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  1. I make that 3 votes for the Electra, clear winner. As I suggested earlier a package of flight plans etc celebrating Amelia Earharts attempt would be great.
  2. This is the downloaded version which I have updated. When I try to connct to fsx "Error 429 Active X cant create object in set up Direct Sound routine" Vista 64 Fsx SP2. any ideas?
  3. How about an Electra? Its a beautiful aircraft and Aerosoft could include a package about Ameilia Earhart's attempt to fly around the world with flight plans etc. Now a plane like this as well done as the cheyenne :shock: :shock: :shock: That would be something!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.landebahnen.de/lockheed_electra.html
  4. I have "solved" this but only because I have a new build (Q6600, 8800gt) and a clean install of FSX. So maybe it was a driver issue or a conflict with other app's :?: The Cheyenne runs a dream now with v.g. framerates as well with the update.
  5. Sorry, I meant that I had it saved on a cd (but could not install from this) Yes, I have the downloaded version, So 1.01 is the most recent? Thanks!
  6. :idea: Remembered the Ms Visual re-install and I'm flying again and now with workable f/r's with a Q6600!. You mention 3 service packs? does update 1.01 include all? Cheers
  7. Installed with update 1.01. BUT when I select the Cheyenne in FSX it causes a fatal error and fsx restarts. :?: I'm on Vista 64
  8. Just installed the beaver on a new build with Vista 64. When I turn the cockpit lights on the instruments go blank/do not light up also the gps is tranparent. :?:
  9. It seems I somehow installed it without the registration file, so will request a new number. I have now turned off UAC which is much better! Cheers Also whats the score on updates? where is the latest? (I have not updated since it was first released)
  10. I have the Cheyenne on disc. have installed it on a new build. it shows in aircraft files of fsx but does not come up in select aircraft :?:
  11. Check out FSCommander (from aerosoft) very good - best and most used addon for me!
  12. Thanks, is that the developers forum?
  13. I read about the patch for this, Is it ready yet?
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