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  1. As you can see by the screenshot below following a self newbuild (see sig below) And a complete reinstall of Vista along with FS9 and FSX i have a problem porting one of my favorite planes from FS9 to FSX. Anyone know of a fix? Regards Hodge
  2. From the pc parts site i use for that BFG card they state "Finally 500W minimum for PSU and 600W+ is recommended." Details can be found here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....s)%20-%20Retail
  3. My new pc came with Vista 64 Bit. FSX runs sweet with no problems full sliders -50% autogen. FS9 is where my problems are its good in full screen mode but in window mode there looks like there is no AA enabled. New drivers installed and have been playing with nHancer (a driver tweak prog) I stll say if its for FSX only go with Vista.
  4. Add the following command: to the FSX .cfg file [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=n "n" refers to the number of cores on your system that are scheduled. Refer to the table below: n= # of Cores 1 1 core 0001 3 2 cores 0011 7 3 cores 0111 15 4 cores 1111 Since you are utilizing an Dual-Core Processor on your system, This is the line to add [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=3
  5. just got my new pc New pc specs are - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 GO 2.40GHz Quad Core CPU Overclocked too a minimum of 3.30GHz and beyond. (8/9 x 400MHz - 1600MHz FSB) - Tuniq Tower 120 Pro Blue LED Intel approved cooler - Arctic Silver 5 Heatsink compound - Abit IP35-Pro Intel P35 (Socket LGA775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard - Award winning Crucial 4GB Ballistix Tracer PC2-8500 CAS5 (4x1GB) Dual Channel Kit (Overclocked at 1000MHz+) - 2x 150GB RaptorX Western Digital 16MB Cache SATA-2 Hard Drives (Configured in RAID 0 and main boot drive) - 500GB Seagate 32MB Cache SATA-2 Hard
  6. The Vulcan is back Click link: XH558 here we go
  7. Welcome home Coops Remember this lot Shaun
  8. Not top quality but it should help http://cansonet.free.fr/Utilisateurs/Coust...y_cousteau.html
  9. I just dont get the part where you say "so what that you cant fly online biig deal i just like flying around any where I can." I fly both fs9 and fsx on the same servers. If you would like any info on how just shout.
  10. After 2 days with FSX i was ready to uninstall it due to bad FPS. Then i came across this site http://www.fox-fam.com/wordpress/?page_id=41 Some great mods and i now get 18-20 fps from the default of 8 to as low as 0.1!! there is light at the end of the black hole WARNING these mods are unofficial. Be sure to backup your files before using any of these modifications!!!!
  11. Got it now thanks Mathijs. Took me all of 5 mins to place the cutter in the bay at Liverpool
  12. i just tried to get the coastguard cutter. but after i enter my credit card details. i get the message "no contract available". Help i want to spend money
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