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  1. Hey all, Just a quick note I have an iMac that I run my FSX on I own a number of Aerosoft product and am very honoured to have them on my computer. My question my iMac has a intel duo core 2 processor, speed is 2.66 GHz L2 Cache,Memoery is 4 GB with a Nvida geforce 9400 card and 256 mb. Would this be enough the run Huey X addon for my sim?? I look forward to a reply thanks for reading my question. Richard
  2. Hey all, What about asking Aerosoft to start an online server for flying online. Making it our little commuity to fly with each other and have fun. Members ONLY of course just a thought Richard
  3. Hey Cody, Nice Video very well done keep up the great work Richard
  4. Hello Kevin, I just read about your misfortune of FS addon's but I want you to know that Mathjis and his company would never steer you wrong i have bought many thing's from there store all 5 stars and the order process is so painless trust me. Once you see how was it is to order from them you will say way did i ever wait so long to order from them. I hope you decide to order from Mathjis you just cant go wrong and you would get quality service from Aerosoft. Richard
  5. Hey all, Just to let all those wondering if FSX will run on a Mac the answer is absoluty does without a problem the graphics are awsome. So for those wondering if the 24" iMac will run FSX YES IT WILL. So have fun flying and see you in the sky. Richard
  6. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to add my thoughts on the F16 and the catalina well I just downloaded them last night and Aerosoft is the only place to buy great flight sim addons. I couldnt stop flying them last night OMG they are both well worth the money for all those who dont have these in there hangers your nuts BUY THEM NOOOW. 5 Stars to the devolopers of they wonderful aircraft SPOT ON SPOT ON Richard
  7. Hey All, I really hope some new videos come out in the the video forum there are some really talented people who make there videos. And I enjoy watching them knowing that Flight simulation is here to stay for years to come. P.S. my next purchase is going to be the catalina float plane what a great plane. Look foprward to flying her one day very soon. Richard
  8. Hey all, Nice to see a new flight sim come out I look forward to downloading it in the future very soon once I pay some bills LOL Richard
  9. Hey all, Just curious how come only America is the only Scenery that is made for Flight simX how about Canada getting some added Scenery software for Flight sim X. British Columbia Canada has some awsome places to fly all you have to do is tour around and find all sorts of places to fly. I hope that people talk this up for new Scenery it would be nice for a change of Scernery and new missions for the beaver and bush planes out there. See you in the sky's Richard
  10. Well this is very good news I will start saving up and thankyou for the video that was all the evidence i needed Thanks:) Richard Toshiba here i come
  11. Hey all, I am thinking of buying a laptop a toshiba 300x laptop it's a gaming machine to do my flight simming Has anyone tried this??? Just wondering since my big system has died. Would appreiacte some feedback. Thanks Richard
  12. Oh Great you guys did again I have to buy another plane Really nice work gent's it's a pleasure being member of this site watching great planes being brought back to life. Keep up the awsome work. I look forward to buying this plane when it's ready for roll out:)
  13. Hey everyone, Just a quick note for those of you humming and hawing about getting the MD11 GET IT it is worth the price. I just bought and it is one nice piece of software it's really easy to land. And it's specs are easy on almost all systems. I just love PMDG stuff never had a bad experience with them everything top noch every time. So do yourself this favor go and buy this software you wont be dissipointed trust me. Richard I give this plane 5 stars!
  14. Hey all, Just wanted all to know the long awaited PMDG MD11 has arrived GO GET IT.
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