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  1. Why aren't there any great scenerys for anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa? The only payware scenerys for africa ( 3 in counting ) are OrientalSim Nairobi and some crappy Cape-Town one not worth paying for. Of course we can now count Sharm El Sheikh (awesome btw ), although its more in the middle east, and also Monastir, again in the north. There are so many beautiful and large cities in Sub Sahara with large airports, such as: Dar-Es-Salaam ( Tanzania ) - HTDO - Julius Nyerere int'l Jo'Burg ( South Africa ) Nairobi ( Kenya ) The OrientalSim one sucks. Lagos ( Nigeria ) Addis Ababa ( Ethiopia ) and many more One place im particularly into is Tanzania. they have many amazing tourist thenominoms and attract alot of high class tourists from allover the world. the things they go for are: The Serengeti ( safari ) NgoroNgoro Crater ( sightseeing ) Kilimanjaro (tallest stand-alone mountain on earth) Zanzibar (paradise-like tropical islands) Ilulu (oldest settlement on earth) Tanzania, in percentage of its populations terms, is the fastest growing nation in the world, with an expected trtippling of people by 2050, meaning there will be a boom, development in the country, politically and economically will increase, whilst poverty too will increase. It has amazing sceneries, and i hope that someone soon see's this huge gap in the flight-sim scenery market and starts putting africa on the map. Don't know about all you, but i wish someone would make us a decent africa scenery. Also, absolutely LOVE the Sharm-El-Sheikh scenery, would be incredible if that middle eastern - north africa area got a few more, i hear FlyTampa is looking into that, Doha, Cairo, Jeddah, Amman and i think Tel-Aviv are being looked at by others too such as those guys who just released Muscat as their first in the Arabian-Airports series. so overrall - PLEASE BUILD SCENERY FOR HTDA ( Dar-Es-Salaam ) AND OPEN UP THE MARKET FOR SUB-SAHARAN AIRPORT AND CITY SCENERYS, WE NEEEEED THEM!!
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