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  1. It'll come later this year. Currently noted/planned changes are: Newly constructed Intercity-Hotel behind BER Terminal Apron E extension Passenger stairs on gates without jetways Fix for Gate B14 duplicated/B15 missing (signage only) Possibly some texture enhancements here and there Check, if default streetlights at apron can be excluded now (doesn't work for all streetlights) LODs for XBox compatibility VDGS "Virtual holding points" at main apron
  2. It'll come later this year. Currently noted/planned changes are: Newly constructed Intercity-Hotel behind BER Terminal Apron E extension Passenger stairs on gates without jetways Fix for Gate B14 duplicated/B15 missing (signage only) Possibly some texture enhancements here and there Check, if default streetlights at apron can be excluded now (doesn't work for all streetlights) LODs for XBox compatibility VDGS "Virtual holding points" at main apron
  3. Aktuell geplant bzw. notiert sind: Intercity-Hotel Neubau hinter dem BER Terminal. Apron E Erweiterung. Fluggasttreppen an Gates ohne Jetway Fix für Gate B14 doppelt/B15 fehlt (nur Beschilderung) Eventuell hier und da noch ein paar Textur-Aufbereitungen. Check, ob sich die Streetlights auf dem Apron entfernen lassen (funktioniert nicht bei allen Streetlights) LODs für XBox-Kompatibilität VDGS "Virtuelle Höfe" auf Hauptvorfeld Beim Easyjet-Hangar ist nach dem ersten Spatenstich leider nicht mehr viel passiert (außer, dass die Airline das Routennetz ab BER zusammengestrichen hat?) - der wird vermutlich also nicht kommen. Wie andernorts bereits geschrieben, nehme ich mich dessen zum nächsten Freiraum zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt diesen Jahres an. Insbesondere die Apron-Erweiterung und die XBox-Kompatibilität sind für sich genommen keine Puntke, die in einer Woche (oder in "einer Viertelstunde") erledigt sind. Sollte es sonst noch wichtige Punkte geben, die wir übersehen haben sollten, so bitte ich darum, die hier gerne noch einmal zu erwähnen.
  4. Hi! Not exactly sure what's the problem here? The taxilights (if those are the ones you're referring to) are working as intended. Also the centerlights become only visible in certain perspective (which is fully intentional as in real worls). Additionally the apron floodlights in the background seem to work. With the later EDDN we added a light shine around the taxilights which may also come with the next update for EDDB (pending performance tests). Bests, Sascha
  5. It will definitely come later this year I just can't give a date yet I'm afraid. Bests, Sascha
  6. Sasa

    Antartica Vol.1

    Am I right to assume that "slew=On" in the one with the sunken Twotter? If so, that's normal behavior in MSFS as it doesn't support slewing on hard 3D surfaces (same with ship helipads etc.) like FSX and P3D did. If shouldn't affect actual flying/taxiing though. Bests, Sascha
  7. Sorry, must have missed this one! There's an update under development, which will come later this year (alongside with some further improvements like even more static models, new apron, X-Box compatibility...). The stairs will be made available alongside with it. Bests, Sascha
  8. Sasa

    Antartica Vol.1

    @Martin J. I tried several attempts to replicate your problem: Using the same Twin Otter Landing on the Emergency Skiway and taxiing it all the way up and down in outside view. Then doing the same in cockpit view, also trying to taxi along the other side of the barrels. All this in a freshly installed MSFS with default settings to rule out there's something involved that would prevent this from happening. Also tried to open and close the Teleport window several times. I wasn't able to replicate it - the aircraft was always standing firmly on the surface.
  9. Sasa

    Antartica Vol.1

    @Etienne Varloot, your CTD problems are not really related to the initial problem reported in this thread and so far you seem to be the only one affected by it. I also tried to reproduce it but couldn't. I have an idea and will send you an email about it.
  10. Hi! Snow and ice only disappear from 1°C upwards (and boats and orcas only become visible then in the latest version). See FAQs at the end of the manual. Bests, Sascha
  11. Sasa

    Antartica Vol.1

    That's because the Emergency strip is located on a 3D model (which has been necessary because that's the only way to have the nice snow drift effects and the glacier cliffs). It's been designated as a hard surface but you can still push the sim camera below the 3D terrain if you try it. We did however never experience any problems with aircraft sinking in there. My guess is it happens with a particular aircraft only and there's possibly something wrong with the contact point configuration. Have you tried with a default aircraft so we can try to replicate this issue here? And: What's the aircraft model on the screenshots?
  12. The update to version is now available through AerosoftOne. Changelog: FIXED: Rothera aerial image showing blurry since WU7 FIXED: Vehicle sounds playing at full volume after SU8 It may take a little longer till it becomes available on Marketplace. It has been uploaded there and is pending clearance through Asobo/MS.
  13. Worst case scenario of course: It seems to be caused by a new bug introduced with World Update 7 that affects aerial imagery display at extremely latitudes not to be working anymore (for both PC and XBox). Luckily there are alternative solutions to place aerial imagery that are not affected by this bug. I’ve just created a fix, send it out to Aerosoft/Asobo and asked them to push this out asap (once you see it updating to version 1.1.1 in the marketplace, you will have it). I also reported the WU7 bug itself to Asobo so I keep my fingers crossed that either the fix for that or the new version of Rothera will be out very soon.
  14. Yes, it seems to be the case that some MSFS default vehicles do not fulfill performance criteria. Sadly it's not possible to exclude animated road traffic (yet). So your suggested approach with reducing the road traffic density is currently the best course of action if you have performance problems with the default road traffic (personally I don't and you are the first person I'm aware of that reported them). Bests, Sascha
  15. Leider bis dato nur ein frommer Wunsch. Wir müssen da noch auf weitere Nachbesserungen beim MSFS warten, bis das vollumfänglich möglich ist: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/3958/street-lights-not-completely-excluded-by-polygon.html
  16. Just had a look at this... We did check the correct designations when working on the new terrain layout in February/March and as far as I can recall this hasn't been the case back then. I cannot rule out it has been overlooked because it's a rather subtle change in the AIP with a weird logic that is beyond me... Why dive it a different designator in the first meters in and then rename it somewhere on a straight stretch going south? I could imagine that it's planned to eventually change the whole stretch to V3 and V4 when the extended Apron E is finished (and then consequently naming those taxiways V1 and V2). Anyway: I have made a note for the next update. It's a good observation, thank you!
  17. Hier noch kurz ein paar Infos (copy paste aus dem BER-Handbuch) zum Sachverhalt:
  18. Do you mean the recent Sim Update 6? Looking at your screenshot and video I noticed two things that are odd: The aerial imagery that comes with BER doesn't seem to display at all in your case. It's supposed to look like this with the vehicles on the aprons removed to make space for the 3D models (as clean way to do it that should be expected from every airport scenery): To fix that issue I would really recommend a fresh install of EDDB. Next I noticed that your fuel trucks looks considerably different (more yellow). The fuel trucks parked at this location are default models (they are those that come to your gate when you request them via ATC) and should look like this: Could it be possible that you have something installed there that replaces the fuel truck textures or even the whole models? The could explain the performance problems when you look into their direction. Bests, Sascha
  19. They are there. Just follow the line from the start and once you see the shapes, get closer. I'm currently waiting for reply from Asobo/MS regarding another animations/LODs related problem with MSFS that I want to solve in the same go. I will let you know once I know more. Bests, Sascha
  20. Ok, can confirm now that they are really hard to spot. You will see some faint shapes from a distance if there are no high waves - but the Orcas themselves only become visible when you are really, really close. Obviously MSFS changed something about visibility rules for these object types, and also how they behave because they are running in funny curves along he line (which doesn't look unnatural, which is a good thing). But I will definitely make a note on visibility to see if it can be improved with the next update. Bests, Sascha
  21. Same here. Cannot replicate this problem. This building has nothing special that makes it stand out from the other ones technically. The parked cars have obviously made it there in a recent MSFS update and should be suppressed with a future update of BER (it's not a car park but more like an apron for service vehicles). I'll make a note on that. Bests, Sascha
  22. Can you see the research icebreaker? It's the same object type. Bests, Sascha
  23. Here you go. Around Rothera there's a pod 4 Orcas following this path - starting at the green dot after loading the flight. Most of the time they are diving and ascending at regular intervals.
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