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  1. This is a useful summary of the protections and their presentation on the PFD. It is not unknown for the low speed end of the barbers pole to cover Vls. The V2 speed of 129 seems a bit low.
  2. Is there any system page appearing at the same time? Rudder trim not in TO range is triggered by the following- Triggering Conditions: If the RUD TRIM is not in TO configuration, this alert triggers: - when thrust levers are set at TO, or Flex TO, or - when pressing T.O CONFIG pb. is there a warning or caution warning associated with this temporary behaviour and when does it occur? The Airbus has flight phase inhibits which means that some warnings are hidden from the crew during certain phases of flight.
  3. Trim is set in the aircraft by the CG percentage not by surface position.
  4. Speedbrakes out is a warning that the brakes are out and thrust levels are increasing. It flashes/pulses is how the fcom describes it as it is an attention getter
  5. The speed tape does not show alpha floor. In normal law it shows Vls , alpha prot amd alpha max. Alpha floor is an auto thrust mode. Alpha floor is not pitch dependent. From the fcom- Alpha-floor protection automatically sets the thrust at TOGA thrust, when the aircraft reaches a very high angle of attack. The Flight Augmentation Computer (FAC) generates the signal that triggers the alpha-floor mode. This, in turn, sets TOGA thrust on the engines, regardless of the thrust lever positions (Refer to DSC-22_30-90 A/THR Modes - General). The FAC sends this signal when:
  6. The SRS mode engages automatically when the thrust levers are set to the TOGA or FLX/MCT detent (when a Flex takeoff temperature or Derated takeoff@ has been selected), providing: V2 has been inserted in the MCDU PERF TAKEOFF page The slats are extended The aircraft has been on ground for at least 30 s. SRS mode, the aircraft maintains a speed target equal to V2+10 kt in normal engine configuration. When the FMGS detects an engine failure, the speed target becomes the highest of V2 or current speed, limited by V2+15 kt. The SRS g
  7. The prescribed way is to move the thrust levers until the doughnuts/blue circles are aligned with the current thrust and press the disconnect buttons on the thrust levers, alternatively press the athr button on the fcu.
  8. Thank you for your explanation. The previous topic reply was very passive aggressive as was stopping any further response by closing the topic. I wish you a Merry Christmas.
  9. Unfortunately my previous topic was closed without an adequate answer to my question. I would like to know why this has been withdrawn as I am sure that there would be other fsx users who would be interested in buying it. Please can this topic not closed until there has been an explanation not just a NO.
  10. Would it be possible to make this older software available as a bespoke purchase? I have cash ready to make a purchase.
  11. Would anybody please be able to tell me where I can purchase this from as I cannot find it in the shop?
  12. All I have on my pc is a clean version of w10,the manufacturers software, and the gaming software. I use ipads (I am up to four) for everything else. I would be interested to hear of users experiences taxing using the tiller and their hardware set up. I would also be interested if anybody has tried single engine taxi out /in.
  13. I have been using edge to read documents on the pc and I keep the pc deliberately light on add ons to try and improve the performance of it. Does the tiller follow the real aircraft nosewheel steering logic which is non-linear? Does it also wash out with increasing ground speed?
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