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  1. Please dont let this issue slip away. I feel like such progress was being made. I still have not flown FS since I encountered this issue and its starting to kill me slowly!!!!
  2. I do not have Geo Render scenery. I have gotten this error at KEWR, EGLL, KORD, KSFO. Very densely populated sceneries that are taking up a lot of memory.
  3. Since the posts were lost, I would like to bring this issue back to the forum. Still having the black screens and crashes flying to AES enabled airports with the 3GB patch. Last posts were of us offering to test any patches you may hopefully come up with. Is there any update on this issue? Thanks, Chris
  4. I will be happy to test as well. I definitely need this problem resolved so whatever assistance I can offer... Chris
  5. Any updates on this? This issue has literally stopped my flying. I really do not want to uninstall AES as it has become something I cannot live without!
  6. AHHHH!!! I just did a flight from KORD to EGLL, both AES activated and got the same problem, however mine reported the problem to be with vimaiscn.dll and g3d.dll although i encountered the g3d.dll on a flight from KSFO to KEWR, all AES activated. I got the g3d.dll before perfoming the 3GB patch to fs9.exe. This flight just now to EGLL was my first flight with the 3GB patch which gave me the vimaiscn.dll error. This is FRUSTRATING!!!! I hope you guys figure this one out cause its KILLING ME! Chris
  7. I can try that later tonight when I get home. But when parked at a jetway, i do get the stairs to the back door. At other sceneries, I do get the jetway to the front door.
  8. I have done that at KBOS and KSFO as well to see if my parking position was the issue. That didnt help. I have 1.94a.
  9. Hi guys, At KSFO and KBOS, I have AES setup. All the vehicles work and what not, however the jetways do not move to the plane. This works at the imaginesim airports I have activated, but not these 2. The only thing in common with them are that they are both flytampa sceneries. Is there something I am missing? Scenery updates or anything? Are there a limited number of gates that actually move or does every gate in each AES compatible scenery move to the plane? Thanks, Chris
  10. I uninstalled and reinstalled, this time selecting the acceleration pack installation as I had SP2 installed. That solved my problem! Chris
  11. Here are some images of what I am encountering. The first 2 show the default buildings mixed in with the mega airport scenery. The last shows the default taxiways
  12. Nope. I had installed into FSX after a fresh FSX install with SP1 and SP2. This was one of the first sceneries I installed and the only one I have for FSX in Europe. Chris
  13. All, The default EGLL airport in FSX is showing through my Mega Heathrow X. I can see all of the default taxiway signs and many of the default terminal buildings and gates are showing through as well. The ground textures seem to be fine though except where there is a default gate, the markings are showing there. How can I fix this problem? Thanks, Chris
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