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  1. Are we ever going to get A330 Step by Step Guide, just asking as its been 5 months since release? JeffG
  2. Thank you I am looking at that right now. JeffG
  3. Status on A330 Step by Step? Jeffg
  4. Any news on the Step by Step guide? JeffG
  5. Mathijs, I will wait for the updates, its just a step by step guide has never taken this long from Aerosoft before. I know that there were problems and health issues with the author. JeffG
  6. So Aerosoft is saying that the A330 has been placed on the back burner? JeffG
  7. Any news on the step by step tutorial? JeffG
  8. Per the read me in before you buy, that doc will come later as it is still being written. JeffG
  9. any idea on appx release time frame? JeffG
  10. It sounds great Marcel can't wait to get my hands on it. JeffG
  11. Is there a problem with downloading the updated file?I click on the 2.10 product page and it goes to a dead page IE or Firefox can not get to the file page. JeffG
  12. I am think of buying this aircraft and have been reading the forum but wondering what is the latest version? I read in the forum about a update but this was in October and would like to know if its out before I buy. JeffG
  13. Marcel, We have 2 Da-20-C1's at our flight school and this software would be great for teaching when we can not fly.Do you have any idea when the C1 will come out after you release the Da-20 with the Rotax engine? JeffG
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