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  1. Thank you @A320pilot23 really helpful as I too was having the same issue Would anyone know how to set up the Multi Panel Trim switch as a AP V/S +/- by any chance?
  2. Hi Would any of you talented repainters out there consider an easyJet livery that included the new sharklets? AFAIK easyJet only operate the A320 NEO with sharklets (maybe someone could confirm?), however be nice to have an A319 with them http://www.airbus.com/galleries/photo-gallery/dg/idp/40650-a320-sharklets-easy-jet/?share=1 Many thanks in advance
  3. Thank you very much Robert for your swift reply. Will try it again this evening... If anyone else would like help configuring routers, firewalls etc then let me know as I would be more than happy to pass on the knowledge I have been given by this most helpful community Thanks again and see you in the (virtual) skies soon. Anyone online this evening for some circuits, to test out!
  4. Hi everyone. I have been fighting/struggling with Sqauwkwin for a good couple of weeks now. I fly online regularly with VATSIM and have very rarely experienced difficulties in installing software and configuring routers, FW, proxies etc. HOWEVER I am now stumped! I managed to fly at Andras last week and most enjoyable it was too, I had some very good pointers from Matt (thanks again mate!) and the initial problem seemd to stem from password issue with VAE. Robert very kindly reset it and off I went. Last night, was a different problem: Client Ok so checked all configuration, as follows: Firewall Router still no joy... Please help as I enjoy tootling around the beautiful Bavarian Alps with a schonn kalt Stiegl (if you recognise that, then good on ya! Cheers for any assistance Rusty
  5. If you could send me details too please? Am still awaiting approval from VAE (registered on Friday?) Cheers
  6. Hi I had similar problems (and am sure a lot of others have found this problem too). In order to help alleviate the behaviour I simply disabled the Fly_By_Wire entry in the aircraf.cfg (this fix has been discussed elsewhere on the forums) Alternatively you can turn the FBW 'computers' off in the overhead panel. Hopefully this will at least help you fly the aircraft and make some successful landing
  7. Hi Recently purchased the Mega Airport Scenery and sat on the runway with default Cessna I am getting 1 - 2 FPS! Naturally this makes this scenery totally unusable. One other thing if I choose go to airport and select EHAM it takes about 10 minutes to load and it looks like it freezes at 81% & 82% loading... Should I be expecting more FPS or even a usable scenery with my specs below? FSA W7HP 3GB RAM Intel Quad Q8300 2.50Ghz Or is there some setting I need to have turned off/on or am I missing something? I have other scenery add-ons that are fine btw? Cheers!
  8. Hi Never had any problems with other add-on scenery! Any ideas how to cure this! http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1998/ehamerror.png
  9. Hi Managed to install by copying the folder to Addon Scenery. Started FSX and added scenery manually. Note Windows 7 Users yoiu need to right click in the folder for FSX to recognise the scenery! The only thing now is the FPS are shocking! Any help how to get a smooth flight? All other add-on scenery is fine eg UK2000 EGKK, EGBB, EGCC and Aerosoft Brussles? Any tips on how to make this airport usable?
  10. Having the same problem here! I noted the installer states FS2004 should there be another exe?
  11. Hi Can anyone report if they have successfully had TCAS alerts when flying online? I fly Vatsim regularly and no aircraft appear on the ND? Am I doing something wrong!?
  12. Hi Yeah I brought up this issue here http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=38279&pid=252089&st=0&#entry252089 Seems a couplke of others have the same issue?
  13. Hi After installing the update, the heading bug(blue) no longer appears on the ND when in ARC mode. It does however appear on all other modes and on the PFD, so its not a huge issue I guess? Not sure if anyone else has experienced this tho'?
  14. Hi Thanks for the tip I un-installed all C++ programs and installed the one from your link and now Airbus X Connect loads up fine. Thanks again, and great work ! Cheers
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