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  1. So the core message is.. The bugs are being fixed, which is great and what users can expect from a reputable company like AS. The speed for the first patch is amazing and highly respectable though. But - the core message is as well that simple products sell good enough that there is no need to put in the effort to create more advanced addons. And at this point I'm giving up. I'll choose my addons more wisely in the future. Thank you for your efforts.
  2. In this case you are correct, and the products AS makes are not attractive to me anymore. 'Known from the very start' might be true for someone who follows the forums regularly, but it was not made clear in the public announcements before release, that it was considerably dumbed down in this regard to keep it compatible to Xbox. I know Aerosoft as a company aiming for the middle of the market since the beginning of my simming career 20 years ago. The products were not the most complex, but complex enough to be fun and challenging. The FSX/ P3D Twotter is a great example. Easy enough to make a quick flight, complex enough to cover most systems and engine limitations. With the Kodiak in mind and AS's reputation, plus the official presentation on social media, it was clear to me that the Twotter would be on par with the Kodiak or even better. The price tag, same as the P3D version, suggests that as well from a long term customer's perspective. Now that it is buggy is one thing, and it's sad enough it was released in this state. But bugs are fixable. Not fixable are limitations which come from some fancy gaming console, mostly used by people who buy it, fly it, but don't seriously sim with it (and stop using the product after a few weeks because it got boring). If that's the market where the money is, be it. But if in consequence this means dumbed down flight models, limited animations, awful sound and less complexity (to not scare the gamer boys), then this isn't for me anymore. I would gladly request my money back, but I already know the answer.
  3. As I already own the TSS soundset from the old version, I would truly love to have the other necessary files to make this work. Great work!
  4. I have no words for this answer. I am more and more regretting my invest. Dumbing down a product to make it run on console, if that's the way AS goes, I'm out. Sorry. You cannot animate a prop in 2022? Rediculous. And that for the full price of the P3D version that was more feature rich. A shame.
  5. Another thing I found regarding the trim knobs.. turn the slowly notch by notch with the mouse wheel. Each notch will generate a sound. Now do it quickly. The same sound will play at the start of each new notch, but the sound of the notch of even notches before still hasn't ended playing. You you have the same sound overlapping and being played at multiple instances when trimming fast. It just sounds rediculous.
  6. It feels like they left out all the stuff that was a more advanced in the P3D version, but kept the price. I'm more and more upset.
  7. Hi there, thanks for bringing us the Twotter. However it's a big letdown for me, at least in its current state. It flys absolutely great though! Biggest issue: Engine sound. Not only I observe the 'steps' already discussed in the other thread, but right in the transition from forward to reverse (so exactly where the beta range should be) the sound- stops. I have reverse and forward (whole range) on the axis, so I can transition smoothly through the whole range. The usual 'swirling' sound in the beta range is completely missing. Besides that, the whole soundpack for the engine just doesn't live up to the overall quality. Beta range: It is non-existent. Although it might be a current sim limitation, the 'feel' and especially the sound when taxiing is easily surpassed by the Kodiak. Prop modeling: The props are flat when looked at from the side. Even when feathered, it is shows as a thin strip when viewed from the side. No volumetric prop modeling at all. Stopping the engine, it should stop feathered (except for the water based versions, if startlocks applied). However it stops flat. Correct me if I'm wrong, but usually in the PT6 the hydraulic pump for the props sits in the prop hub and only provides pressure when the the prop is turning, and the blades are spring loaded to feather. So.. Hydraulic pump: With brake pedals contantly applied, the hydraulic pressure is bleeding constantly and the pump runs in short intervals. The hydraulic pressure should drop only once per application, not constantly during one application. Visual quality: Especially when looking out of the window at the engines, it feels like FSX (not even P3D). While the model and textures are generally good (but not close to the other single engine turbine recently released), this view in particular is not state of the art, mainly because of texuring and materials. The spinner has a strange layer of.. dirt..? The exhaust is pretty unsharp, it seems it is overly glossy. The intake isn't round, but you can see edges. The prop blade textures are particularly unsharp. That's what I have seen within 10 minutes. The 5 minutes of flying were fine, the flight model feels great. For me those points are already big immersion killers, especially the sound. Therefore I'll shelf it and see what future updates bring. It really has great potential to become a great addon, however it's not there yet (for me).
  8. Hallo Jonas, danke für die Rückmeldung. Im Paywarebereich sollte man ja schon erwarten können, dass solch grundlegende Dinge umgesetzt sind. Es wäre schön, wenn dies noch umgesetzt werden könnte.
  9. Laut AIP haben die PLätze Juist und Borkum eine Nachtbefeuerung. Langeoog z.B. hat zwar keine Landebahnbefeuerung, aber einen ausgeleuchteten Heliport. Leider ist in der Szenerie davon nichts zu sehen, die Plätze sind nachts einfach dunkel. Ist hier noch ein Patch zu erwarten?
  10. MatzeH84


    Well, in that case it renders the whole system inop for people like me who only fly online. Online traffic also isn't shown on the ND.
  11. Interestingly I run a 3700x with 32GB RAM @3200 with the old 1070 from my previous system (upgrade on hold because of the insane prices), and in full HD the CRJ performs just like the good old 172 even in complex scenery. This with a second screen for browser etc and a 3rd touchmonitor for the FMC. I don't look at any FPS numbers, when it's smooth, it's smooth. Settings are all on the high side. I feel very sorry for the guys with killer systems, and personally I would be deeply unsatisfied as well, but it's not the addon itself I guess. Drivers, anti-virus, resolution or G-Sync might come into play here.
  12. Indeed this is the first time I experience this. Have many hours in the WT CJ4 and the small birds and never had this issue. Sure it may be a sim issue, but for some reason I never experienced it.
  13. I'be seen that on my Saitek quadrant as well. Not on the first flight, only during the second flight.
  14. Second flight yesterday went to Florence, ILS-Z 05. I approached using the AP in FMS NAV mode. The ILS was pre-configured and the indications were already shown in blue on the PFD. I selected the APR mode when turning to the final approach course. The FMA in my eyes then should have announced LOC and GS in white, which did not happen. Instead, I got a green VGP announcement, so the aircraft prepared for a GPS approach, which I didn't program in the first place. The expected Nav-to-Nav switching didn't occur, so I manually switched from FMS to NAV, but the indications remained the same with APR mode still being active. Only when I selected NAV mode, the FMA changed to LOC1, but the vertical mode just remained at VGP instead of showing GS. The GS deviation indicator meanwhile was in the perfect position to intercept. After all I had to fly the approach manually on raw data, because the GS was never recognized even though all modes seemed to be correct. On the flight before (landing ENCN) I had a similar issue, so I payed more attention in doing things right. Using the WT CJ4 with the quite similar PL21 suite, I didn't have these issues once. Did I something wrong, or is the ILS part rather borked right now? The indications are there and correct, but the FD/AP system doesn't seem to interpret them correctly. Best Matthias
  15. Partially. You may set frequencies and use the gear and flaps, but anything AP/FD related is not working at all.
  16. Yep, increases with airspeed and sound exactly like the wind sound on the external view.
  17. Many thanks for your answer, really looking forward to it. As for the throttle, using the sim instead of FSUIPC is the last thing I want to do as I have manually keep switching several profiles. But if this is the way it is, I'll have to live with it I guess.
  18. I have all addons configured via FSUIPC, so I don't have to bother switching profiles.. However the throttle axis is not recognized by the CRJ neither as direct axis through FSUIPC nor by the option send to FS as normal axis. Only if I set up the axis directly in the sim it works. Plus, many other hardware inputs won't work, especially on the AP panel, which is a real pain when you have all the hardware and cannot use it properly. Any advice on the throttle? Any planned development on extended hardware support? Best Matthias
  19. Version 1.0


    Aircraft Template for the Cessna 172R, using performance tables provided by A2A, for use with the standard prop.
  20. Version 1.0


    Aircraft template for the Beech B60 Duke, using the performance tables provided by RealAir.
  21. Some alternative destinations, such as african airports, really would be nice. Flying european and american hubs and airports over and over again gets boring time to time, and Africa could be a nice continent to discover. But I admit that it wouldn't sell as good as 'traditional' products..
  22. Ja ist bei mir genauso. Beides zu nutzen ist bringt Abwechslung, und beides hat seine Vor und Nachteile. Derweil kann man bei Nutzung von GSX die Parkposition so wählen, dass es keine Probleme gibt, also z.B. B2 statt B1 (diese wäre zu nah am Terminal, sodass es verschwindet).
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