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  1. i have a couple of planes that have that too, mostly probs. i help that issue by pulling back on the auto mixture , it slows the props down a bit and gives the engines less power ....its not how to do this propperly, but hey..this is a SIM, not a real plane...LOL Tom
  2. Sure there is...turn AP on, set your altitute you want to fly at, maybe even set your speed....to turn your aircraft while in AP, all you have to do is CTRL+V and it turns of the auto heading and it lets you make turns while the altitute stays at what you selectet....some planes have a auto level button, make sure its off.... happy flying... Tom
  3. sagamol

    Camp David

    I have an idea that I would like some help with. I never added objects to FSX, so I am a compleate *&^&*^ when it comes to that. there is a "no fly zone" in FSX over the area where Camp David is located, I confirmed it with google map. there is a fenced in area around Camp David. a large log style house where the President resides and a Helipad for Marine One to land. I would like to add this building ( or something similar large mansion style house and the helipad to the location where Camp David is). as I mentioned before I am a total novice and would like some help in creating this
  4. I have heard rumors of a Acceleration add-on of the EH101 in the future. this add-on is to be a rendition of the MARINE ONE Helicopter. Anyone have any more info?? is this an add-on from AEROSOFT ??
  5. I have several add-ons i downloaded to my FSX+ ACC over time , airplanes and sceneries alike, that have been working without a problem , UNTIL this week. the newly downloaded files show in their respective folders. i have not changed the way i have been installing them. sceneries go to ADD ON SCENERY/SENERY and aircraft go in FSX/SIMOBJECTS/AIRPLANES. the problem startet with the download from AVSIM , the FSX/FS2004 CONCORD and the AIRBUS 318 ALITALIA . I also downloaded a new Mission from AVSIM. i can not load the flightplan from the LOAD menu ( it does show the flight plan in the folder
  6. not sure what the two types are, i am looking at the one in the file i attached
  7. i kept my add on planes i previously installed. and no, i didnt test it after just installing fsx. but, the waypoint issue does work at times, i just tried it again at edwards in a 747 and it let me select a waypoint. then i tried it again later in a p-51 racer and it frooze up. so its not consistent....sometimes it works, but most times it freezes up and shuts down FSX...
  8. when i try to enter an airport id in the gps waypoint box, the FSX freezes and it shuts down. when i use the flightplaner to enter a route, it wont do that, only if i am clicking on the waypoint icon in my gps . can anyone help me get this issue solved. i tried to reload a new fsx.cfg by deleting the current one, but it still does it. i even un-installed FSX and re-installed..it still does it.....i have fsx+accel+ aerosoft add-ons thanks, Tom
  9. thanks Shaun, i did that and i found my posts. i remember installing V2.0 and that did the trick, but i can't seem to locate that version. i re-installed V2.1 several times now, but only the heliports show up and the reg airports. no glider fields.....strange.... tom
  10. I have to appologize, but I installed FSX again after buying Acceleration and I now am trying to install German Landmarks X V2.1. everything went fine, except I am again missing the glider and ultralite fields. the only airports that installed are the reg airports and the heliports. please let me knmow what I'm doing wrong. I un-installed GL 3 times and re-installed but it is always the same...this happend to me before and I postet on here, but I dont seem to be able to find those post, telling me the answer to the problem... thanks , Tom
  11. does that mean i shouldnt have to re-install SP1 then?..if its an automatic install when i download acceleration?? still confused...
  12. i had some real issues after installing acceleration and desided to clean house. i un-installed fsx, acceleration and all the aerosoft add-ons, german landmark x, dillingham, aspen... i used the add and remove program in the control panel to do that. i reinstalled 3 things for now. first, FSX..run it once and defraged second, acceleration...ran it once and defraged again third, german landmarks x..ran it once and defraged again. now that i'm back in business, my sim runs like grap...the video is choppy, even though i wrote down all the display settings i used before the install w
  13. holy cow....there is a ton of programs listed in the start up tab. mostly software programs and you are right, adobe is one of them, among other software programs, like groove monitor, kodak easyshare is a big one, all of them have a green checkmark in front of them..can i uncheck some of the ones i recognize as programs i am not using?...not sure which once are actually requierd, so i am kinda hessitant to touch any of them.... Tom
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