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  1. what happened to the kmob link? Its not working and I loved that airport

  2. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint for the Flight Factor 757-200v2. Includes: -Detailed Exterior Paint. -Repainted Cabin. -Delta Placards in cockpit. Included also is a modified wings.obj that attempts to make the slat animation much more realistic. NOTE: The slat animation replaces the default wings and thus works with all liveries. See readme for more information. Please do not redistribute any portion of this package, thanks!
  3. Version 2.0


    Repaint for the Rotate MD-88 in Delta's current "Keep Climbing" livery. Meant for XP-11, 4096 textures only. Includes re-colored cockpit and optional cabin repaint. Requires the payware Rotate MD-88. Please do not redistribute any portion of this package without prior consent. Thanks for downloading.
  4. I can land it, it can just get a bit messy near the end if I forget to leave the stick centered @ 100 feet. The banking is not necessarily uncommanded, it is simply due to over sensitivity below 100ft, so much as a finger twitch will cause a 5° bank. This wasn't apparent prior to 1.22, only the nose drop (which I fixed myself). This will happen regardless of weather conditions, however with light/no wind it is not necessary to make all the tiny adjustments to stay centered, no stick movement no problem. The conditions I last had the problem in was: Landing KDFW 18L, winds 220 @ 14, gust to 31, full pax/cargo, 3k fob at start of appoach. Yes, this is a manual landing (no fun to watch the computer do it) all realism 100%. I can live with it until the upgraded bus is ready, I just hoped I could roll-back to the previous version that didn't have the problem. -Todd
  5. Correct, it was there prior to 1.22, just not as noticeable. I have to remember to hold the stick centered when passing through the 100 foot threshold. Otherwise, the plane will violently bank. This is difficult in windy conditions.
  6. Thanks for the reply Shaun, In that case is there any chance you guys are going the fix the "fighter jet" like maneuverability when below 100ft. This is actually far more annoying than the nose-drop was. -Todd
  7. I was wondering if there is a way I can get a 1.20 or 1.21 installer? I don't like the way the plane flies in 1.22. Thanks! Todd
  8. I have it as well and it works well. The only issue I have is the thrust reversers don't like to always work. Not the fault of the throttles tho, it works fine on all other aircraft. -Todd
  9. Go to avsim and download "trimgauge.zip". It is meant for the default airbus but it fixed my 100ft. nosedive quite nicely. I can't say what it might do to the autoland though. I would suspect it shouldn't effect it negatively. -Todd
  10. Solved.... It was the to/flex field on the fmc. Leave it blank and the aircraft will give you all the power you need. -Todd
  11. So if I leave the flex temp field empty I should get more power? My problem precisely is that when I go to take off no matter what I only get 86-87% power; regardless of the throttle detent(mct, flex, toga). As I am going down the runway power slowly decreases to around 84%. If* I manage to make it to 140kt I can get off the ground. Once in the air power quickly increases to 97-98%. Something about that just doesn't seem right. It has been this way since v1.0 -Todd
  12. How do I get the plane to use more than 86% power on take-off? It only seems to rev up after I manage to get off the ground. Thanks, -Todd
  13. Sounds like good work! I did realize a couple days ago that the trim worked fairly well. I was going to see about assigning it to an axis with the Saitek software(I read somewhere that it was possible to do so). But since it seems you have found an internal way to do it I'll wait on that. Don't worry about stepping on Aerosoft's feet by trouble shooting their aircraft, I can't speak for them but they should appreciate what you're trying to do, I know that I do... -Todd
  14. That is a very strange problem. All of the different liveries use the same aircraft.cfg as the base model they're associated with. The only thing I can think is that the airbus connect program has trouble modifying those particular planes. Have you checked fsx's internal weight and balance to verify what you set in the load manager is accurate? -Todd
  15. There is a fix meant for the default A321 on avsim that helps with the nose drop. It works on the AirbusX A320 pretty good, at least it did for me. If you search avsim it wasn't hard to find. *EDIT* Search for "trimgauge.zip". -Todd
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