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  1. If you log in to your Aerosoft shop account and go to the product you purchased, you should see the new version available for download. It is not available via the Update/FAQ section.
  2. You should check out the FSDeveloper website for advice from others on how to go about scenery design. You might need to use Gmax rather than Sketchup for modelling.
  3. I just wanted to confirm that although I am now getting AES marshaller and stewardess announcement sounds, I still cannot hear any boarding/de-boarding sounds. Is there any setting I can try to fix this? I can see that the sound files are there in the AES\Sound folder. EDIT: Solved! It was the ActiveCamera program as noted in the manual. I have disabled the Fly-by mode and the sounds are working again. Cheers,
  4. Thanks Oliver, Setting the Announcement sounds to "Maximum" has worked. I am still not hearing the boarding/de-boarding sounds from the cabin though.
  5. I have just installed AES v2.21 for FS9 after using v2.14. Now I have no sounds either for any of the AES functions (ie; pushback, boarding, etc). Everything was working fine on v2.14 so I don't know what to do. I am using FS9 on Windows 7 64 bit (and FS9 is installed in C:\MyPrograms\Flight Sim 9). Regards, Graeme
  6. No need to deactivate the whole FranceVFR basepack, just the following files should be removed from the FlightRivieraBP\scenery folder: AF2_LFMN.BGL bld_lfmn.bgl exc_LFMN_tax.bgl flt_LFMN.bgl tax_LFMN.bgl
  7. Thanks for that information!
  8. Is there a FS9 version on the Luebeck scenery? The recently released German Airports 3 bundle contains Luebeck and is said to be for both FSX and FS2004, but the Aerosoft shop displays Luebeck scenery as FSX only. I checked the same product at Simmarket and it is said to be for both FS9 and FS2004. Can anyone clarify please? Thanks,
  9. I will NOT purchase any FSX scenery. I WILL purchase the FS9 version if you complete it. Good luck and thank you.
  10. I thought I should let Martin know that he is not alone. I have had two experiences of this behaviour in the last week. I am using AES v2.04 plus the 2.04 fix, on Windows XP and FS2004. In the first case I flew from LBSF (non-AES) to LIRF (AES). On landing at LIRF I could not activate AES using the CTRL-SHIFT-W keypress, although I could hear the runway centreline bump noises. I exited FS9, then restarted at LIRF and AES was working perectly. A few days later I flew from EGGD Bristol (AES) to EGAA Belfast (AES) and again on landing I could not activate any AES. I shutdown FS and restarted FS9 at EGAA and AES was functioning. I know that this does not help much, but it apparently Martin's experience is not an isolated case. I am fairly certain that I have not had this problem on earlier versions of AES. Regards,
  11. I noticed this too - but sometimes it is required, depending on how the scenery was designed. Can you confirm the correct sequence please?
  12. I have just installed Bremen on my system and I agree that there seems to be a bad shimmering problem. I wonder if some textures have no mipmaps that might cause this. I am running windows XP with nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS card.
  13. Well - on my system the installer did not detect the GAP1 installation, and I had to manually rename the seven files "LOWI*.bgl" plus the file "AF2_LOWI_GAP-Team.bgl". Prior to that I had duplicate buildings and the old style runway texture. Looks good now though!
  14. Even better, provide the option for users to change any of the colours!
  15. The new Hamburg scenery is not yet supported by AES, according to a thread in the Scenery Discussion forum.
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