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  1. GEN ist der Generator der DC/Direct Current (Gleichspannung) bereitstellt und ALT ist der Alternator, welcher AC/Alternating Current (Wechselspannung) bereitstellt. Generatoren können teils jedoch auch AC umwandeln, diese werden aber dann als Alternator bezeichnet. Im Grunde genommen konvertieren beide Geräte die mechanischen Energie durch die Bewegung des Motors in elektrische Energie. Welche Spannung die Systeme brauchen unterscheidet sich von Machine zu Maschine bzw teils sogar von Avionik zu Avionik auf der selben Maschine...
  2. Are you still using P3D v4.3? If so, I had some problems reagarding the cockpit lighting in the "other company's" A320 family as well. It seemed to be connected to the current heading (on ground and inflight), but not to a certain scenery.
  3. Thanks, that did the trick! Didn't know you had to do that, as I've never did that after installing an airplane and never had any problems with that...
  4. Hi, as you can see in the video below, I am experiencing some some, well, difficulties using EZdok and the Airbus... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcFNeXHTQI I have been using EZdok in FSX and P3D v4 for quite some time now and have never run into something like that. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated! Cheers Lotus3xiG3
  5. That's turbo-prop operation to me: BEE36C departing Liverpool's John Lennon Airport heading for Edinburgh...
  6. Haha, that is true, but you still are right with your guess ! Unfortunately that one still isn't compatible with P3D v4, so I had to use another one...
  7. Well, the country is correct, but the wrong region ... A little hint: Besides the fact that the approach is quite interesting, the airport is very unpopular. Maybe because there is a larger one nearby!
  8. We are talking about the Aerosoft A318/A319/A320/A321 in P3D v4, aren’t we?!
  9. EDDS should be in the right (disabled elevations) box, just like here: source: https://www.msflights.net/forum/forum/flight-simulation/add-on-forum/payware-addons/2210-a-few-notes-on-ftx-global-vector-and-mesh Simply type in „EDDS“ in the upper left box and click on the result in the lower left one. Then click on disable and apply. Once finished you can close the tool and the ellevation should have been has been removed internally from the ORBX scenery.
  10. Would you please try to run the config tool for ORBX Global Vector in FTX Central and try to deactivate the Aerodrome Elevation for Stuttgart/EDDS.
  11. Alright, following the tip in the ORBX forum to rename the _NW_landclass and _NE_landclass worked out for me! I guess this is what Oliver meant done manually... Thanks for all your suggestions, as always awesome speed !
  12. Okay, I guess, this is for registered users only, because I can't find it as well. Disregard, found it once registered.
  13. Alright, found 'em and disabled them... If you mean the re-migration of the lclookup, that was run again. Hmmm, can't find this option in the config tool ...
  14. Update: problem occurs in every season but summer.
  15. Hey, just bought and installed both ORBX FTX Germany South and North and I (and my PC: I still need to work out some settings ) am overwhelmed by the amount of detail they put into! However, after installiing I noticed a black area east of the "Stauseehügel"... I attached some pictures. The only thing I did so far was deactivating the .bgl's of the two towers in the north and of the Kraftwerk in Altbach... I dont know if this still is your area or if it already belongs to ORBX?!
  16. Departing Milan in the evening hours and flying over the alps with the valleys covered with snow and fog...
  17. Die Frage lautet nicht, “was macht der Airbus selber”, sondern “was macht der Airbus nicht selbst” ! Wenn du das alles richtig programmierst, wird auch eine Autoland durchgeführt. Dafür muss einerseits das ILS des Flughafens drauf ausgelegt sein, sowie beide APs/FDs aktiviert sein, soweit ich weiß. Jedoch hab ich im A320 leider noch nie ein Autoland durchgeführt! Das Wetterradar zeigt je nach Sensitivität nur markante Wolken, also Regen-/Schnee-/Gewitterwolken etc. an...
  18. Ah, okay! Let's try this one whilst lining up with Ibiza's runway 06: Just like @Aharon's picture, that is just a test if this one was okay ... If not, delete it! Sorry, but seems to be a lot of confusion going on this time.
  19. @kroswynd Is there any need of a runway in the picture, when you are approaching in air e.g.?
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