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  1. Ask this question last in 2019 - By when I can expect to undock the ND as 2D for Airbus A31x/32x ? - The answer was we work on this for one of the next releases Is there any update if this will become real in the near future ? - As Skalarki in the meanwhile realized to use the hardware P&P with Aerosoft it definitely would make sense Thanks Mat
  2. The pitch trim wheel doesn´t work. I can´t adjust it manually any more via mouse. It remains on 4 degree DN before the start as well during the flight. The wheels then moving back and forth and the plain cannot be trimmed - It´s going up and down. This happened a view times over the last month and now remain since days. Any idea what the Problem could be ?
  3. Thanks Tom, that means for the A18 - 321 it will be implemented with an upcoming update ?
  4. I´m sure this question has been ask lot of times but I´m to stupid to enter the right search phrases. Is it possible to undock other displays beside the PFD to move it to a separate monitor ? It´s A3xx Prof. package for P3DV4 Thanks for rout me to the right post. Thx , Mathias
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