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  1. Not knowing the context fully I guess you are refering to a post that was meant for the Offshore Industries: North-Western Europe add-on that includes multiple different boats (scenery objects) in the product.
  2. Hmm. That's odd since the update should have addressed all these issues discussed on this thread. Could you please describe the exact steps you can still recreate the issue on the latest update. More details the better.
  3. The hotfix is already released on Aerosoft One as of today. We have sent it also to external stores and in-game marketplace but since it's weekend ahead it might take until Monday before it comes available on these channels.
  4. This topic has side tracked to off-topic already, and I think Mathijs already gave the answer to the original question. We are aware of this issue but right now it's not at the top of our priority list. With that I'll lock this topic as answered.
  5. Unfortunately that is not possible. The new tracker is meant only for internal use including information that we must keep confidential for various reasons (not just for the CRJ but other products as well).
  6. This issue has been discussed already in several topics. A hotfix will be released to fix this issue.
  7. Please post the full route including departure runway, SID, route itself, any approach transitions, STAR and arrival runway for this case. Also where in the route the discontinuity that you try to clear is located (after which waypoint)?
  8. I'll talk with Hans if there is something we can do about this. Perhaps a third option in the EFB that only syncs the PFDs but not the standby instrument. No promises but we'll see.
  9. No the First Officer's Audio Control Panel will remain inactivated for now. Otherwise it could cause potential conflicts between which channels are actually open. Take for example a situation where VHF2 Receive is OFF on captain's side and ON on FO's side. Or wise versa, ON of CAPT side and OFF on FO's side. Which side should it follow to make the actual receive variable itself ON or OFF in sim? We could make OR logic gate for it which would mean that the channel is open if it's open on either side. But that would then mean that you might need to fiddle with both panels when you want to make any changes (if channel is open on either one, it's open, so you need to close it on both panels for example). So in the end, there is only one ACP that controls a single audio device audio, just like in real life. Since most people fly from the Captain's seat we chose for the CAPT side as the functionable one. I understand that it's not optimal for the pilot's who like to fly from the FO's seat that they have to use ACP that the FO would never touch in real life. But after giving this some thought within the development team, we thought this is the simplest solution for now to avoid any confusion between which channels are actually open and when when trying to control single audio device through both panels. I want to clarify also that the audio control panel is different thing from the radio itself. Audio Control Panel only controls the channels that are open and closed for transmitting or receiving and their volumes. The COM2 radio on the FO side remains fully operable. It's just the Audio Control Panel on the FO's side that remains inactive because of the possible conflicts mentioned above. We might look into the possibility of selecting a role through the EFB as CAPT or FO, and that then determines which ACP is the functionable one. But this requires more time to investigate and implement, and we have not made a full decision on this yet.
  10. I cannot give any definitive ETA because there are many factors like testing, distribution etc. at play even for a simple hotfix. It probably will not be this week yet unfortunately but we are looking for a release by the end of next week if all goes well. I know this issue is frustrating and a week can be a long time still to wait for a hotfix. We are doing out best to get it out as promptly as possible. What I can say however is that we managed to include some fixes for the audio control panel as well for this hotfix so that controlling different audio channels will be a bit more logical as well.
  11. There will be a hotfix coming to address this issue. First of all, I understand how frustrating this issue can be and we are looking to get this hotfix out as promptly as possible. Probably will not get it out this week yet unfortunately since there are so many moving parts when it comes to releasing even a quick hotfix that have to be taken into account. But we'll try to get it out latest by the end of next week.
  12. Theere was an issue with the installers provided to 3rd party vendors that we have since identified and fixed. We have sent the new installers to all vendors selling the CRJ but it might takes a few days for them to get them uploaded. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.
  13. Right, That EXEC thing seems to be key indeed. I was now able to recreate the cases (and also the ESSA-EETN case from the other thread) when loading STAR before the arrival runway and not hitting EXEC in between. Hitting EXEC between selections or selecting the arrival runway before selecting the STAR (and enroute transition) seems to work fine. It is after all very special sequence of events that have to align right to get into this state. For now the advise is to EXEC the flight plan every once in a while. This in my opinion is a good habit anyways since if you make a mistake and have to cancel the mod, you'll lose all changes and have to start over again from scratch. We'll see what we can do but opening this code again and trying to get this fixed as well could easily turn into another cycle of issues we already had to deal with when getting majority of this to work correctly. And we want to get other areas fixed as well at some point. So it's a trade-off. We'll see. Also to add on the ESSA-EETN topic quickly. That was known to us and we tried to check that working as well but when I tested this case earlier I think I only tested with loading the runway and transition first before STAR which did not give the issue of duplicate waypoints.
  14. Only thing that I can notice myself that we did not get fixed yet on this update is a discontinuity in case the STAR and enroute-to-STAR transition is selected before the arrival runway is selected. In this case it might insert a discontinuity just before the first waypoint of the STAR transition. If runway is selected first before selecting STAR and transition, it will not even give this discontinuity. I case you are still experiencing this after reinstall, could you please try to record a video while programming a full route so we can see exactly the steps that you take to follow up ourselves if we can then recreate with those exact steps.
  15. Are you absolutely sure that you are on the very latest CRJ update that was released earlier this week? Version These issues with duplicate waypoints or leg sequencing problems is the main area of issues we wanted to fix on this update. I just tested all the cases you listed (KDCA-KCLT, KDCA-KLGA, KPHL-KDCA and also the one given by Joe where I used route KDTW/21L BARII2 SINER VHP AARCH2 KCLT/11). They all worked perfectly fine on my side. About the KDCA-KLGA flight, you can (and have to) insert the transition to both departure and arrival to get the routing on both ends correct. They are different transitions one leading to AGARD waypoint and other leaving from AGARD waypoint. Not choosing one would not cause any other issues than that there would be waypoints missing for that part of the flight.
  16. Hi junOlive, For license activation issues it's usually best to write directly to our support here. https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/
  17. Hi Kvanvolk, Could you please let us know what airac cycle you have and give some example route(s) you have experienced this with (including runway, SID/STAR, transition etc information) You said that it happens for you always on every flight but this is not something that I am able to see on the cases that I have been testing this, so I would need some example cases I could check for myself to check this.
  18. Hi, This question has come up already in few topics before. We are looking into this.
  19. Hi guys, Yes there was an issue with Aerosoft One missing 550/700 after the update. We identified this issue yesterday and have fixed it in the meantime. Full reinstall of the CRJ bundle might be required to get all the aircraft in sim again. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this issue has caused.
  20. Hi guys, So three things that seem to be appearing right now after the update. I'll try to address them here. Missing 550/700 after the update: This should have been fixed already. If they are still missing please reinstall the CRJ bundle through Aerosoft One. Runtime Error with the installer: We identified an issue that was causing this yesterday with the installer and have fixed it. The updated installer has been shipped to all vendors that sell the CRJ. Some of them have already uploaded the new installers as well. The release is beyond our control once we have sent the installer forward. Radios not working after the update: There are few topics about this already on the forum as well. Something with default ATC indeed went wrong with the update that went unnoticed during testing. We have been able to recreate this issue and are looking further into it. I'll close this topic now so that this message doesn't get lost. In case you are experiencing further issues with the update, please open a new thread on the correct forum section so that we can keep things more organised when it comes to providing forum support. Thanks!
  21. Hi, Something with default ATC indeed went wrong with the update that went unnoticed during testing. We have been able to recreate this issue and are looking further into it.
  22. Thanks for reporting. Something with default ATC indeed went wrong with the update that went unnoticed during testing. We have been able to recreate this issue and are looking further into it.
  23. Hi rbringh, So to confirm which radio management panel are you using? The Captain's or the First Officer's? It's not possible to control single audio device from both panels and each panel controls their respective headset. Right now the FOs RMP is disabled to avoid interference between the two systems.
  24. We are already planning the next update. So the work continues straight on with no plans to put the CRJ aside for few months now that this update is pushed for release. But of course way too early with any further details right now.
  25. Thanks for the comments and feedback. All I can say is that these systems would basically need a major rework affecting many different areas that would need to be looked into as well. In some cases, "hacks" might work, but usually can just cause more trouble than a proper fix. For example if rudder and tiller values are force locked to 0 when NWS is off, that would also mean that rudder would not be operable in flight at all if said switch is set to OFF, which is not really desirable. We might look into some possibilities on these areas but right now it's impossible to promise anything further. I'm sorry I am unable to give any better answer on this area right now.
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