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  1. I can be wrong but isn't the U2 almost exclusively flown by the autopilot because it handles poorly? (Not a big fan of military aircraft).
  2. SF22

    How fast are you?

    I'm the fastest downloader (yet). (Left optimal conditions, right those I reordered today) We actually changed to our current ISP two years ago I believe. Originally we had a speed of 4Mb/s and we paid 36,00€/month for a while. Then the price was reduced to 35,90€/month and the speed increased to 5Mb/s. This year the ISP announced they would change to even faster connections and we got a 40Mb/s connections for 35,90€. It's actually quite astonishing an tenfold increase in speed in two years and still the same price. Unfortunately few pages allow to download with these speeds (including Aerosoft, where I can never get above 1MB/s and usually it's at about 750KB/s ).
  3. Firstly I'm not at the moment planning on buying a plot (far too expensive for something I'm never going to use) and I hope this hasn't been discussed before, but as far as I'm aware Aerosoft is planning to allow users to do build their own buildings if they want to, right? The thing that concerns me (if I buy the product) is the inconsistency the user-built buildings are going to show. Lets say someone wants to have a 17th century cottage and the person next to him decides to build an super modern 21st century house. I think the place is going to look rather strange, if that happens . Does it mean you're going to limit what the users can build? Regards Magnus
  4. SF22


    Eh! Take a look here: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/ It's available for FSX, FS9 and X-plane. You can't get any better clouds for your flightsim.
  5. Does it mean it will be in the same price class as Trondheim Vaernes X (15€) or closer to 20-25€? Regards Magnus
  6. SF22


    On the German page in "Im Vorverkauf" you can find Gibraltar X and it says release 31.8.2010 (box apparently) made by Simwings. http://www.shop.aerosoft.com/eshop.php?action=article_detail&s_supplier_aid=10194&s_design=DEFAULT&shopfilter_category=
  7. Thanks for sharing! Some stunning wallpapers!
  8. Is that actually legal? I seriously doubt that!
  9. SF22

    Concorde X

    I personally think it looks extremely good. Just compare it with PMDG MD11 (that's also far more expensive). P.S. It has already been released.
  10. (Yes, the FMC is as real as in the Airbus, meaning it's not there!) On a more serious note: If you'd bothered to read you ought to found out that it's only going to have a basic FMGC (FMC (Boeing)=FMGC (Airbus) and you won't be able to insert SIDs and Stars by choosing them from a list! Basically you don't have to read the manuals (ok, maybe a little unless you have absolutely no Airbus experience) and just load the aircraft and advance the throttles to TOGA or Flex XX.
  11. SF22

    NLS a380?

    Well... I do agree that Aerosoft's support is extremely great, however Oliver Braun from NLS has answered many questions in the SImcheck support forum and helped people with problems, and as he's the owner(?) of NLS, I don't really understand why he wouldn't help with his own product once it's released.
  12. SF22

    NLS a380?

    I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere it's going to be sold on the NLS homepage and not by Aerosoft.
  13. Hi! As the paintkit was released could anyone be so kind and consider doing a Finnair repaint, please? http://www.airliners...3fd6bc06a8c8ab2 http://www.airliners...f2764776c98a4ba Kind regards Magnus
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