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  1. I just ordered mine today. Really looking forward to this. Is it a straightforward installation, and are instructions provided? Just from looking at picture and the quadrant, I can't quite gauge how to install it. Thanks, Jordan
  2. Not a problem. I forgot to mention the GND SPLRS. I was thinking about assigning the ARM function to one of the buttons under the engine start switches. That seems like an efficient place to put it for me. That should cover everything except the Flaps and Autobrake which unfortunately are beyond my knowledge level on this topic. But this is a good start. I'm sure we'll hear something from the Aerosoft team as soon as they have it working on their end. Jordan
  3. I'd be happy to share how I set mine up so far. It's not perfect by any means, but it gets the job done until Aerosoft provides official support. In P3D, assign Z Axis to "Flaps axis" - I have the Sensitivity all the way to the right and Null Zone all the way to the left. There are issues with the Flap 2 detent which I hope Aerosoft will address. But it will set if you move the handle just beyond Flaps 2. Assign Rz Axis to "Spolier axis" - This actually worked well out of the box for me. No adjustments needed Button 17 to "Rudder trim (center)"; Button 18 to "Rudder trim (l
  4. Would you mind sharing how you set these up? I'm having difficulty assigning the gear lever to perform gear up vs. gear down as well as the parking brake switch to perform on vs. off. The respective actions only work when moving the switch in one direction. I'm also having some issues with the flap detents not being quite in the right position when moving the handle. I'm not even messing with the autobrake until official support is given (that's a bit out of my knowledge range). I appreciate any help you might be able to provide!
  5. For me as well... Always manually input the flight plans into the MCDU.
  6. Ok. Good news! First flight without managed speed issues. Roughly 2 hour flight. All constraints were met (both speed and altitude). Keep in mind, this issue was not random for me - this happened every single flight. So the fact that I just completed a flight without issues is a great sign for me. Obviously a lot more testing to do, but a good start. I'll keep reporting.
  7. I'll have some time in the coming days to fly the bus again with the updated version. Real world flying gets in the way and I haven't been able to test out the new version. Just to be precise, under logging, am I just checking "Alt Process" or all options under logging? I'd love to be able to help with this any way I can. It's a community effort... Thanks, Jordan
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