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  1. Dear Hans, What versions of Prepare and the CRJ should I look for? Thanks, Gary Vessell
  2. Thanks, Hans, I will update the program this week. Hopefully, that will fix the problem. Gary
  3. I previously installed Navigraph so that I might updated the CRJ database. Might that have caused a problem when loading a flight plan. The CDU shows the correct (updated) database. Gary
  4. When I ty to install a Departure airport in the CRJ CDU using Peprare v4.0.28.21686 and Aerosoft CRJ v, the simulator shuts down. The simulator had been working just fine until today. Is there a fix for this that is not to complicated? I use these versions of software because these are the versions that are currently installed on the computers at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Thank you, Prof. Gary Vessell
  5. Dave,  I recently downloaded the CRJ v1.2.  It did not go well.  I was previously running V 1.01(?) without any problems using P3D V 4.0.28.  After downloading the new version I have screen problems and the program shutting down. DAVE was also inop.  See the Screenshot.  I use this program as a teaching tool, so any help would be greatly appreciated.




    Screenshot (67).png

    1. DaveCT2003


      Hey Gary,


      I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems and I know how frustrating that can be.  However I have to sincerely apologize, but I've not worked the CRJ for at least six months and I've been so darned busy with the Airbus Pro and I'm really not up to speed on the CRJ tech support wise.  I do see that Hans replied to you (though I didn't read it), and there is absolutely nobody better to assist you than my good friend Hans (after all, he wrote the software!).


      I'm sure Hans can help you (he's the top of the food chain for the CRJ and many other terrific products), but in the off chance that you're not able to resolve the issue (which would likely mean it's either an install or P3D related issue) then please send me a Private message linking to what you've also posted in the forums and I'll do my very best to carve out some time to get the CRJ updated and will try to help you.


      Best wishes.


  6. Thanks, I did successfully download V 1.2, but some of the cockpit screens, including DAVE, are blank.
  7. Help!, I just downloaded the newest version of the CRJ and I now have blank CDU, FO screens and no DAVE. I've included a screenshot of the cockpit. I suspect a driver is missing, but I am not a computer guy. The previous version was fine. Thanks, GaryO
  8. I'm having a little trouble finding the correct download page for the CRJ update. Could somebody direct me to the correct page for CRJ download updates. Thanks, GaryO
  9. I saved a flight from KDFW to KEVV at 37000. When I loaded the saved flight there was no info in the FMS. Is this normal, or did I not do smething correctly? Thanks, GaryO
  10. Garyo


    The CRJ ECS system is not correct during ground operatiuons. The APU has authority when operating on the ground; and will continue to operate the packs after takeoff until the climb bit is set, flaps are less than 20° and the gear is up (unless cowl or wing anti-ice is on ). The screenshot on the left is the Aerosoft CRJ; the screenshot onthe right is the correct ECS mode on the ground. Hopefully, this will be looked at in the next update. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the CRJ. GaryO
  11. I agree, the logic of the ECS is no quite correct. I was flying a single engine operation at 18,000' and got this logic (see attachment). I think below 24,000'. the APU should power the right pack. Also, this same logic shows up withjust the left engine powering the left pack, but not the right pack.
  12. I just answered my own question. I had the wrong altitude in the INIT Page.
  13. After flap retraction, the A-320 is not accelerating to 250 kts climb speed below 10000'. This speed is set in the "climb speed below 10,000 " in the PERF Page. The AC is in Managed Speed.
  14. Garyo

    Inflight scenario

    How do I set up the CRJ inflight, and then demo an engine fire (or other inflight emergencies) and proper checklist usage? Thanks, GaryO
  15. Garyo


    So,,, if the yoke is moved with no HYD power on, there will be NO movement of the aileron, rudder, stab and MFS indications on the HYD synoptic page. Is that correct? GaryO
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