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  1. Thank you very much JeffG
  2. Any chance you can make this a pdf so it can be printed out? JeffG
  3. any idea on appx release time frame? JeffG
  4. It sounds great Marcel can't wait to get my hands on it. JeffG
  5. Is there a problem with downloading the updated file?I click on the 2.10 product page and it goes to a dead page IE or Firefox can not get to the file page. JeffG
  6. I am think of buying this aircraft and have been reading the forum but wondering what is the latest version? I read in the forum about a update but this was in October and would like to know if its out before I buy. JeffG
  7. Marcel, We have 2 Da-20-C1's at our flight school and this software would be great for teaching when we can not fly.Do you have any idea when the C1 will come out after you release the Da-20 with the Rotax engine? JeffG
  8. jeffg

    TCAS Online?

    If the tcas does not work with online flights how can you say this on the product page 'TCAS: Fully implemented with 4 threat levels (default, proximate TA, RA) in navigation display, including sounds'? JeffG
  9. Shaun, Thanks for the answer JeffG
  10. Found this about the memo message Press AUTOBRAKE MAX p/b Set Flaps lever to take-off flap setting (1+F) Press T.O.Config after performing all actions. T.O.CONFIG NORMAL should appear Turn on TAXY/TO LT T.O. CONFIG Key When pushed, simulates takeoff power application to trigger a warning if the airplane is not properly configured for takeoff. If the airplane is properly configured, the "T.O.CONFIG NORMAL" message in the takeoff memo displays green. My display turns green and says T.O.CONFIG NORMAL after I am in the take-off roll,is that normal? JeffG
  11. It should say normal if all the items are done but I am having problems with it.I have everything done flaps are at 1, spoilers armed,seatbelt signs are on All takeoff items are green and still do not get t\o normal message. JeffG
  12. Herman, I am looking at Mike Ray's book The Unofficial Airbus A320 Simulator and Checkride Manual and on page 156 it says that the Flex temp must be greater than the outside air temp in celsius.I guess if you do not do a reduced thrust t\o no number should be placed in that area. JeffG
  13. I still have the problem with the flight patch lines and now the autopilot is flying passed the waypoints and not following the course.I am not in heading mode but in managed flight,I did check and made sure I hit the wrong switch. JeffG
  14. I just installed 1.20 and had the same problem.I was on the runway at KDEN and by the end of the runway I was only at 120 knots with flex t\o set to 56. JeffG
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