not much time was given to using and understanding the software, but I haven't really put any effort into reading the manual for it yet either. You can bet I'll be a little more acquainted with it before the weeks over though. Scott
  16. Yep, IT WORKS! That's one of the things I was missing Ivan. I got it working just as I was about to leave the house this morning. I had sort of made a mess of things last night, so I started from the beginning and worked myself through it. One of my tries last night was to change the CNCA0 to COM2, and I think it would have worked but I didn't have the hub2com set up correctly again I think. I tried so much stuff last night, I lost track of where I was at times. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It was so frustrating! When I woke up this morning, I thought I'd have another go at it, and sure enough, I got everything set up correctly just minutes before I needed to get ready to get out of the house. Now, is this public knowledge, because I found little to no help searching the net for a solution in FS2004. I'm kinda wondering if this is well known, how come I never heard of it. Also, can I make it known by "Pinning" a post in the forums, or is that somehow a no-no. I just cannot believe through all my searching through the years, I never stumbled across this solution. I must have been so close, yet so far from the solution. But, WOW!!!! I am excited!! So the next question is going to be, will this work in Prepar3D? Scott
  17. Okay, so here is where I stand at the moment. I'm actually kindof speechless, to say the least. I've actually got it working with the free version of FSUIPC, so I'm thinking, does Xconn even use the FSUIPC module? Just for kicks, I tried it on FS2004 despite knowing it works only for FSX, and yes, it doesn't work in FS2004. So now all I have to do is save up some money for the FS2004 version of FSUIPC to get XCSoar to work with it. Wow, I sure wish I would have been studying XCSoar to understand all the features/functions and know what all I need to download and such. This is going to be great, it's one more thing to immerse myself into the sim environment. THANKS guys for pointing this out to me! Scott
  18. Thanks Peter, will look into it later tonight. Scott
  19. Thanks Ivan! Now I have something to look forward too in the future! Scott
  20. Well, I don't know why I get my hopes up all the time?!?! GRRRRRRRRRR. (Hehehe) I keep forgetting that no mater what you want getting the NMEA data to, you HAVE to have the registered version of FSUIPC to get it, unless the program has that capability like FSMovMap for example maybe, or even CCS2004 for that matter. Am I wrong on this? Scott
  21. Hey Ivan, if you get it working, can you please come back and tell us? I downloaded the software a while back in hopes of using it on my wife's old Android phone and never could get it working. At the time, I was thinking it was maybe because of me only having the free version of the FSUIPC module. If this procedure works with the free FSUIPC, it would be great to know. I've actually put FSUIPC into my budget for next year already if things go well, but it would sure be nice to play around with XCSoar until then. Scott
  22. sf4JC


    I may be one step closer to acquiring Prepar3D. My family is having a "garage sale" this weekend and I believe I have my wife talked into letting me keep just 35% of what my stuff goes for. It isn't much, but at least it's something. I would sure love to get that and also a replacement monitor for my computer. Having the viewing area of three monitors at one time is just unbelievable. Scott
  23. Hello akdennis, I used to love soaring out of Dillingham, HI (FSX default scenery) in FSX. I had made a few videos years ago and I had to go see them again, it really brought back some great memories. I almost always fly real-world weather, unless I am trying to set up a FunFly for both FS2004 and FSX users to participate in together. One of the last videos I made at Dillingham was in the thread found at . In particular, notice the second video in the thread if you have time, it's of the 7 minute controlled glider tow from that flight. I noticed I had done another set of videos about a year later in the same FSX Soaring Videos section. I love the scenery there, I may just have to set up another flight there when I get back after the holiday. Scott
  24. sf4JC


    Hey Peter, and anyone else that may have Prepar3D, I have been staying away from it because of what I thought it states about eligibility, but after reviewing the license a bit, I'm almost sure anyone can aquire it. Can anyone verify this for me. I would say YES if you are willing and able to do this. Though, I may not be able to "get funding" for it right of way (my family is on a very, very tight budget). I'm almost sure I can work it in next year though maybe possibly if I'm eligible to have Prepar3D. Maybe I can possibly get it sooner if I drop a BIG hint for my birthday. Scott
  25. Good question! As I am about to assume an "Acting Director" position at SOAR, I have had the question asked a couple of times in the last year. You will still be able to receive the certificates, but at the moment there is still not a clear updated proceedure on how one can go about doing this. I have talked about it to a few people, and have for the moment, not got any experience in awarding these certificates. I do have some experience with the program's used to verify a flight, but I think some testing needs to be done on whether or not the other (non-CAIset) IGC's can be verified correctly using the old method of checking the flight. There may be another program that could be of help, but I've not put much time into it yet. As far as possibly a "dis-interest" in people wanting these certificates, I don't have clear knowledge on the history of the certificates with SOAR to make a good comment. It may have been partly due to the coming of FSX, but it could also have been due to the fact that SOAR hasn't done memberships in a great while. Scott
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