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  1. As you often remind some of us. Read the Manual... First I installed Navigraph latest cycle. Using the old X I think I remember - I could choose to push the LS button before DES. Now I waited until below 10.000 feet as mentioned in Manual. Before I could use to set ALT to 00100 ft before DES - now I used 02000 ft as mentioned in the manual. Succes. Landed. Tomorrow maybe I try the NavPro - I´m sure it will give the correct result. Thank you for a wake up call. JUST
  2. Thank you for the answer. But I use NavDataPro . I haven´t tried Navigraph. Just
  3. The old Airbus X - normally no problem making an autoflight in FSX and former versions of P3D. The new - A319 Pro I probably have missed a setting somewhere. But I have had no succes - making an autoflight. Passes an airport in app 2500 feet. Have tried several danish and swedish airport with same result. Reinstalled the bus twice. A little help is needed. JUST
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