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  1. Well... you can keep on laughing but I guess Krivadesign just proved you wrong with the historical Google Earth satellite images. So sad that you didn't even put in some effort to check the info I posted previously and hope to impress others with your incorrect 'knowledge' instead. Regards, Sylvain Ps: Hi Kriva! Hope that you are doing well and that you don't miss the flying too much! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Maybe simply because Terminal C aka 'the satelliet' used to be an old terminal (with jetways!) when DFS released their version of EBBR in 2007?! No need to be so annoyed if you got your facts right... The idea was to renovate the satelliet and convert it to a low-cost terminal to attract more traffic some years after the demise of Sabena. As low-cost carriers often do not want to pay for the use of expensive airport services, the jetways were removed in 2008. The project did not materialize in the end and the building is now used as office space. Great job on the renders Raz! Keep it up... Regards, Sylvain
  3. I can confirm this! Thanks Oliver, Sylvain
  4. Hi guys, 110.30 MHz used to be the frequency for the ILS 25L in BRU. It changed to 110.35MHz a few years ago now... So it's a typo in the manual, the frequency specified in the AFCAD file is correct! Cheers, Sylvain
  5. Hello Shaun, I already reported this to Cornel on the official Dreamfactory Studios support forum in Nov 2007. As far as I understand his reply this is due to the way the terminal has been modelled. There must be another technique that doesn't suffer from this problem as other developers manage to model glass properly in their sceneries. It would be great if you could renew the interest in this issue. Regards, Sylvain
  6. Hmmm... I was planning to upgrade my EDDF2005 to the newer 2008 version but after reading the comments above, I think I'll wait for now... The performance of the 2005 version is excellent here... I'm not willing to sacrifice fps just to get some newer buildings/terminals and other details... Could other users compare their fps between the 2005 and the 2008 version??? Do you all see a decrease in fps? Cheers, Sylvain
  7. Hi Martin, Does this happen with all your add-on aircraft? I also have exactly the same problem sometimes and I think I noticed (should check further) it only happens with certain aircraft add-ons. Maybe something to check on your side as well. I don't use the 3GB patch by the way. Best regards, Sylvain
  8. Great pic! The Hornet is indeed a very cool bird 8) Regards, Sylvain
  9. I guess it's better not to open the nose-section on the ground when there are gusting winds Cheers, Sylvain
  10. Hello Oliver, can you let us know when the installer has been updated on the website please? :wink: Thanks, Sylvain
  11. Hello guys! Is the FS2004 version included in the recently released 'Mega Airport Brussels X' identical to the previous 'Brussels 2007' package (only released for FS2004) or has it been improved/modified in any way? Thanks! :wink: Best Regards, Sylvain
  12. Hi Peter, there is already a topic regarding this problem. It may be a good idea to check and follow up the following post to keep the feedback of Aerosoft grouped in one post. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=13804 Let's hope we will find a solution soon... Best regards, Sylvain
  13. Hi Shaun, no link in our account for us simmarket buyers unfortunately :cry: Simmarket asks us to contact Cornel directly to see how we can obtain our promised FS X update. Some of us are trying to contact him via his own Dreamfactory EBBR support forum but it seems Cornel isn't checking it regularly... Maybe you can pass him the message next time you guys are in touch? :wink: Thanks, Sylvain
  14. I also would like to wish you a very happy birthday Shaun! Congrats!! Sylvain
  15. Thanks Shaun, you convinced me to buy it directly from the Aerosoft Store Already succesfully installed in FS2004 and AES activated... I hope to have some time to do a testflight tonight! Cheers, Sylvain
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