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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the reports. I can recreate this issue on smaller busses as well and will forward it. A330 seems to be working fine.
  2. Hello @Veta I have moved your topic to the correct forum from the 32 bit forum. The answer to your question can be found from the product page under system requirements: So, you need a joystick with a rudder and throttle channels in order for the A320 professional to work properly on your system.
  3. CTD issues already discussed on this topic as well, so please check that.
  4. It's known that the current VNAV implementation has some limitation especially with more complex altitude and speed restrictions included on the STAR procedure. We would definitely like to review the VNAV at some point and improve it but it's extremely complex task. We'll see what we can do.
  5. Hi Captain Nav, I did some further investigation and testing and research. After all that it looks like 5-6 degrees nose up pitch with flaps 3 is fairly normal after all. It around 1.5-2 degrees higher nose up attitude than with full flaps depending on few external factors as well. So overall I would say that what you are noticing and what I was able to notice as well on my tests is pretty accurate pitch attitude on ILS approach with flaps 3.
  6. Hi Thomas, This is a known issue and it's already on our issue tracker. It will be looked in due time but unfortunately it's impossible to give any further estimates when fix would be available. Thanks for reporting it still though!
  7. If I remember correct it's the engine starter assignment in MSFS control settings. So please check that and remove any if it's assigned to any of your controllers.
  8. Hello Goofey, Yes, the clickspot for that button can be a bit tricky because of the spoiler lever. But from most angles the very left side of the CLR button works.
  9. Hi, The ground power cart works with an event trigger similar to toggle switch. So when the aircraft loads the cart is always in the "disconnected" position regardless of the sim variable for external power itself and connecting/disconnecting the external power through the EFB sends simple toggle signal to the cart moving it from one position to another again regardless of the sim variable itself. So this leads into the unfortunate situation where the ground power cart seems to be inverted to the EFB action when loading in turnaround state, since the the external power sim variable is set to ON while the ground power cart will default to the disconnected position. Unfortunately not much that we can do about this right now. Basically one workaround to this is that you load the aircraft by default on any other panel state than turnaround and click the ground power cart once on the EFB before setting the aircraft in Turnaround state. This way the ground cart will be synced as you progress along with your flight. It's not pretty but it works.
  10. Hello Bernd, As you change the total fuel value the planner will override all the other parameters because they would turn as inaccurate. The advanced parameters are more of a tool to calculate the total fuel if you don't have a value from anywhere else, but if there is manually entered value the planner doesn't use the parameters like trip distance to calculate how much actual fuel you would be using during the flight and thus it cannot calculate the landing weight anymore. I understand that it's not really the most intuitive user interface solution but it's by design like that.
  11. Was it only one off event of are you able to recreate it?
  12. Hello firstcaptainjones, Please check the rudder axis settings from the Prepar3D controller menu and the axis calibration.
  13. Hi Tanatat, What exact steps are you taking to recreate the display issue? I tried the route you provided earlier from ENGM to VTBS but could not recreate the issue. So if you could walk through the exact steps that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hello Captain Nav, This depends really on many factors but definitely in a normal flight 5 degrees nose up pitch is a bit excessive. Did you have CONF3 selected on the PERF APPR page? What was the gross weight at the time of the approach? What airport and runway was it since the glide path angle could also contribute to this?
  15. Prepar3D cannot do a scan throughout your PC to find all the different add-on.xml files that you have. It will only do so automatically on designated folders. By default one folder that is always checked is the \Documents\Prepar3D v5 Addons\ (like Masterhawk mentioned). All the other paths that the sim checks have to be defined in the add-on.cfg file. If these entries are missing the sim would not know where to look for the add-on.xml from your PC and since it cannot find the add-on.xml file it does not have instructions where the actual files for the add-on are located. Before add-on.xml you had to have the add-ons basically inside the simulator folder in their designated folders. But since add-on.xml you were able to define different location for these files through the .xml instruction. Even if the add-on.xml and the actual files are in the same folder, without this add-on.xml the sim would not know that the actual files for the aircraft are located on the same folder. The main benefit with this is that you can keep all the add-on related files isolated from your main P3D installation since mixing add-on files with default files lead into confusion which files are default and which are add-on related.
  16. Hello Markus, Please in the future open just one topic per issue. However I have noted the PERF INIT 3/3 ETA issue on our issue tracker. About the trim position. How exactly do you load the aircraft before the flight? Could you perhaps take a screenshot of the EFB performance tab after preflight before the engine start and post it here. Thanks.
  17. This post includes the instructions how to setup the speedbrake and flaps add-on modules for the TCA with the Airbus.
  18. Alright, thanks. With the CRJ 550 I was able to confirm that the EFB value is always with 3kg offset per passenger. I'll put this up on our issue tracker and we'll have a look into it in due time. Thanks for reporting!
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Glad to hear you got it sorted. Thanks for letting me know.
  21. Hi Piotrmkg, This seems like a texture issue. Does this happen only with the CRJ or also with for example the default airliners like the A320 or the B747 that come with the simulator?
  22. Hello unit, I just checked and on my side the EFB uses the same value as on the MCDU INDEX -> DEFAULTS page value. By default it's 84kg and changing this value and reloading the aircraft will apply the changes in both PERF INIT and EFB performance.
  23. Yes, sorry my bad. Good advice there which seems to have solved the initial issue so thanks for that
  24. Glad to hear! Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. You can find the swith you are looking for from the Audio Control Panel labeled as "MKR". Here on this screenshot the switch is pulled and the channel is open.
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