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  1. I am not going to bash fsx, but prefer fs9 for now because I am used to it, and feel more comfortable with playing around with the settings, and moving files. I know that fsx has more to offer in certain instances, but fs9 does have a lot more add-ons, including free airports that I cannot otherwise get in fsx, along with the infamous and yes extremely addictive aes services. I am looking forward to the f-16 for fsx, and it is definitive proof that fsx is more superior in detail, but am not willing to give up fs9 just yet.(oliver is to blame for that.)
  2. I am starting to get worried here. I understand that they only release preliminary pictures when they are close to release, but it still looks worrisome to me that they have not given an update. Oh well, I have come to learn and understand that with software, it sometimes takes more time to refine things. Hopefully it will come out soon.
  3. Feels real quiet here, could they possibly be nearing the end? I hope all is going well.
  4. I am thinking about purchasing PILOTs FS Global 2008, and had a few questions. Firstly, is it worth it? I mainly use fs9, but also have fsx, and am ready for the f-16. Secondly, if it is that good, will it interfere with my airports? I am using egll, kord, lszh, vhhx, omdb, us airports, and frankfurt and barcelona as soon as the boxed versions are shipped. I also use a lot of aes approved freeware airports, and will look into more payware airports like lfpg, and perhaps some overland ones as soon as Oliver has them onboard. Thirdly, and finally, is it "just" the terrain that is greatly improved? I am somewhat ignorant when it come to mesh, and terrain. Thanks. p.s. I know I can ask the developer, but trust this forum and feel more comfortable asking my questions here. 2.4ghz quad core, 320 gig hd, 4gig ocz sli ram@800mhz, bfg 9800gtx, 22inch hp widescreen.
  5. Can someone please do this repaint of the wilco a340-600? It does not exist yet It will have the same serial, defensive suite as this a340-200. http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6250303&nseq=1 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6270262&nseq=0 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6194022&nseq=3 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=...286&nseq=39 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=...055&nseq=56 http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=27975&nseq=109 Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks Oliver. If I understand correctly, the best thing to do is just uninstall fs9, and reinstall in D, and away from C. I hope I got it right. I will do that tonight, as it seems to be the best way to insure that everything works properly, and without all the extra stuff going on.
  7. Oliver, I hate taking you away from development work, but I have an issue. I have a new system that sadly comes with vista installed. When I start up aes, I get a screen that says: aes has detected a SCENERY.CONFIG in the virtual store! This can generate problems with the scenery. I push ok, and it goes away. When I try to add airports, including free ones, I get: add-on scenery not found or not active. Please install or activate in the scenery library first. I installed, and activated all my add-ons (e.g. limc) and cannot get the credits to work. I checked kord, egll, and they work just fine with no problems. P.S. I am using fs9.1, and aes as administrators, as this was the only way to get o'hare to activate. Thanks.
  8. Finally, now I am in real trouble. Just bought a new computer, will be ordering frankfurt, madrid,o'hare, and when released cdg,barcelona, the wonderfull f-16, kjfk, and also the airsimmer a320, a380, and finally the embraer 170. I guess I need to work harder at work, and also find time late at night to enjoy all the above listed.
  9. Thanks, I have been waiting and wondering. Now I am happy.
  10. O.K., I am officially lost here. Two hard drives for quicker info is understandable, but what I do not get here is how do you configure this, and how do you tell the system to split the info on two hard drives? I do not know if I am making any sense regarding this, but I originally thought I would get a raptor(10,000rpm) for my fs, and leave the regular hd for the family. I figured I could find a way to split the raptor to use for both fs9 (main), and fsx for when I want to try the great looking f-16 when it comes out. I say split, as I noticed that fsx files get mashed in with fs9 if installed together, and then I have to physically uninstall both and delete all entries and start fresh to get things back to normal for fs9. I am totally confused.
  11. Yes , but not till the end of the year I think. http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...de61173d7ebbdb5
  12. You are right, I find this form very easy to use and more importantly understand. I only happened across DeGaulle as I was deciding on wether to buy the old version, or wait for a new one. It will be a mega airport by the way. As usual, Mathijs took the time to answer my questions regarding this. The thing is that I want to purchase Frankfurt, and Madrid in boxed form. I was under the impression that it was cheaper to ship multiple products together. Either way, I think I will just wait till both are boxed and order them, and hopefully get DeGaulle and Barcelona, and perhaps even lisbon at a later time. I know they are much better detailed in fsx, but I will not give up fs9 until Oliver releases (I hope) aes for fsx. It is so much more enjoyable with it.
  13. I am sorry to bug you, but I am curious as to wether there is any info regarding mega LFPG? I noticed there were no previews, and no real info forthcoming. Any news is welcome. Thanks
  14. Chris, it is running at 2.4ghz 8mb l2 cache. Also, I think the card is a basic GT @ 512mb.
  15. This question is intended for Mathijs, and anyone else with some experience. Having thought about the excellent answers in my previous thread regardind a new pc, I am now thinking of buying a stock hp with a 22 or 24 inch screen. It is still more expensive at around $1,200.00, but a lot cheaper than building my own. The specs are very similar: Core 2 quad with 3gb ram, and a 500gb hard drive runing vista 32bit. The video card is its "weakness": 8700GT, but I figured I can update to a GTS if needed at a later time. My question here is, will it run fsx at decent framerates, or will it struggle? I know fs9 is will run fine, as it is much more capable than my old rig. Thanks for all the help
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