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  1. Guys, which bgl do you change in order to remove the static aircraft in Lisbon X? I have done this before on an old pc but don't remember which file - LPPT_Pla.bgl or LPPT_Sta.bgl I think. Please confirm. Thanks Willie G
  2. Shaun, sorry, to give it's correct name is Corfu X from aerosoft. I'm just used to calling it Kerkira. Apologies and help please Willie G
  3. Hi, please see the photo below. As you can see some of the apron is raised above other parts as seen by the airport bus driving into the raised level. Also, as may be seen from the posiiton of the aircraft, this is supposedly parking 2 on the ramp but places me inside the building and nowhere near to ramp position 2. I have re-installed this scenery after checking the manual and found nothing that covers what may be wrong. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Willie G
  4. Hi, just tried to start my first flight from Vilnius airport but ran into the problem that my aircraft is never parked at any gate. When choosing a gate from the FSX menu, the aircraft is always parked either inside the terminal building or somewhere away from the ramp. This in effect means that AES will not start as it probably doesn't recognise any parking area I end up on. Is there a problem with the afcad or is there an updated afcad I can use? Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks Willie G
  5. Sorry guys, I do mean the loaders. They were there in my old pc but since moving to a new pc I've been unable to get these showing at the cargo doors.
  6. Just increased the baggage door heights both front and aft without any success. Still no baggage carts.
  7. Oliver, will try changing the height and see what happens. thanks Willie G
  8. Hi, I have recently purchased a new pc to run fsx and attachements.software etc. However, having installed AES along with the PMDG737NGX into FSX, I cannot get the baggae carts to appear near to or at the aircraft with the latest version of 2.2. I have set up the aircraft using the help facility and the front and rear door stairs, gallet truck and tow truck all appear and do their job but not no baggage carts. Can you advise if I have maybe done something wrong please? I have upgraded to a pentium I7 quad core processor with 8gb memro and 560 Nvideoa graphic card and FSX runs extremely well if this helps. Thanks Willie G
  9. Oliver, I had downloaded a "better" afcad from the same site as the scenery but that was what was cauign the problem. After uninstalling EGKK and removing the additional afcad, everything seems to work now although I will know better after a few flights. Thanks for your quick responses. Willie G
  10. Oliver, I had the problems when I tried EGKK repeatedly. Just done a flight from Stansted without any problems so presume it may be something to do with the afcad for that airport. I'm using 2.11 and will try other airports soon and report back. Thanks Willie G
  11. Hi, I recently changed back to FS9 from FSX and have been organising my addons including IFly B737 and AES. I'm using the above alongside FS2crew and FSInn but have a problem in that when the tug starts pushing the a/c back, it doesn't stop. The aircraft just keeps pushing back, across the runway, across the grass, through fences..... Any idea what's wrong or how I can stop this please? Thanks Willie G
  12. Oliver, superbly quick response from you. I just found out on th eother forums. Please ignore my extreme stupidity. And many thanks for Cponhagen and Tel Aviv. Willie G
  13. Oliver, just loaded version 2.10 and noticed there is a problem with the UK2000 Manchester scenery again. Can you please advise. Thanks Willie G
  14. Hi Shaun, another fantastic scenery from aerosoft. Bit confused, can you confirm if AES is available for this airfield as the 2.07 shows FSX simwings Barcelona available but I can't find it? Sorry to be a pain. Thanks Willie G
  15. Hi, I tried the EDDF-LOWW route this morning and inserted "EDDF/LOWW" into INIT A page but I do not have the flight plan showing in the FCDU. Do we have to type the full flight plan in or should it load when I enter the above airport ICAO's? The flight plan is definately there aloingside all other flight plans. Any ideas? Thanks Willie
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