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  1. For me as well... Always manually input the flight plans into the MCDU.
  2. Ok. Good news! First flight without managed speed issues. Roughly 2 hour flight. All constraints were met (both speed and altitude). Keep in mind, this issue was not random for me - this happened every single flight. So the fact that I just completed a flight without issues is a great sign for me. Obviously a lot more testing to do, but a good start. I'll keep reporting.
  3. I'll have some time in the coming days to fly the bus again with the updated version. Real world flying gets in the way and I haven't been able to test out the new version. Just to be precise, under logging, am I just checking "Alt Process" or all options under logging? I'd love to be able to help with this any way I can. It's a community effort... Thanks, Jordan
  4. I'm sure this is as frustrating for the developers as it is for us experiencing the problem. From my perspective, I know exactly when and where this began. Someone else having the problem, please correct me if I'm wrong - this happened after the experimental update. Is this correct for everyone? If we all agree on that, can someone on the development side take a deeper look into the changes made in that update to see if something could be impacting some of our systems? It has to be something in the FMC code, because the managed speed numbers change automatically and incorrectly which causes the speed to drop. I understand completely that this isn't simple or easy, but it's frustrating because I know exactly when this began. And it's happened to enough of us for me to know that I'm not crazy or did something incorrectly in the update process. I've uninstalled and reinstalled in excess of 6-7 times now, each time trying something a little different. It's just not working out. Still an excellent product, though. No doubts there...
  5. Is this information related to the managed speed problem or just appearance of the Airbus? I think the Airbus looks great in the sim, personally! No complaints on my end. But if this could be causing the managed speed problem, I'd like to know what the conflicting add-ons would be so I can remove them. In my case, the Airbus takes priority over an add-on that could be messing with files. I'm willing to try anything and everything! Appreciate it! Jordan
  6. Things were going really well on this latest run, but about 46 minutes into the flight, the speed dropped to 117 knots again. Now this is the longest I've gone so far without having to put it in Selected mode. But we're back. Something is definitely going on in that FMC. The speeds are changing on their own somehow and I'm not doing anything at the time when this happens. Just simply observing and watching the computer change them on its own. Whatever is causing the calculated managed speeds to change is obviously what's causing the managed speed to drop. I think I'll give this a rest for a while and enjoy flying the Bus as it is. I can comfortably fly the plane in selected mode without problem. The airplanes I fly in real life don't have a "Managed Mode". So I can tolerate it in the sim until a solution is found. Happy Holidays to everyone! Jordan
  7. Besides scenery and aircraft, it's a pretty simple setup. I have Active Sky (updated to P3D4.4) and TOGA ENVTEX / ENVSHADE. Just for the heck of it, I just uninstalled for the 6th time, but this time I did a disc check and also deleted the Aerosoft Updater so that a fresh installation would also reinstall the updater. I ran everything as Admin. So I can report back the next time I fly.
  8. Unfortunately, after my 5th uninstall / reinstall of the Bus (and following Harold's steps exactly), I still have the same problem. Here are some things I noticed: On the PERF page during preflight, on the Descent phase, it has the correct speed calculated (something around 290 knots). During the climb, the speed on the Descent phase changes on its own to 206 knots and the Airbus rolls the speed back to that value (again during the climb). So the managed speed is calling on the descent speed during the climb for some reason and, on top of that, it changes the correct descent managed speed to a different value. The value during cruise is another story. I just can't figure out how it arrives at a managed speed value of 117 knots, even though on the CRZ page, it lists the correct cruise speed. Not sure where to go from here. Obviously, the plane is still flyable, but I've been flying in Selected mode since
  9. Wow! Alright... I'll try this again following your steps. I'm with ya - this will probably be my 5th time going through the process, but I'll pay extra attention to everything you did. Did you load the sim in between any of your steps, or just restart the computer? Thanks for the update! Jordan
  10. So if you could, walk me through this... Correct me if I'm wrong... I should uninstall the Bus through the Windows program manager. Then reinstall using the latest download from Aerosoft which is After that, run the Aerosoft updater to get it to I'm almost certain this is what I do every time I've had to uninstall/ reinstall. Am I leaving anything out? Is that what you mean when you say that you include experimental and non-experimental in the reinstall?
  11. For those of us with this issue, I think it's safe to say at this point that it was introduced somewhere around the - area. That's when I first noticed it. I've gone down the reinstall route (both of P3D and Aerosoft Bus), neither of which fixed it for me. Clearly, at, some people got by unscathed and some (like us) got the bug. Maybe we missed a step at that point. When we use the updater to get an experimental update, are we supposed to do anything else besides simply clicking the update/download button? Are there additional files to delete? Should a system restart take place? I'm probably grasping at straws here, by hopefully you see what I'm getting at... Basically, are we not updating the software correctly?
  12. Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring on this as well. I'm running the latest version of everything and I've lost managed speed on all flights. This is all done in the A320 IAE for me. Sometimes it happens in the climb, other times in cruise. Right now doing a trip from KBOS-KRDU (KBOS SSOXS5 SSOXS DCT BUZRD DCT SEY DCT HTO J174 SWL KAROO2 KRDU). Flight plan is manually entered. Right now I have a headwind in excess of 100 knots, yesterday I had a tailwind in excess of 100 knots. That doesn't seem to matter - managed speed tanks regardless. When it drops during the climb, it looks like it's trying to achieve a speed constraint in the STAR for whatever airport I'm flying to (something around 206-220 knots), but when it drops during cruise it's usually some insane number like 105 knots. I see no correlation to any other speed listed in the FMC. At least if I could follow the logic of the speed it's trying to fly, maybe that would point to the problem. But the drop in cruise to something like 105 knots really throws me off that trail.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I honestly wouldn't know where to begin. I'll leave all of that to the pros.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I wasn't expecting you to add the NO SMOKING sign... I know it's obsolete. So, if I understand, the change in logic from before to the new NO PED switch is that the flap position is now a factor along with the landing gear. Where, before, it was just the gear position. Good to know! Thanks for the clarification.
  15. I noticed that the No PED sign logic/ chime, when in the AUTO position, is linked to the Flaps 1 position. On the old Bus and with the NO SMOKING sign, the logic and chime was linked to the landing gear position. For example, NO SMOKING selector ON : NO SMOKING and EXIT signs come on simultaneously with a low tone chime. AUTO : NO SMOKING and EXIT signs come on when the landing gear is extended, and turn off when the landing gear is retracted. The low tone chime sounds (depending on the CIDS/CAM programming) when the lights go on or off. OFF : Signs are off. The low tone chime sounds when the lights turn off (depending on the CIDS/CAM programming). I know this might be an airline specific option, but I know a few US operators are still using the NO SMOKING logic with the landing gear position. This is such a small detail, so please work on the more pressing issues first, but I just wanted to see if this could be altered at some point. In any case, thanks for all the hard work you put into this product!
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