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  1. Sept '06 I departed EDDV in an L1011, had hydraulic problems enroute and landed at Qatar ............ military base somewhere :? I then flew by C130 to OAKN and then further to the middle of Helmand province. R+R Feb'07 middle of Helmand to OAKN by C130 then L1011 to OMDB and then onto EDDV Visited my girlfriend going B738 EDLP - LEPA - LPPR and back followed by EDDV - OAKN by L1011 again and further by C130 to Helmand province again Lastly Helmand province to OAKN by C130, L1011 from OAKN - OMDB - LCRA (for 2 days decompression then a 747 from LCRA - EDDV courtesy (or rather chartered) from XL Travel After all that and what happened in between the flights (quite a lot of ch-46 action) it is great to be back, all i have to do now is learn how to fly again, then build a new pc and buy FS10 deluxe. Hope everyone has kept well since I departed Regards Coops
  2. loads of room for error .............. must have at least 1m in all directions
  3. The charts you are after pop up frequently on www.ebay.de If you put in a search jeppesen there will be a selection appear it's just a case of waiting for a set to turn up Regards Coops
  4. Quality isn't as good here but some good detail on engine startup, stabilisers and landing gear operation. Also a distant touch and go (if thats what you would call it) on water. Coops
  5. Unfortunately no water involved but click here to see one in action at a Swiss airshow. Coops
  6. http://www.aerosoft.com/shop-re/links/contact.html Regards Coops
  7. Only started getting things since xmas 2004, time for a breather, save my pennies to upgrade my computer then I'll be ready to get some more. Aircraft Eurowings 2004 A-10 Warthog Diamond Katana Super Cub - Courtesy of Mathijs and crew Scenery Scenery Germany 2 Utilities FDC Live Cockpit My Traffic 2004 Trains High Speed Trains Modern :shock: Coops edit Forgot to say that the airbus on eurowings is my favourite.
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