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    Yes but it will take a while, so please be patient
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    Hallo Lars, kennst Du diesen Patch? https://www.inibuilds.com/airport-patches/aerosoft-dublin-patch
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    Du kannst den einzelnen Bäumen - in der library nach "simheaven/forests/tree.obj" suchen - Bäumen mit geringerer Höhe zuweisen, also anstatt Tree_02_14m.obj das Objekt Tree_02_6m.obj oder Tree_02_8m.obj setzen.
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    Ja dann muss eben die Beste aller Ehefrauen auf die neuen Winterstiefel bis nächstes Jahr warten 🤣! Ich hoffe natürlich, dass die Pedals das Geld wert sind, aber für sein Hobby muss das eben drin sein. Und ehrlich gesagt, Pedale habe ich schon immer vermisst, seitdem ich X-Plane betreibe. Nur mit Joystick ist die Fliegerei zwar machbar, aber wenn man die reale Fliegerei kennt, dann fehlt doch die "Fußarbeit" sehr!! Gruß Hermann
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    And that is the reason why we asked for the "where"
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    Emotions aside: There's a map right on the product page that explains the resolutions and which resolution applies for which area. Anything outside Lukla and Mt. Everest area should be considered as a free bonus. The very low resolution outer area that has 10m/pix only can be switched on and off to your liking (e.g. if you prefer FTX Global over low res satellite imagery in those areas). All the information to that is in the manual. Also note the FAQ on terrain lighting. Bests, Sascha
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    Es ist von der angekündigten Neuauflage aus dem Hause Aerosoft die Rede ;)...
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    Hi Hans, Would you be willing to add the LED's to the Lvars if I shot you over $50-$100. I understand it take time to add these and I don't expect you to do it for free. I need the LED lvars for the warning lights and the APU/Engine 1 & 2. and any other LED's that might need to be added. If you can do this, please shoot me a private message and we can arrange a payment. This is very important to me as I am mapping out a full cockpit sim. It is worth the investment to me to assist with adding the Lvars that use LED's.
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    I understand that Joon was chosen because it sound's similar to the French word for young "jeune". The division is marketed at younger travellers, basically defending market share from airlines like Norwegian. I'm sure any Farsi meaning in the name is purely coincidental.
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    Very nice and painted fast...wish to get the Bus back for Prepar 4.1! Trying to figure out why Air France named their new budget airline "Joon" for an Iranian/Persian Farsi language word meaning "Dear"? Darryl
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    waaaahhh , its my second joon livrery i have the F-GKXN already it will grow up my joon fleet GREAT JOB !!!!
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    Version V1.1


    Air Busan A321-231 IAE HL8213 www.airbusan.com/ PS : Anybody knows how to block the window completely with Paint kit?

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