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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1813 or newer for best results. PFPX version 2 is required. Changelog Update: Eurocontrol.dat (Route and Altitude/FL Restrictions) Update: Restrictive Areas - completed Europe region Update: RouteCharges (Jan 2019 - Europe, USA and Canada) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Düsseldorf EDDL southbound departures via Brussels FIR / Maastricht UIR or Langen FIR / Rhine UIR Hamburg group (EDDH / EDHI / EDHL) southbound departures via Maastricht UIR Regards David
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    Hello Irishcurse, We understand your frustration and trust me we want to get this issue fixed as one of our top priorities. We want you to enjoy the product to its full potential and work hard to ensure that. The problem is that we are unable to reproduce this issue consistently within our beta team. Surely they get the product for free and are expected to test the product before releases in which they do a great job in. There are many things discovered daily in which the beta team helps immensely to troubleshoot and investigate. However, the team has limitations as well. Biggest of them all is the size. What this means is that due to the limited size our resources are limited with this kind of issues which we are unable to recreate consistently. That is the reason why we are looking for public help from any users that are willing to help us. If you are able to consistently reproduce the issue, then it's a huge help for us since we could take a look why it's consistently happening on your system while on other systems it might not be so consistent. In this investigation process, any information helps, especially log files or saved flight file few minutes before the issue occurs. We are not making anyone to test anything for us, so it's completely up to you if you want to help us or not. However, telling us off that something still isn't fixed while we try our hardest to get it fixed and not offering any help will not help the cause in any way. I hope you understand where we are coming from.r Anyways, thanks for the report that you still get the issue with We are still investigating it, and appreciate any help given by the customers to help narrow down the cause. Lets keep this thread on topic again. If you want, you can contact me personally on PMs to talk it out. Thanks.
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    If you going to refer to something I said to you three months ago, then please provide a link. I deal with hundreds of people a month, and 50 to 100 post a day, and my memory isn't that good. That said, I would find it ENORMOUSLY surprising that I would have said something the way you are reporting it. So provide a link please. Well... still don't know what you're referring to, but if I said you were doing something wrong (which is pretty out of character for me), then I have to assume you were doing something wrong. Regarding the moron comment, not a term I use, nor will I take the free shot you just offered me That my friend, is repeatable, thus it is consistent, at least given the number of variables at play here. Sure, if you want to. Do you know anything about software beta testing, been involved in other products, or are type rated on the Airbus? If so, maybe we could talk. Otherwise, what I said in my reply you was to do whatever you wanted... report, not report, provide information, not provide information, you're call my friend. Frankly, I'm still greatly confused at what anything you wrote above has to do with the issue at hand, or really any issue. Forgive me though, it's Thursday here and I might not be firing on all cylinders - at least not until Friday. Sorry, doesn't sounds like a good match to me. Still wondering thought that this has to do with anything. Honestly? You might want to re-read and reconsider that statement. The answer (as if it wasn't already common sense) is.... YES! If you have a real issue with any software on the planet.. and the developer doesn't see it on there test machines and their Beta Testers doesn't see it, then the only way to resolve it is by providing additional information to the developer. I'm sorry for this answer (provided to you before), but I have over 30 years in technical program management for multi-billion dollar systems, and it's done the same where there too. Just don't blame me for being the messenger.... it's the way the software development field words world-wide. If you don't like it, there is nothing that anyone at any company can do. Howling at the moon will not help either my friend. Best to learn how things work, and then if you don't like them, get involved and help make them better! Like the test of your statements... you attack things you don't understand and people you know nothing about. I think you're just frustrated and angry. While I don't understand how anything you wrote is even remotely relevant to the discussion, I can understand you being frustrated - but if that is the case you should just say so instead of criticizing things you don't remotely understand and taking it out on people you don't know and how have only tried to help you. So here is the deal... calm down, post responsibly, and stop taking your frustration out on others. So we are clear, the type of behavior you've exhibited thus far neither paints a good picture of you or your knowledge of flight sim development from a customers perspective. And for goodness sake, listen to people! I tried to explain what came across as your main gripe, and I think I did so in a very friendly and professional way and your reply just didn't reach the same level. You know, most everyone uses private message for this type of thing, and in your case it would have worked out better for you if you had. But I'm happy to do this publicly if you really want. I'll even give you your own thread if you'd like. You truly do have my best wishes.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ZK-NNC, the most recent delivery to Air New Zealand brought to the simulation world! Check out for more! The following file includes a Manual Installation and Automatic
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    Version Wizz Air Airbus A320 - H


    Wizz Air Airbus A320 - HA-LYR - new livery. All Wizz Air fleet repaints will are available, contact for more information.
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    Fortunately, the first flight (EDDH-->EDDF) went without problems. The most striking are the changes in the colours of various numbers. With the exception of the well-known "flaws" I didn't notice any new errors. You can update to this version with a clear conscience. The "flaws" I noticed: The vPilot client (for VATSIM) is still not recognized if you load the Airbus directly from a saved "Turn Around State", or "Cold Dark State" in P3Dv4.4. But after reinstalling the Airbus, the "Taxi State" is active and vPilot is recognized there. Ok, if you know it, you do the known workarounds, but it's strange that after such a long time it still doesn't work. Even the old 32bit Airbus could do it. Descent behavior: Nothing has changed to good, the bus at the TOD still goes into a more or less violent nosedive, with sink rates >6000ft/min. I looked at the map and measured why the bus is doing this and now I know that the bus has no other possibility with the current programming. If you compare the distance from TOD to a given waypoint and FL, in my case KERAX /FL110, then the bus starts about 19nm too late with the descent! So it has to go into a quasi dive to reach the desired FL at the given waypoint. You can use the formula: (Flight Altitude,ft/1000)*3 calculate the TOD quite practically and usually comes to sink rates of about 2000ft/min -> 25000ft/min depending on the wind. In this case the distance is to KERAX/11000ft: TOD calculated, red arrow: (32000ft altitude- 11000ft KERAX)/1000) *3 = 63nm TOD Airbus calculated, yellow arrows: approx. 44nm This results in a difference of 19nm between theory and practice and is the reason for the strange descent behaviour. I am sure, if you give the bus more distance for the descent, the descent behaviour will change positively. Regards, Wolfgang Translated with
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is just a modification in the airbus landing gear sound. Because it does not have any sound and I decided to add. To install, move the file '' TSS-geardown '' in the directory below. You can put it on all models. A319 / 318 IAE, CFM and 320/321 IAE and CFM. Make a backup of your original file. Thank you
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    Hello airnz515, It's actually something that was recently noticed also by the beta team and will be corrected on the future versions. But thanks for mentioning it as well
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    In the field I work (civil engineering) there's a saying that basically goes "if you have a perfect set of plans, you paid too much for them." The punch line being, of course, that there's no such mythical creature. I would expect software development is much the same.
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    Hello, i have the same problem with the new update. The manged speed goes down in the climb to only 220 knots. Update: then i reach cruise the managed speed goes down to only 120 knotes so need to fly with selcceted speed. you can see in the MCDU that the managed speed normaly set right (.78) I have version installer from aerosoft.
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    Marco, Thanks for writing in. Actually, spoke with Masterhawk about this a few minutes ago. Please see below.
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    Spirit, A Flight from OAK to DFW...this Flying Banana resembles Hughes Air West DC-9's. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
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    Firstly I looked for why we were routing up to TLA and found a restriction which may work better with adjustment but disabled it for now: Then the first pass just by clicking on the Find Route button: Validation returns: Returning to the Advanced Route Finder I entered MOGLI as a VIA, from the last error above: Compute the flight once more and validate again: This can be overcome in this case by switching to the lower airway P18 by making the edit in Route box and re-building ( build route) again compute the flight and validate, PASS
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    Move the mouse cursor over the view bar and (without cliking) use the mouse wheel.
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    Recommended way to install version (Optional: backup all liveries before proceeding) 1) Uninstall the previous version of the Airbus via Control Panel 2) Check for any traces of files possibly left behind where you had previously installed the Airbus At this point it might be a good idea to restart your PC just in case. It never hurts at least. 3) Install version as administrator 4) Restart PC 5) All done! You can now start your simulator Remember that settings you had previously on the Configurator have reset. So remember to check configurator and make setting adjustments before starting your simulator.
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    Yes, if those addons give you the choice where to install. Most modern addons do so, except Orbx. So simply point them to your new addon folder.
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    Hello All, This has probably been talked about but I can't find anything on it. Everything shows in KGS. I would like it to shown in pounds. I've looked at FMS 3 and there's no menu to change from Kilos to pounds. Thanks, Brett
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    Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting recreation of real life Braniff flight of DC-8-62's arrival at KCOS City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport located 6 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado that is the second busiest commercial service airport in the state Seconds before touchdown on runway 35R after two circles waiting for turn to land due to heavy commuter traffic between KCOS and KDEN TOUCHDOWN Exciting tire smoke still kept spewing while front landing gear was gliding down slowly in most graceful manner (notice clouds on ground level in background Front landing gear finally making runway contact Braking down with marvelous view of mountains of May Peak and Kineo Mountain Exiting from runway 35R into taxiway Entering into clouds at ground level during taxi to gate Taxiing through middle of cloud on ground level to gate Emerging out of clouds Still on long taxi with background of clouds Approaching gate with background of same mountains Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
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    Quick little video by 210871oliver
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    Early Morning Moves, SFO...with a little rain. Darkness into Light! Thanks for viewing, Darryl
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    Shalom and greetings all my pals, Here is interesting history about Air Caribbean airline!!! This airline based in Trinidad lasted about 7 years of operation from 1993 to 2000 serving home base for flights to Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, and Miami as well as handling many charter flights. The airline used YS-11 and 737-200. The airline was direct competitor of mighty and bigger BWIA for those routes. Air Caribbean was doing well with about seven units of YS-11 until it made mistake buying fuel hog 737-200s without hush kits which ultimately drove the airline to bankruptcy. Here is a nice whole day of office work abroad Air Caribbean YS-11 from TVSC Canouan Airport located on the island of Canouan in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to TTPP Piarco International Airport located in Piarco 16 miles east of Port of Spain's central business district in Trinidad to TTCP A.N.R. Robinson International Airport formerly known as Crown Point International Airport located 6.8 miles from the capital Scarborough on the next door island of Tobago. At gate being boarded with passengers Starting engines after finished with pushback Taxiing to short of runway 13 Taxiing to beginning of runway 13 for backtracking Backtracking On hold on runway 13 awaiting for take off clearance with background view of Nen's Bay and trees of Kate Hill Airborne on climb to FL200 passing view of Rumereng Bay Still climbing passing Friendship Bay with background view of islands of L'Islot and Canouan Beleine Time to make left turn toward destination above Friendship Bay Gonna love Caribbean waters Now cruising at FL200 Leaving rich colors of Caribbean sea to cross deep blue waters of Caribbean Passing TGPYMaurice Bishop International Airport formerly known as Point Salines International Airport located about 5 miles south of St. George's which is the capital of the island nation of Grenada. Leaving Grenada Cruising at FL200 Ahead is view of Tobago at left and Trinidad at right Approaching island of Tobago to cross it Passing Man O' War Bay in Tobago Passing background view of Batteaux Bay while making right turn to fly along Tobago's southern shore Passing Carapuse Bay Passing Goldsborough Bay while cruising along Tobago's southern shore Approaching Trinidad on way to runway 28 Darn rainstorm is starting that results into windy approach Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Exiting from runway 28 into taxiway C on way to gate 4 Arrived at gate 4 to drop off passengers and picking passengers bounded for next door island of Tobago Starting engines for flight to next door Tobago Waiting for taxi clearance while in background the plane arrived from long flight from KJFK in New York Arrived at Tobago to approach gate 3 Nice gate approach view Arrived at the gate Night departure back to Trinidad!! Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
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    unfortunately, I also fight with the same 'phenomenon' soon as the fps is just under 15 (and even if it's just a fraction of a second), the Airbus hops around like crazy and is completely uncontrollable !!I've never ever seen such a behavior on any another high-end plane ...In this condition, this aircraft is unfortunately completely useless for me(and obviously not just for me) ... is there any solution to make this plane usable ? any ideas, workaround ? greetings ggerolamo
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    Not the Uruguay version, but I did just make a version. Can be found here:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1813 or 1901 for best results. PFPX version 2 is required. Changelog Update: Eurocontrol.dat (Route and Altitude/FL Restrictions) Update: Restrictive Areas (Europe region) */** Update: RouteCharges (Dec 2018 - Europe region) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: correct usage of directs via Maastricht UIR London Gatwick EGKK departures via Amsterdam FIR/UIR or Copenhagen FIR/UIR Stuttgart EDDS northbound departures - check step 12 in readme on how to update Please check updated Readme.txt for backup and update procedure * UK and Ukraine will be done next release 1902 ** Not all restrictive areas can be activated, as some restrictions would block possible routes via certain airways/directs. which are actually allowed Regards and happy new year David
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    The latest version of Flightplan Visualizer (1.8.0) is now available for download (link below). Probably the biggest highlights in this version is the traffic-charts added to the Airport Info form, and the introduction of "Favorite" airports. But these two additions meant a lot of surrounding steps were taken to make it even more easy to use these features. In this release both the full manual and the quick manual was updated. For existing users the quick manual will be automatically fired the first time you start up the software. Regarding the Traffic charts (on the "Traffic" tab-sheet of the Airport Info form), these will always be generated based on the currently selected flightplan or active search. So in order to see all traffic in- and out- of a specific airport you must first execute a "Search legs" where you activly choose to search for traffic in- and out- of this airport. However in version 1.8 you now have a function of doing just this. Pressing "CTRL+Q" you will execute the main-menu item called "Quick search legs". When you fire this menu the "Search Airport" browser will be opened (you will see it now have a bunch of extra filter-options). When you select an airport (by pressing Enter, or double-clicking), a leg-search will be executed to find all flights in- and out- of this airport. The charts are described on page 33 of the full manual, and the "Search Airport" browser on page 51. As mentioned you are now able to mark individual airports as your favorites. One usage might be you want to mark all the airports you own as 3rd party scenery as your "favorite". Because of this new map-markers were designed for versions 1.8 (the markers for favorite-airports now appear with a "star" inside the marker). In previous versions you could also rank your airports and the describe traffic-density at these (choosing one of six values). In previous versions this info was only used with the hint-window displayed when you hoovered the mouse over a marker. However in version 1.8 you can now filter your search-results both by size, favorite, rank and traffic-density. This filtering can use when using the "Search Airport" browser or using the "Search legs" function. It goes without saying that to use this, you first have to mark your airports and favorites and dial in the appropriate values of Rank and Traffic-density (these are highly subjective, hence you have to do it yourself). You could start double-clicking airport markers on the map in order pick these values (that is one way to do it). But these values can now also be set from the "Search Airport" browser (CTRL+A or CTRL+Q). In the "Search Airport" browser you can now left-click and airport and in the menu that appears you can see the currently selected values, and change these if you want to (described on page 53 of the full manual). Here below is a full change-log of the things added, changed and fixed in version 1.8 (don't forget the version history is available in the About form in the "Help" menu): The first time version 1.8 is run (after updating from a previous version) the user will be asked if he/she want to change the default setting for time to show as Local-time (from version 1.8 onwards this is the default value, but previous versions defaulted to UTC-time). Added a Traffic tab-sheet to the Airport Info form, where various charts can be displayed (e.g. number of inbound/outbound -flights on an hourly basis, percentage of aircraft types, airline- carrier/operator and so on). All charts are based on the currently selected flightplan, or active search (basically all the legs shown on the previous tab-sheet). Airports can now be marked as Favorites (using the Airport Info form). The search airport browser (e.g. CTRL+A/CTRL+Q from the main-map) can be filtered to only show favorite airports in the browser. Added a new set of map-markers, so you can see which airports are marked as favorites (displayed with a star). Changing the value of the new "UseOldMapMarkers" setting, you can revert back to the old markers if you prefer, however then you cannot see which airports are favorites. Added laywer for favorite airports to the main-map. This layer is controlled by new checkbox (re-positioned all check boxes in lower/left corner of main form). Various Airport info (Favorite, Size, Rank and Traffic-density) can now be set directly from the Search Airport Browser, by using the (right-click) context-menu. If you hold SHIFT down when opening the context-menu of the main-map (right-click the main-map), the 2 Leg Search short-cuts introduced in verion 1.7 can now be executed directly from the main-map, without opening the Leg-Search form (to find/display all flights to/from an airport or between two airports). Pressing CTRL+Q on the main-map will open the Airport search browser. If you select an airport, a Leg-search will be executed (without opening the Leg-Search form) and all flights to/from that airport will be displayed. The Airport- and Airline- search browsers now contains a "Show max" combo-box where you can limit the number of results shown (as showing all items will degrade performance). These browsers still search through all items, but only the first 2000 results are shown when searching. Enhanced map-performance, so the map can better handle many routes being shown at the same time (e.g. using adaptive route-segment lengths to reduce the total number of route-segments). Addressed the Z-order of Markers for the selected flightplan/active search. Favorites are on top of non-favorites, and then ordered by size ("bigger on top of smaller"). Added Route tool-tip to the main-map. With a highlighted route, hovering the mouse over the Aircraf/Airline-text-boxes in the lower/right corner of the main-map, will now show a tool-tip with the full names (the text-boxes only show a list of codes). Added a list-view to the Route-info form, that shows the calculated flight-time (incl. taxi) for all Aircraft-types that - based on their info (range and Rwy-requirements) - are able to fly the same route. FV now tracks the last used version, so it can detect from which version/to which version FV have been upgraded. In version 1.8 the quick manual will be displayed the first time the user runs version 1.8 (if upgraded from a previous version). For new users the quick manual will stil be shown 3 times. Changed the logic/position of the buttons on the Search Leg form. Updated all libraries that FV is using internally, to the latest released versions. Fixed: Some GUI elements were not disabled/enabled during/after leg-search. Fixed: The Leg info form always opened with "Show local-times" unchecked, no matter the value of the setting. Fixed: Minor issue where map-markeres were not updated e.g. if the airport-size was changed via the Route Info- or Leg Info- form, in which case the map-markers should "change color". Flightplan Visualizer 1.8.0 can be downloaded from AVSIM via this link:
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    Why are you so quick to close topics? The "Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it" is mighty annoying. I just looked at the push back topic, and I'm not in here everyday, so it feels pretty silly that even though I did have a follow up question, so now I have to open a new topic about the same thing. Why can't you let at topic be open, at least a week before closing it?
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    Why is it so much harder for Aerosoft to keep topics open than other companies. I have never seen other forums where topics have been closed. I agree with Meyerflyer, that it gives the impression that you won't risk others having the same issues also commenting on it. And I struggle to see the advantage of closing a topic, just to maybe someone asking the same questions again, because they're having almost or the same problem, and then have to open a new topic with basically the same subject. Aerosoft, please consider if there's another way of dealing with topics instead of just close it after a couple of days.
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    Can confirm this. Often it looks like you are handling like "Let's close this topic, before someone else confirms an issue, so we don't have to do something here". I don't presume it is like that. But the impression is there, when topics are closed before a customer can agree with a solution for example.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Air Transat A321 C-GXTO (ex G-TCDO) Hybrid livery. FLTSIM & Instructions in readme Happy Flying !
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    So apparently CFMSAT doesn't work for the A320. How can I have a Satcom Antenna for the A320
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    I am not a beta tester. I am just letting you know it isnt working as it hasnt for the last 3 months. Sorry. Beta testers get the product for free.
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    We have updated the A320/A321 professional and the A318/A310 professional to version This is NOT an update shared via the updater tool because we had several reported issues that most likely were caused by incorrect installations. We felt it was better to force a complete new install so everybody is on the same file set. You will find the complete new build on your order history page. Please note you need P3D v4.4 for this build. Non-Experimental (save you liveries!) Bug Fix: Problems with Chrono fixed Bug Fix: Some fuel systems issues solved Improvement: ND elements updated to newer Airbus standard Improvement: Better GSX2 support Improvement: More and corrected AIDS prints Improvement: Corrected AoA on flare Improvement: Silenced 60/70 feet AGL calls Improvement: Better fonts for FCU, COMS etc Improvement: ND Runway drawing now includes MAGVAR
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    The paint kit is at this moment available from the FAQ / Support section at Let me know if there are any questions regarding that.
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    Version V 1.0


    Airbus A319 CFM CROATIA Airlines 9A-CTI
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    Version 1.0.0


    Easyjet Europe A319 OE-LKL for Aerosoft A319 Pro visit my Facebook page :
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    Would like to see an example for this ;). There are several reasons to close a topic: - customer(s) "reports" something, gets a solution and says can be closed - customer(s) reports a bug where the mods definitely now the customers is wrong, cause it has been adressed and being discussed multiple times. So solution/link is posted and the topic gets closed immediately. - customer(s) reports a bug which is being acknowledged; such a topic might also be closed, as it brings no value, when others keep on posting "me too". It only floods the topic with useless content, pops up permanently as unread post when moderators check the forum. - some topics/discussion are being closed by the Admin, cause continuing certain discussions doesnt bring any value. Sometimes they are moved to the Radio Chatter. Keeping topics open for a longer (whatever that mneans) periode is not so easy: many people simply do not respond to solutions. So you have to check the forums regularly for open topics, read them again to decide whether to close or not. And this is simply too time consuming. So what happens here is usually best practice as done by all bigger support organisations. But ist is no problem if a user opens another topic on the same issue again, cause maybe the solution didnt work as both sides expected.
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    Today I look the first time at the A320 Professional for and am thrilled. Very good job and when the rest gets so good it will be a great airliner. Thank you very much for your hard work. Greetings Martin 🙂
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    View File Air New Zealand Airbus A321 ZK-NNC Repaint | Aerosoft A321 IAE ZK-NNC, the most recent delivery to Air New Zealand brought to the simulation world! Check out for more! The following file includes a Manual Installation and Automatic Submitter CasuallCody Submitted 01/29/19 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
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    You are welcome, sir!

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