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  1. It appears to be confirmed: http://kotaku.com/5929141/microsoft-shuts-down-vancouver+based-studio So apart from a few people enjoying their Schadenfreude, where does it leave us? No different. We still have FSX and FS9... Now... about Aerosoft's plans?
  2. Fun to fly but toothache to paint - the cowling louvres are mirrored and totally jumbled up. You can only paint this model adequately (i.e. anything with colour variations over the engine louvres) if you have the original 3DS files and 3DS Max - and then create new UVs every time. Actually the flight model is really fun. A bit slack on the "Lomcevoc" aerobatic manouever, but hardly any FS dynamics are able to apply sudden torque like in the real world. That manouever can tear engines out of their mounts in real... All in all an "I like" kind of plane, even if it falls into the "not a painter's friend" category
  3. Oh very funny - Megaupload site has been closed by the FBI for piracy... and the other one's missing too - "Firefox can't find the server at www.multiupload.com". Why can't you host legal files on legal sites please? I am sure Aerosoft would give a few bytes free... Actually I like the model, even if there is a very nasty flaw along the lower edge of the fuselage mapping that causes straight lines on the texture to kink and twist when wrapped to the model. I have had the CTD issue with the US paint too (I have V.1.2) but this doesn't happen all the time. I notice that there are no alphas on some of the external textures so some parts have shine and others not. Definitely a fun to fly model, but it is toothache to paint. Not impossible, but painful nevertheless
  4. Spring has sprung and NOW we get the ski version But nevertheless - thanks! This is one enjoyable plane - an acquaintance of mine was the PZL quality manager years ago - he regaled me with tales of the odd development history.
  5. The Beaver thread in the previews section? There were several pages on this preview and now they appear to have been trashcanned?
  6. @Emi: In the opening "Options" screen - select a screen resolution smaller than your monitor and only then uncheck the fullscreen box. If you leave it the same size as your main screen, you will have problems trying to resize smaller.
  7. Oh yes... some German gent has made an Icon A5 for FSX already. I believe it is in the Avsim Library
  8. I was a BT for a fair few products - it's been so many years now (2, 3?) I'd feel it wrong to claim any reward - after all, if you check my account and see just how many "foc copies" of Aerosoft products I have received... I won't refuse a freebie, but if you want and can, I'd ask you to give the value of "this award" to your favourite charity - and yes, I realise that means you spending real money instead of virtual money on my "award".
  9. Let's just take a Devil's Advocate look at the Icon - it is a pretty plane for an LSA. Very pretty. The wing folding makes it practical for loading on a small trailer, so it can be towed as easily as a glider. The planned cost is not that much, so it will appeal to the lower budget sports pilot. Also - they have some very serious people on the Icon staff, heck, even I recognise the name "Phil Conduit" and I am an Airbus man... All you declaimers saying it hasn't progressed in several years - have you actually tried to get an aircraft certified for safe and legal flight? Even companies with CLOUT like Airbus and Boeing need to fly the 'arris off just one or two "proofs of concepts" before the authorities will let them go into production. Even the first A321 took a couple of years to start selling in "market qualntities". So don't knock thinks when a really small company tries to get their new plane on the market - they have a LOT more work before they can go into mass production. Although.... jumping on the Microsoft Flight bandwagon may not have been a very wise move. I can see it now: Oh... they needed extra advertising for their game, so they built a real plane from the game...
  10. Well... these "avatars" are really the XBox live ones - wht is interesting in Flight is that you can change your pilot and choose between 3 chaps and a chapess. That's something for the plane devs to come up with - and yes, I know Aerosoft give us a dozen different choices of Beaver Pilot. "Dingggg!" Hey Mathijs - did you not © that idea? Here's my own eggs box character: Yes - a bit plain and not at all extrovert, like Mathijs' Ah well - haven't had time to practice.
  11. Time to take another look at the Microsoft Flight website folks - if you haven't already. Beta is up and running and there are still vacancies. The public blurb is that it will be released as a freebie in "Spring" but free only means Hawaii Big Island. It's going to be a game with DLC (downloadable content) which means you will probably have to buy your way round the world. Same goes for your hangar - no more freeware. Not even paints. You will have to buy your content and DL it from M$. There's a good commentary/write up from Robert Randazzo of PMDG on Avsim. He airs a few comments about MSF. You might want to read this yourselves. - http://forum.avsim.net/topic/358874-some-thoughts-on-flight/
  12. Latest info is "Spring" - so that means any time from March 21st (ish) to June 21st (ish)
  13. She really is in need of a proper rebuild in 3DSMax, apart from the need for several different paintkits (which I am compiling just for the fun of it). Needs all sorts doing to it... new rivet lines, bump maps, specs - man those specs! BUT next to the Christen Eagle, I think I have flown the Beaver quite a lot more than many other models. I also need to rework the skins I did for the RTM version and much much more. I've loved Beavers since I worked on them in the 1970's. Horrible cranky noisy... and so full of character that you love them like toothache - you just can't stop feeling them, sticking your tongue in, grabbing the paint brushes... There were some freeware soundfile mods too. Just got to love that old Beaver. P.S. I don't think you ever expected to see your leather seats (from your Elise, no) to ever get that much wear, did you. Sorry 'bout that
  14. I haven't been here in months, so I thought it time to drop by and visit. I don't know if readers are aware, but "Misty Moorings" is back for FSX and there is a whole shedload of stuff going on there that is fun and especially ideal for the Aerosoft Beaver. And despite her age, "Misty's Beaver" is performing stalwart work providing bush services in Alaska. Here's a repaint I have recently completed - I still need to do the Skis version though: And for those who don't particularly like working girls, the amphib and floats are "clean" too - for the tourists of course
  15. To be brutally honest, I don't think cross compatibility should be a major question anymore. MS are bringing on their "Flight" as a live game, and what I have seen so far (not much) horrifies me already - online repository for addons is enough to frighten me off simulation for life (just imagine you have to hire FS planes and airports?) We might all be seeing something evil in MS plans, but I still think we should keep the Aerosoft Sim going... One thing I worry about as a painter is the lack of control we have over our output of other people's models. For instance: many model makers save a few KB by mirroring parts of their models so that we painters can't add assymmetry later. I would welcome a slightly more open architecture of the mdl mapping. It is not difficult to change the mapping code if you have the original 3DS Max or GMax model. It really isn't - if an aileron is mapped to the same UV coords on a texture sheet for both ailerons, then it would be nice if this were in a text file somewhere so that if needed, painters could add another sheet for the optional aileron mapping. For the modeller it takes only minutes to change the map allocations - I know, I have had modellers do it for me. For those who are wondering, I shall use Patty Wagstaffs Extra as an example. The default Patty Wagstaff plane is OK as the realworld paint is symmetrical. But her current livery isn't - the underside of the port wing and aileron is black, while the underside of the starboard aileron is silver. But as there is only one aileron texture on the dds sheet, there is no way a painter can get this fixed unless he has direct contact with the maker - and they are willing. As a painter I can get really high level detail: Those images were drafts. But if the wing (or parts of it) are not repeated separately, then: But sadly, far too many modellers fall short of the mark of excellence by the time they come to the mapping and or painting stage. On the other hand, us painters can't model for anything - quid pro quo. So if there was a way to have all the relevant texture export details available as editable text files, that would be a great improvement.
  16. That cyclist in the yellow sweatshirt sure gets around a lot, Mathijs! you ought to run a contest one day - the person who can find him the most times gets a free download. Thanks Aerosoft!
  17. I'll post here voluntarily: "It'll never work because... ...there are several properties in the underrun too close to the runway threshhold. You might like to move those two spur roads / taxiways south a bit? Especially if AF has ILS. All those aircraft operator/owners moving around in the approach area might upset the beacons... OK - it's fictional and there are many RW airports with houses and road traffic closer to the runways, but just thinking "environmentally" if a new airport is built, one should consider saftey and build in a way to keep the approaches free and safe. (If there is a position as "Devils Advocate" then I volunteer for this... )
  18. Why not an Andras Field in separate time-zones with separate Boards of Directors? Say one Europe/Africa, one each for the Americas left and right sides, ditto Ozzie land... That should also open up the opportunities for non-Europeans to have their chance at "directorship" and "home-ownership". Just a thought - kick it around. You'd need dedicated time-zone MP sites, but nothing impossible to organise.
  19. I don't know whether to post here or in the "Plots of land" thread, but I would like to propose an RMO hangar - OK, we don't need to let others overhaul our planes all the time, but certainly I would like to build a "paintshop". Not even for myself only, but perhaps a place where the graphically bent members can hang out and put a dash of paint to a plane. There are enough of us painter types to group together so we'd need hangerage large enough to fit the biggest plane that could need painting. I'd even go so far as to suggest that works-in-progress are visible online A commercial service? Perhaps. A place for painters to hang their shingles? Definitely. Here's (one of) mine Doesn't have to be sited immediately near the field, but must have access for amphibs, GA, sport and commercials. Either way - it's great to see this project finally coming to life... Edit I mean a Maintenance hanger with paintshop facilities by the way - RMO or MRO - Repair and Maintenance Organisation usually certified under EASA part 145 in the real world (just as Aerosoft would be a "part 21" organisation as far as the aircraft manufacture goes). So I am suggesting an additional role - that of managing this function.
  20. So... This new simulator will provide a "world" to fly in. Of course there will be planes to fly with. It does look, however, like a lot of people want this whole world to be "Sandmann" quality scenery and mesh with PMDG, A2A, Piglet standard aircraft built in already. Such optimism! But I do hope that the sim itself will get the physics right. Anyway, I am sure that this is all being thought of. I have some concern about add ons though. What software will be dictated for the creation of sceneries and planes and other objects. I know folk will say GMax because it is free. Will any SDK force the potential dev to any specific software - such as four and a half thousand dollars worth of 3DS Max or will other cheaper (but no less capable) software be allowed? Or could you negotiate with the various 3D software companies to agree on a common model standard? Or have you already got these issues wrapped up?
  21. Interesting... I'd like to compare sources and discuss at least three of the answers... But of course, you'll have proof although I can see potential cause for debate. But then again, I know I wouldn't have enough correct answers even then, so my congratulations to the winners and bring on the next quiz! This is fun.
  22. What's so special? Well for me it looks like a plane where the designers weren't hamstrung by the "multi-role" specs... "Go build us a plane that will take us right into the jaws of hell, stir up the bad guys a LOT and then get the pilot and plane back out in one piece..." Loads of bullet proofing, loads of titanium plate, one BIIIIGGG mother of a gun - ver' frightning if you're on the wrong end. And sooo far beyond ugly that it is almost meeting itself on the way back up the "pretty" curve. Apparently attack pilots would fly this thing inverted just prior to attacking so that they could see the target that much sooner - I mean, they got in low level and real close first; usually up a parallel valley. Popping up over the ridge line inverted gave the pilots that much more time to acquire targets. I enjoyed the "9" version, so the "X" is surely a sale for me, when it comes. Merry Crimbo all, or have a happy season or even "Bah Humbug!"
  23. It would be cool if you could add "Kingsfield" airstrip to the Larnaca pack. Basically this is a packed / oiled / pressed earth runway (well, it was in 1976) that was/is used by the British forces gliding and parachuting clubs. Wouldn't need much in the way of work - a couple of wrinkly tin hangars, a Nissen hut for the clubhouse and just a couple more regular autogen buildings (see google earth) Of course this is a personal request - I learned to fly there. And to drink Brandy Sour and eat Mezedes, Souvlaki, Gyros and the like and to drive the winch...
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